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Reviews and Problems with TDK BA100

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Overall 6

Not bad, but problem in technical problem.

JUNG K., Newegg
4 September 2012
  • Pros: Good quality sound and beautiful design.
  • Cons: Extension line is than long, and constantly broken. I bought this two times when it for sale, but the extension line is broken and broken... I just used for two months... Technically, BA100 is not well designed earphone. TDK think about this again.
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Overall 10

User Review

Donald H., Newegg
27 August 2012
  • Pros: Great using w/ my Clip
  • Cons: Some Cord generated noises
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Overall 8

Pretty good buds

Mr. S., Newegg
21 August 2012
  • Summary: I was not impressed at first but once I hooked them up to my phone with a portable amp, they were able to shine. I have numerous pairs of mid to highend buds and headphones.
  • Pros: I like these buds! Very nice crips highs. Very comfortable and do a good job canceling noise.
  • Cons: If you like a lot of base, you might not like these buds. Pretty expensive if you don't pick them up on sale.
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Overall 2

TDK headphones

TAF T., Newegg
10 July 2012
  • Summary: I would have been upset if bought at full price. Have not contacted tdk or newegg. Would like to return or get new ones that would hold up longer.
  • Pros: works ok
  • Cons: Cord is cumbersome while walking, causing feedback noise from bouncing. Left earplug quit after 6 weeks of normal to medium use. Right one starting to give out. Weak cord. Useless unless you only have one earhole that works.
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Overall 10

Great Sound!!

Edwin Y., Newegg
26 June 2012
  • Summary: People gotta remember that this is not your typical bassy portable earphone like Beats. This IEM is more for monitoring with flat sound and it needs an amp or EQ adjustment to sound really good. I use this with FiiO E10 and it sound great. PLEASE stop comparing this to beats because they're two different types of earphones. I am not an audiophile but I do appreciate good sound. I would highly recommend this IEM if you can get it for $40-60.
  • Pros: I love the balanced sound of this IEM. Comply eartips are great as well for isolating noise. Flat cable is a plus. Great price for 40 bucks.
  • Cons: Short cable but not a problem.
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Overall 10

Great pair of Headphones

Jeffery W., Newegg
15 June 2012
  • Summary: If you want a really nice pair of In-Ear Headphones, I would highly recommend buying these
  • Pros: Great Sound quality. Comes with many options for different sized ear plugs. Has Decent bass. Would Definitely recommend
  • Cons: Not really any cons other than the fact that you basically have to use the cord extender that it comes with otherwise you'd have to keep whatever device you're using the headphones with really close to you. Not too big of a deal though
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Overall 8

very good value when on sale

Joseph G., Newegg
12 May 2012
  • Summary: I usually don't like to pay big bucks for earphones as they break too easily. At list price, these would not be value, but if they go on sale for <$60 again, grab a pair.
  • Pros: Well made and provided with an array of ear plugs in various materials and sizes. The 'short' cord is not really an issue, could be considered a feature, especially if you're using these with the Sansa Clip+, which can sit high up on a lapel or in a shirt pocket. The extension cord is fine if you need longer.
  • Cons: The previous reviewer is correct, these are very heavy on the mid range, and light on treble. The good news is, that can be fixed fairly easily with equalization, by bumping the What you get is a very smooth and detailed sound. ZERO sibilance and unwanted artifacts, you could listen to these for hours without any strain. 4k and 12k ranges up 3-4 dB. (Did this with Rockboxed Sansa Clip)
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Overall 8

Great sound if you tweak

Nicholas A., Newegg
11 May 2012
  • Summary: If you don't have the ability to tweak the mids on your sound device, I doubt you will be able to get these to sound 'great'. Aside from being a software engineer, I produce my own music and have a sophisticated digital recording studio, so believe me when i say, these will only sound as good as the equipment they are used with.
  • Pros: I like the design, I don't feel the cords are too long or short, easy to distinguish left from right, no tangling, sound quality is better than standard or what would be considered 'good'. $44 with new egg promo.
  • Cons: The mids are way too much. Like the last TDK pair I owned, the shell surrounding the drivers is a hard thin plastic that may crack if you have an accident - I cracked my last pair, and I don't even know how, but I was able to glue it back together. I've never broken a pair of earbuds before. I am just pointing this out because this pair appears to have the same plastic hollow shell that surrounds the drivers.
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Overall 10

Best in the price range

Vlas L., Newegg
20 April 2012
  • Summary: For people who complain about basses - you have equalizer, right? You can always adjust bass or any other range to you own taste. Those can provide really punchy and rounded bass if you want to. Otherwise you can pay 3 times as much and buy headwoofers by Dre. For short cable - it becomes extremely handy if you wear suits or sportcoats. For 50$-70$ is complete steal.
  • Pros: Good sound quality, rounded basses, clean vocals, solidly build, good looking, great price, good noise cancelling
  • Cons: You have to be accurate with memory foam pieces.
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Overall 8

User Review

Irena R., Newegg
14 April 2012
  • Pros: Wonderful sound quality, balanced, great resolution and detail, silky smooth midrange.
  • Cons: Microphonics!! The cord is flat and has an extension cable that you will likely end up using all the time, because otherwise the cord is too short. Neither of these two conditions helps with the cable noise, it is quite bad while walking.
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