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6.5 out of 10

Sony MDR-V250

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Reviews and Problems with Sony MDR-V250

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Overall 4
Value for money 5
Sound quality 5
Comfort 2
Durability 8
Bass quality 3

User Review

jonli, Headphone Reviews
8 August 2014
  • Summary: Perhaps it was just these headphones or perhaps it happens in all closed supraaural phones, but these cans provided an incredibly poor seal and isolation. When I wore them, I kept hearing this high-pitched noise like the sound of air being passed through a very small crack in your window. The only way I could achieve some good sound is if I actually pressed the two sides to my head with my hands. I think that alone speaks volumes on the quality of these cans.
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Overall 8

Great Headphones for a Great Price!

vtjordan, epinions.com
20 August 2011
  • Summary: These headphones produce great sound quality and look very stylish at the same time. Great purchase for a very low price!
  • Pros: Inexpensive, comfortable, sound dial, long cord, 3 inch ear cup, great sound quality.
  • Cons: Uncomfortable on ears after long periods of listening.
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Overall 6


Dr.P, epinions.com
5 March 2011
  • Summary: These headphones are good for an entry level user, such as for use with an MP3 player.
  • Pros: These headphones are a good value for casual listening.
  • Cons: No major ones for a set of headphones in this price range.
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Overall 10

Unbeatable Sound for the Price!

synistor2k9, epinions.com
25 July 2010
  • Summary: The headphones are a must have for anyone needing great sound quality at a low price.
  • Pros: -Long cord -1/4 adapter for other audo devices -Great sound! -Low Price
  • Cons: -Headphones may get uncomfortable after wearing them for awhile
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Overall 10

Great Speaker / Poor Manufacturing

Anonymous, Newegg
13 February 2010
  • Summary: Superglue kept them going for so long, but they are not bus or kid friendly. So while I still say you should get them, make sure nothing gets dropped on them and they are purely for desktop use. These also cancel out noise, but music has to be playing and played loud, none the less they do drown out the bus engine and some noisy passengers.
  • Pros: The speakers are great in these things totally worth the money. They are very comfortable and I can wear them for hours on end. Very long cord.
  • Cons: The cord is annoying because it tends to curl up a lot just under normal use, but that is easily fixed. I don't like the plastic arms they used to hold the speakers, the headband holding the speakers is very weak and isn't solid.
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Overall 7

User Review

BearSpace, head-fi.org
1 April 2009
  • Summary: While I don't own these anymore and they may not be as fresh in my mind as they should I know I liked these headphones.  Despite being slightly uncomfortable and not something I would wear for an extended period they had a great clean and clear sound and I don't remember any problems with to much sound getting in, or to much music getting out in public.
  • Pros: affordable and clean sounding
  • Cons: uncomfortable
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Overall 8

Excellent Sound for $30

nad_masters, epinions.com
24 November 2008
  • Summary: Sounds great, and decently built for $30.
  • Pros: Excellent sound for a semi-open ear design, priced right
  • Cons: Uncomfortable after a while if you wear glasses
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Overall 8
Sound quality 8

A good deal for a good product.

loreliashley, Viewpoints
13 January 2008
  • Excerpt: I got 2 pairs of these headphones with reward coupons from a local electronics store, 1 for my son and 1 for myself. They have been a great addition to our household. Both of us typically go through headphones very quickly, losing the earpads or if using earbuds, the buds pop off. These headphones are very durable and I love the face that the earpads stay put. I also like the feature of the swivel to be able to lay them flat or adjust on the ear.
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Overall 4

Fool me thrice, shame on me

journo46, epinions.com
1 June 2007
  • Excerpt: I'd purchased these headphones after a long history of satisfaction with Sony products.
  • Pros: Good sound, good looks
  • Cons: Will fall apart sooner rather than later
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Overall 8

Decent Headphones

Anonymous, Newegg
12 March 2007
  • Summary: They arent noise cancelling
  • Pros: These cans have some pretty good sound. Excellent bass and mid range, but the treble does sound just a tad muddy.
  • Cons: Yes, they do get extremely uncomfortable after just a few minutes of use. They dont cup all the way around the ear and that causes problems.
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