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v-moda Crossfade LP Customs

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V-MODA Crossfade LP Headphones Review

3 May 2012
  • Excerpt: The V-MODA Crossfade LP headphones had me intrigued from the moment I laid eyes on them.
  • Pros: Solid, stylish case., Sturdy cable and plug., Distinctive.
  • Cons: Sound is a tad too bassy., Might be too attention grabbing for some., Expensive.
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V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphone Review

7 May 2011
  • Excerpt: Sometimes when we get sent products to review we can tell how good they are just by looking at the packaging, this was the case when we were recently sent the V-Moda Crossfade LP over-ear headphones.
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Overall 8

V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphones Review

27 April 2011
  • Excerpt: The Crossfade LP are V-Moda's newest and first headphones added to their very popular line of in-ear earphones. The Crossfade LP feature V-Moda's unique style of design and they certainly do not disappoint, from outstanding packaging to their exoskeleton hard carrying case. The Crossfade LP feature patent-pending 50mm High-Definition drivers that produce fantastic deep and strong bass without any batteries.
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V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphones Review

The Gadgeteer
6 March 2011
  • Excerpt: Crossfade is the act of fading one song out as you fade another in, resulting in continuous music with little or no break in the sound. Its something that club DJs do to keep the dance floor crowded and the mood electric. It is in this vein that V-Moda has developed the Crossfade LP headphones . They certainly do look electric. They are also the polar opposite of the last headphones I reviewed, the starkly designed Aiaiai TMA-1. Polar in looks, anyway.
  • Pros: Isolating, Good with hotter mixes, Dramatic Looks, Forgiving for lower bit rate files
  • Cons: Not as good with older recordings
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Overall 9

Review: V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphones

3 September 2010
  • Excerpt: V-Moda are one of the leading headphone manufacturers that mix fashion with great quality sound to make some stunning headphones. V-Moda sent us a pair of the Crossfade LP Headphones for review. Read our thoughts after the break! The V-Moda headphones come in high-quality packaging which already give you a hint as to the quality of these headphones.
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V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphone Review

29 June 2010
  • Summary: The V-Moda Crossfade LP’s are an excellent choice for consumers looking for high quality construction and unique design in over the ear headphones. While the audio sometimes suffers, the comfort and build quality rival that of the best on the market.
  • Pros: Incredibly high quality construction., Unique and stylish design with three color options., Detachable cables with optional in-line mic and audio controls.
  • Cons: Muffled lower treble range., $249.99 price tag., Not collapsible for storage.
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Overall 7

V-Moda Crossfade LP Review

23 June 2010
  • Excerpt: V-Moda, if you’re not familiar with them, is a Hollywood, CA based company that is in the business of merging style, fashion and sound technology into super-hip products they think we will be proud to wear. Sound familiar? It should because the “street-style” approach to making headphones has caught on in a big way.
  • Pros: Comfortable, Hip and Modern look, iPhone talk/control, Handy accessories and storage
  • Cons: Lackluster Sound Quality, Inconsistent build quality, Not collapsible/foldable
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Overall 7

V-Moda Crossfade LP

23 June 2010
  • Conclusion: The V-Moda Crossfire LP headphones are big on style and bass, but leave something to be desired in their overall sound quality. While this set of cans won’t pass muster for audiophiles or any other picky audio enthusiast, we do feel that their comfortable feel, big bass and unique style will appeal to listeners that want a slick looking pair of headphones that offer big sound to go with their flashy appearance.
  • Pros: Comfortable, Hip and Modern look, iPhone talk/control, Handy accessories and storage
  • Cons: Lackluster Sound Quality, Inconsistent build quality, Not collapsible/foldable
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Overall 6

A heavy-duty V-Moda headphone set for DJs and the fashion conscious

Good Gear Guide.au
25 February 2011
  • Summary: The V-Moda Crossfade LP headphones are dub-heavy and exceptionally comfortable. They're real lookers and are just the thing for dance and rock tracks with lots of bass. You may end up with a headache after prolonged use, but you probably won't want to stop using them.
  • Pros: Comfortable, attractive design, good bass
  • Cons: Expensive, audio lacks depth
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Overall 7

V-Moda Crossfade LP review

Pocket Lint
24 November 2010
  • Conclusion: If we were going on looks alone then the Crossfades would be right up there with the very best. We know that we've harped on about their stylish disposition - but come on, look at them, they are an extremely cool looking pair of headphones. For comfort the Crossfades also score very highly, with just the right amount of padding and a nice light feel when stuck on your bonce.
  • Pros: They look stunning - the coolest looking headphones that we've seen since Smashy & Nicey were rocking the radio
  • Cons: Sound quality isn't fantastic - these cans are very bass heavy
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