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SteelSeries 9H
8.6 out of 10

SteelSeries 9H

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Reviews and Problems with SteelSeries 9H

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Overall 9
Design 9
Value for money 8
Performance 8

SteelSeries 9H

9 July 2014
  • Conclusion: After using the SteelSeries 9H gaming headset for just under a week, I have put it through its paces, played numerous types of audio ranging from gaming, to music, to listening to ABBA (don’t say a word!), but now it’s time for me to give my final thoughts.  Is it another improvement over the already good quality SteelSeries range or is it lacking in certain areas?
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SteelSeries 9H Gaming Headset Video Review

5 May 2014
  • Excerpt: DaveChaos takes a look at a stalwart of the eSPORTS arena, find out his thoughts in todays video review from HardwareHeaven.
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SteelSeries 9H Gaming Headset Review

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12 February 2014
  • Summary: The SteelSeries 9H headset stays strong to its gaming roots, bringing a sound character tuned for games within a well-constructed and comfortable design.
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SteelSeries 9H Gaming Headset Review

4 January 2014
  • Conclusion: The 9H Gaming Headset is amongst the very few virtual surround headsets ever designed and manufactured by SteelSeries so that alone was enough reason for us to have high expectations from it. Unfortunately once again at the center of the device we find a virtual surround USB soundcard which doesn't offer the best positioning experience out there although to be completely fair SteelSeries has once again done much better than most manufacturers so although we do prefer...
  • Pros: - Build Quality, - Audio Quality (Very Good Mids/Highs), - 7.1 Virtual Dolby Surround USB Sound Card (For Some), - Very Comfortable, - Noise-Cancelling Uni-Directional Retractable Microphone, - Engine 3 Control Software, - Single 3.5mm & Dual 3.5mm Cables, - Extension Cable
  • Cons: - Price (For Some), - Bass Levels, - Volume Levels (When Using The USB Soundcard)
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SteelSeries 9H Headset

9 December 2013
  • Conclusion: When SteelSeries first introduced the 9H I was extremely excited that they would finally be making a headset that would hopefully fit me properly. I loved our 7H but its size didn’t fit me well causing comfort issues, no matter how good a headset sounds or performs you aren’t going to keep using it if it hurts you. Because of that my first concern with the 9H was to make sure it would fit me properly.
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Overall 9

SteelSeries 9H Headset

30 September 2014
  • Summary: There’s is no doubt that the SteelSeries 9H is one of the best headsets tested by me in recent months, it sounds great and it’s extremely comfortable. The issue is likely to be the price and the fact that one of the accessories needs to be left in the box… The SteelSeries 9H came well packaged enough, but to be fair, considering the asking price maybe SteelSeries could have done a little more.
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Overall 8

Steelseries 9H

13 March 2015
  • Excerpt: Desde então a marca tornou-se uma das mais populares a nível de periféricos, lançando produtos famosíssimos, nomeadamente, tudo o que seja Siberia, 7H, QcK, Kinzu, Xai, Kana, Sensei e mais recentemente o Rival.
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Обзор игровой гарнитуры SteelSeries 9H

5 March 2015
  • Summary: Игровая гарнитура 9Н является одной из очень немногих гарнитур с виртуальным объемным звуком, когда-либо разработанных и изготовленных компанией SteelSeries. К сожалению, впечатление портит звуковая USB-карта, размещенная в центре устройства, что подчеркивает плохое позиционирование. Впрочем, это не затмевает кучу преимуществ 9Н, как например, отличный звук на средних и высоких частотах, хотя драйвера 40мм пока не способны так же впечатляюще воспроизводить басы.
  • Pros: Хорошее качество сборки и материалов;, Отличные звук на средних и высоких частотах;, Комфортное оголовье;, Амбушюры не давят на уши;, Легкая конструкция.
  • Cons: Высокая цена;, Невысокие уровни громкости.
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Overall 9
Design 8

Steelseries 9H: heaset elegante e versatile

24 October 2014
  • Excerpt: Steelseries uno dei maggior brand e produttore di periferiche da gaming ha da poco allargato la serie H con il nuovissimo modello 9H, un headset con un design semplice ed elegante che si presta molto bene anche all’utilizzo con smartphone o lettori MP3 grazie all’adattatore jack da 3,5 millimetri contenuto nella confezione. La serie H di Steelseries si differenzia dalla rinomatissima serie Siberia appunto per la poliedricità degli headset.
  • Pros: Qualità sonora, Design semplice ma elegante, Qualità e comfort, Steelseries Engine 3, Poliedriche
  • Cons: nessuno
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Обзор и тесты SteelSeries 9H. Добротная игровая гарнитура

15 September 2014
  • Summary: SteelSeries 9H порадовала качеством исполнения и звучания. Лаконичный и практичный дизайн, использование металла в механизмах сочленения, позволят использовать гарнитуру длительное время. Система проводки позволила достичь универсальности подключения. Претензии есть только к софту, хотелось бы видеть больше функционала.
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