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v-moda Crossfade LP Customs
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v-moda Crossfade LP Customs

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Overall 8

Boss Sound

Carlos L., Newegg
20 November 2014
  • Summary: Should be used to listen to music for no more than 1 hour increments.
  • Pros: +Amazing sound quality +Large sound stage +Pretty good noise cancellation +Kevlar cable +Flexible but sturdy build quality +Comfortable memory foam +Good Lows Mids and Highs
  • Cons: -Heavy -Ears start to hurt after an hour of use due to the speakers pressing against your ear.
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Overall 10

1000000% recommended (especially on sale)

David L., Newegg
9 January 2014
  • Summary: 1000000% recommended (especially on sale). One time, I dropped these and the ear piece looked like it broke off. IT DID NOT BREAK. This is a safety feature for this purpose specifically. It is easily put back together =)
  • Pros: I use these every day at work and they sound better than most other headphones in their class. The case is extremely sturdy, and these headphones can take a beating. They are also made so that you must plug an audio cable into them. I was a little confused by this at first since every other set o...
  • Cons: Very tight until broken in (appx 2 months or so). Before that time period was over, I couldn't wear them for more than about 2 hours at a time
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Overall 10

Superb sound

Julio J., Newegg
27 July 2013
  • Summary: The ear pads are built for comfort, using a very soft fabric, which is very nice if you don't wear glasses, which I do. The metal frame of my glasses have done very bad damage on the fabric and now the foam of the cushions is exposed.
  • Pros: Wide frequency range. Makes anything sound better. I like to equalize all the music I hear to enhance the low frequencies, and these headphones make it sound very good, without distortion as long as the source can handle it. You can customize parts of it, even put a logo on the shields, you only ...
  • Cons: The ear pads are not made for people who wear glasses.
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Overall 10

The only headphones I've ever liked

Brett G., Newegg
24 June 2013
  • Summary: This is the only pair of headphones I've ever owned and not had buyers remorse. I would absolutely recommend shelling out this much money for quality headphones that last.
  • Pros: * Sounds great * Not too heavy * Looks great * Feels quality
  • Cons: * A bit expensive
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Overall 4


Tyler S., Newegg
1 October 2012
  • Summary: Spend your money elsewhere..
  • Pros: Sound Decent They look nice Kevlar cord is awesome
  • Cons: Fit EXTREMELY tight on head. Tried resting it on a bigger object than my head for several days and it did nothing. Caused huge headaches for me personally. Ears in constant pain for rest of the day.
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Overall 10


melvin m., Newegg
7 September 2012
  • Summary: if you have these and dont think there awsome you darn sure dont deserve to own them
  • Pros: awsome headphones i have a more expensive set form anouther company i just threw them in a drawer these blow them away
  • Cons: none
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Overall 10

Un-Official Audiophile

Michael D., Newegg
29 April 2012
  • Pros: They first come out the box with lots of bass, Nice case and two Kevlar audio cords, they are very durable and Keep noise isolated to a certain extent. They dont drown out highs and mids with is massive bass, sometimes, and i would reccomend these at retail price, THere nice. Very comfortable also.
  • Cons: Well ok i must admit first got them to much bass, But i have to burn-in the drivers and they sound Beautiful. They high's and Mids got way Clear. but please these are loud so be safe.
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Overall 10

Could not be happier

Dmitriy L., Newegg
26 April 2012
  • Summary: If you are in the market for headphones of this caliber, get these. I haven't seen headphones that match this level of build quality and sound quality until you hit at least double the MSRP on these.
  • Pros: I bought these headphones expecting a lot and they have went above and beyond. Some people complain of too much bass but the thing is, just use your computer's or phones equalizer and be amazed. whether you want highs, lows, mids, whatever, just set it up how you like and these headphones will gi...
  • Cons: Well you have to break them in for about 10 hours, I just left them on overnight. The volume buttons on the Kevlar cables only work for apple products, but they tell you this before you buy them so it's not an issue, would be cool if it worked for Droids though. Also, they chrome siding, as cool ...
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Overall 10

User Review

Miguel F., Newegg
12 April 2012
  • Summary: V-moda has some awesome stuff. Highly recommend these.
  • Pros: Fantastic sounding earphones very stylish. Newegg rocks these were a steal on here I could not find them at the rock bottom price that the egg had them for. My brother bought some Sony's and these are smaller sexier and to my ears sound better.
  • Cons: The case that they came in were you can hang them on to clip broke off. Vented areas on side headphones allow noise to come in and out.
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Overall 2

Wishing they were better

Dru J., Newegg
5 January 2012
  • Summary: I bought the 3 year warranty through newegg and plan to try a second pair, but this sucks. I rly wanted them to be flawless, especially with how stylish they are
  • Pros: These headphones have potential, the sound quality is amazing! (when it comes through...)
  • Cons: When I first plugged these in I noticed the clarity was less than 100%. They faded in and out and the plug was super sensitive. I noticed with both the standard and extension cords the gold plugs had an oily residue on them. (Brand new) I've tried wiggling the cord at each end and even reversed t...
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