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6.4 out of 10

Sony MDR-V500DJ

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Reviews and Problems with Sony MDR-V500DJ

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Overall 10

Simply fantastic

csuc_snowman, epinions.com
6 January 2009
  • Excerpt: sound quality on the V500 is pretty good, with some decent bass response.
  • Pros: sound good. decent bass. amazingly well constructed, last forEVER. ok 9 years so far.
  • Cons: i'm sure they're not the best sound quality you can buy for the money.
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Overall 10

Great For The Bedroom DJ

djvelocity, epinions.com
10 February 2006
  • Excerpt: The Sony MDRV500D Professional Headphones are the ideal setup if you are at all the type, to endeav
  • Pros: Great audio signal arrest, great connectivity, and great audio decibel levels
  • Cons: The cost (a little steep for people unsure of audio terminology to gamble on)
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Overall 4

Sony should be ashamed to sell this product.

zoogelsnof, epinions.com
18 August 2003
  • Summary: They're great sounding headphones, but they're simply not comfortable enough to use.
  • Pros: Good sound quality, very portable
  • Cons: Very uncomfortable, can't wear for long periods of time
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Overall 8

for their price not bad.....

phatts, epinions.com
28 September 2002
  • Summary: For the skint dj out there who doesnt wanna fork out too much for headphones, these do the job very well at a good price.
  • Pros: low-cost, there quite comfy, the screw off jack is really handy.
  • Cons: because of their low-cost they tend not to be able to handle at high volumes.
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Overall 8

The ideal headphone for DJ's

panman3, epinions.com
17 February 2002
  • Summary: The headphone is designed for DJ-remix use, and suits this purpose very well. For normal use the headphone does not benefit from the slightly heavier weight of the cable.
  • Pros: good audio quality, foldable, aspecially handy for DJ's
  • Cons: Connection cord has more weight than average headphone
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Overall 4

Not worth your money or time.

est1978, epinions.com
8 January 2001
  • Excerpt: The only reason I bought these headphones was because my other headphones, the much better V-600's,
  • Pros: very durable
  • Cons: Lots of distortion, muddy bass.
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Overall 4

Not even worth 30 dollars

MJSP, epinions.com
17 December 2000
  • Excerpt: When I first bought these headphones I thought they were worth it for the price.
  • Pros: good durability
  • Cons: Tinny sound lots of distortion
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Overall 4

Depends on your intended use

DrunkenMonkey, epinions.com
25 November 2000
  • Excerpt: I had been using a pair of Sony MDR-V200s, but I cracked the plug by moving too far away from my PC
  • Pros: One-sided cord, The folding design makes them easy to transport, Swiveling earcups sit on your desk and keep the sound in so you can walk away from your desk without turning off the source, They grip your noggin pretty good, so you shouldn't have to press
  • Cons: Heavy, Uncomfortable, Distorts readily, Sounds tinny, Poor fidelity, Not worth $59
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Overall 8

comfort takes a back seat

rdeleon, epinions.com
9 April 2000
  • Excerpt: i bought these headphones about a few months ago and i am fairly happy with them.
  • Pros: sound quality, speaker durability, price
  • Cons: not the most comfortable, cushion material won't last forever
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Overall 8

DJ standard

stareyes, epinions.com
8 December 1999
  • Excerpt: This is the classic headphone for club DJs although as things get to be big business most major DJs
  • Pros: Durable, decent sound quality, easy to replace
  • Cons: Break with rough handling, don't block out all sound
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