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Sony MDR-Q68

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Reviews and Problems with Sony MDR-Q68

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Overall 10

Remarkably convenient

Aaron P., Newegg
26 June 2012
  • Summary: 5 days a week, I take these things to work. I have them in my pocket during the 7 hours or so that I work, and whip them out on my breaks to watch YouTube while I eat. When I'm done, I simply take them off, push the cord retracting buttons, and back to work I go. I can't even put into words of how nice that retractable cord is! Even your friends will think you're performing some kind of sorcery. No, you don't get the best sound quality from these headphones.
  • Pros: -Retractable cord -They're fairly cheap -Retractable cord -They're clip-on, so they more comfortable than on-ear or in-ear headphones. -Retractable cord -Highly portable. You can take these things anywhere! -And did I mention the retractable cord?
  • Cons: -Lack of bass
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Overall 6

Just Okay

James M., Newegg
9 March 2011
  • Summary: Nice idea. The execution left me cold though.
  • Pros: For the same price, just get a proper pair of open-ear headphones.
  • Cons: With everything retracted the thin multi-conductor wire connecting the two halves can undergo quite a lot of stress if in a pocket or backpack. Sound quality is only mediocre. Seating on the ear is only moderately secure.
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Overall 10

Great Headphones

Gregory M., Newegg
7 March 2011
  • Summary: I bought these headphones a year ago for my i pod nano. One of things that I hated about my ipod was the volume was not loud enough with the standard ear buds. A couple of days ago I hooked these headphones up and all I can say is WOW! The volume is a lot louder and the speakers sound great. When you hold each speaker in your hand you can tell the quality is a lot better then most headsets. For the price you can't beat it.
  • Pros: Great sound, high volume, stays on your ear without coming off. Good price.
  • Cons: none
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Overall 10

great piece

Christine E., Newegg
14 February 2011
  • Pros: Good sound, and normally it can be hard for me to find good headphones that can actually fit my small ears. Of course this great design allows just about anyone to wear them comfortably. Retractable cords make them easier to transport.
  • Cons: Very thin cords suggest weakness to kinks and inner cord breaks.
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Overall 8

Gets the job done

Kenneth C., Newegg
30 November 2010
  • Summary: Cords could be longer as some others have stated, but then again that's mostly because I'm used to the coil cord of my HD280.
  • Pros: Bought these for my GF to use with her Zune. They're small, lightweight, and seem to work just fine for her needs.
  • Cons: None really for this price.
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Overall 6


Kevin K., Newegg
24 November 2010
  • Summary: They were good headphones until the left side blew, the speaker just stopped producing some sounds and was soft than the other. They still worked but the sound difference was too bothersome for me.
  • Pros: Retractable Cords, nice sound, loud
  • Cons: after a week of use the left ear speaker blew out randomly
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Overall 10

I Love these things

Anonymous, Newegg
30 August 2010
  • Summary: First off, Over the ear headphones are the best way to go and if you wanna shove em into your pocket eventually, these are the best headphones i've found. I've ran through 2 pairs of these already in about a year but i admit i didnt take care of them properly. I'm buying a new pair next week. The most common color is black but if you look around on other websites, ive seen blue, red and white pairs also.
  • Pros: Surprisingly good sound. Lots of volume, good bass, good for most types of music. I know firsthand its good for all types of rock, hip hop, and techno so it will fit most users needs. It's lightweight and the fit for the most part is great) Doesn't pinch and the parts that go on your ear is padded for comfort. Retracted, they fit great into most pockets. I don't notice they're there most times.
  • Cons: If you wear them for about 3 or more hours at a time, itll start to make your ear sore but its not majorly painful. The rubber on the clip of the headphone will start to come off with normal wear and tear. The cord has a habit of shorting easily sometimes so be careful about tugging on the input port. Also, the retractable cord doesn't work 100% percent of the time ( the box even admits it jams sometimes) but 90% isn't terrible. Also, i don't recommend them for sports...
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Overall 10

Had these kind for years.

Alma S., Newegg
24 November 2009
  • Summary: I've probably bought 12 sets of the line of these headphones, they haven't changed much but I liked the old ones with different colors and L shaped plugs, but these still fit and sound great. Noticed that after a while some fibers come off the inside and get stuck floating next to the driver and make rattling noises. The foam ear pads are easy to take off and you can use tweezers to pick them out (I don't know what they're for but they come from the headphone).
  • Pros: Sony's made variations on this design for years, and they all sound really clear with good bass and give pretty good volume.
  • Cons: This new model doesn't have an L 3.5mm plug, which I think is a must because the straight plugs always bend too much and break too easily. I already had to take one pair back but they exchanged it no prob and this sets been working great.
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Overall 10


Roy O., Newegg
11 November 2009
  • Summary: Treat them better than I did, they are getting hard to find.
  • Pros: I used a single pair of these for 3.5 years. I find it essential to have retractable cords since I hate time wasting activities like untangling them. The real pro for these though is their reliability. I've used them in the rain, dropped one of them in a water bowl, and generally kept them in my back pocket for over 3 years of solid sitting on them. Sure, by the end of that, they started to disintegrate, but the fact that they lasted that long under pretty much the wo...
  • Cons: For two summers, I worked outside and kept the cord under my shirt running up. The sweat eventually ate through the coating. This is to be expected however with all headphones.
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Overall 6

Short cable

David T., Newegg
17 September 2009
  • Pros: It's a pretty decent set of head phones. The retractable cable is a nice touch, they stay on your ears, and the sound quality isn't too bad.
  • Cons: My biggest problem with these head phones is that the cable is too short. It is rather annoying.
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