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Sennheiser Momentum
9.4 out of 10

Sennheiser Momentum

The MOMENTUM headphones makes the famous Sennheiser sound qualit Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Sennheiser Momentum

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Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 review: Over-ear headphone sequel gains comfort and slightly better sound

3 weeks ago
  • Summary: While we'd like to see it cost a little less, Sennheiser has fixed the original Momentum's one weakness, making the new 2.0 Momentum not only sound slightly better but fit more comfortably.
  • Pros: The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 offers more spacious and softer earcups, making it a more comfortable headphone. It offers excellent, refined sound, high-end build quality, and a new folding design. An inline remote/microphone is included for cell-phone use (Apple iOS and Android friendly versions are available) along with a nice carrying case.
  • Cons: Somewhat pricey; should include cables for both iOS and Android devices in the box.
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Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones Review

15 March 2015
  • Excerpt: If you need a pair of wireless headphones with noise-cancelling capabilities, Sennheiser has introduced a wireless version of its popular Momentum headphones. We got the chance to dive in and see how they perform. Sennheiser Momentum headphones have been one of the company’s most popular products.
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Overall 10

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones review

14 March 2015
  • Summary: The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones not only look great, but they pack in serious sound quality, feel great on the head and pack in some of the best active noise cancellation we've ever heard - but all of that comes with a rather hefty and steep price tag. If you've got the cash to splash, the Momentum Wireless headphones are easily worth investing in - wireless freedom has never sounded so good.
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Overall 1

Review: Sennheiser Momentum Wireless ANC headphones

26 February 2015
  • Excerpt: That I was going to love the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless on-ear headphones was a foregone conclusion. I was already a fan of the Momentum on-ears , after all; my only complaints being that they tended to squeeze my head a bit too much, and the on-ear Alcantera lining didn’t do much to isolate outside noise. By their nature, Sennheiser’s new Momentum Wireless headphones are built to address each of these issues, adding active noise cancellation to the mix.
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Overall 8

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear headphones review

31 January 2015
  • Summary: Sennheiser has managed to faithfully cram what made its larger Momentum headphones sound brilliant into a smaller, portable in-ear pair of headphones that sound great and look brilliant too. If you're wanting to invest in a decent pair of in-ear headphones that won't totally break the bank, these are well worth a look.
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Overall 8

Expert Review

15 December 2014
Overall 7

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

PC Magazine
21 November 2014
  • Conclusion: The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear delivers bright (sometimes too bright) highs, paired with a powerful low frequency response.
  • Pros: Powerful audio performance with robust bass response and bright highs. Lightweight, elegant design. Excellent carrying case.
  • Cons: Can be too bright at times. Only comes with two pairs of eartips.
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Overall 0

Aeternoblade Review: Test your Patience

8 November 2014
  • Excerpt: Through either personal experience or media, you’re probably familiar with the iconic “Strong Man” competitions that crop up at fairs and carnivals. Colorful carnies invite passersby to “Test their strength!” and get metal to meet bell by way of an often comically oversized hammer. If you’re strong enough to send the scale skyward, and lucky enough to find one that isn’t rigged, you may even walk away with an equally oversized stuffed animal, or a ticket worth one free...
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Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear (review): High-end look, fast sound

5 November 2014
  • Summary: The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear doesn't measure up to the high standard set by other more expensive headphones in the Momentum line, but it still has a lot going for it for the price.
  • Pros: The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear looks slick, is quite affordable, and it delivers exciting sound with strong bass and good clarity. It has an integrated inline remote and microphone for making cell phones calls (both iOS and Android versions are available) and a nice carrying case is included.
  • Cons: The top end (treble) is a touch brash, and also, while the headphones look swanky, the housings are mostly plastic.
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Overall 9

Sennheiser Momentum Headphone Review

Technology X
12 May 2014
  • Summary: The Momentum is such a perfect name for this headphone. As Sennheiser’s first consumer oriented upper tier headphone it has done just about everything right and I’m sure it is the first of many headphones Sennheiser makes primarily targeted at the mainstream consumer. With the rapid growth of the consumer audio market the Sennheiser Momentum definitely isn’t alone as a premium headphone designed for the average consumer but it does a mighty fine job of standing out in...
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