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7.6 out of 10

Sennheiser HD 238

Sennheiser HD 238i The Sennheiser HD 238i is a pair of head Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Sennheiser HD 238

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Overall 10


John L., Newegg
13 February 2011
  • Summary: I ordered these on a Tuesday and received them the following Thursday (2 days) on standard 3 day shipping... gotta love New Egg!
  • Pros: excellent bass, range. I am hearing things in my music that I have never noticed before using these head phones.
  • Cons: Has ruined my experience with other head phones. I relate the experience of listening to music with the 238's equal to the first time I had floor seats to a sporting event. Ignorance is bliss; however i enjoy music much more with these headphones!.
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Overall 10

Great find

Marco B., Newegg
8 April 2010
  • Summary: Im currently using these headphones for my computer which I mostly use for music and games. Im not expecting the best out of the gaming department since these are stereo and not 5.1 but they are doing an amazing job until i get my hpa2's.
  • Pros: -Sound quality is awesome
  • Cons: -Comfort. Reason why I put comfort in pros and cons is because I am very much used to around ear headphones/headsets. when I got these and put them on it took a little bit to get used to the padding on the ears themselves. but after a while the headphones became quite comfortable and barely notice they are on.
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Overall 10


SKYLER D., Newegg
14 January 2010
  • Summary: Burn-in period is crucial, dont freak out when they sound like 20 dollar S0ny headphones out of the box.
  • Pros: I just cant even believe the range these little over-ear headphones can crank. Total highs and lows. Performace bests any other headphones ive ever owned. Its absurd that anyone could enjoy pristine audio playback for such little cash.
  • Cons: The jack itself is poorly designed. It should be an elbow joint, not just a gigantic straight plug, its a little obnoxious to be perfectly honest.
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Overall 10

Great headphones

Carson K., Newegg
10 December 2009
  • Summary: I found that removing the the middle foam from the cushions made the 238's sound much brighter and crisper.
  • Pros: -Clear, crisp highs and a tight punchy bass that is perfect for rock/metal music.
  • Cons: Not a big con but the plugs on these headphones are HUGE! Looks awkward on my ipod touch. It would have better if they stuck with the L shaped plugs.
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Overall 10


Patrick d., Newegg
9 December 2009
  • Summary: Simply outstanding headphones. Bought these and a pair of HD228s after accidentally destroying my beloved PX100s on a flight from Hong Kong to Chicago. While the HD228s sound good, the HD238s are simply amazing. I've owned about four pairs of PX100s simply because the sound was so amazing. These absolutely blow away the PX100s.
  • Pros: Outstanding sound, bright and airy, very accurate
  • Cons: Everyone else can hear what you are listening to.
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Overall 10

Amazing sound

songling l., Newegg
7 December 2009
  • Summary: Sounds darn good for this price. I am very pleased that it sound very close to the IE7, which cost almost 3 times as much. Overall great buy.
  • Pros: First of all I have own tons of headphone and earphones including: Sennheiser HD555, IE7, CX300, CX500, Klipsch X10, UE superfi 5 eb, etc. I feel that it sound fuller than the HD555 in some music! WOW! Comparing to the IE7, which is an IEM, I have to say they sound darn close. Does not require a amplifier to drive it and works with the first gen iphone.
  • Cons: Like all good headphone a good 100-200 burn in time is required. I recommand freq sweep, white noise and pink noise. The bass might be too much for some user
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Overall 10

haha, here i come enlightenment

Jordan D., Newegg
12 November 2009
  • Summary: get them? What i was looking for was something not big, good sound, and i could hear those around me. This is just that. I was actually suprised as to how small they are. thought they would be a smigin smaller than full ear ones, but they are just like the PX-100s but with a slightly taller cup and beefier ish as you can see.
  • Pros: first step 238, next step all knowing. these are amazing. Ive read they take 24 hours-ish to wear in... i plugged in, put on, and was amazed. I broke my px 100's a month ago and put these on, and they are 2x as good brand new. imo, they beat those monster/dre things.
  • Cons: only con i can think of is that everyone in the room can hear my music (which they should cuz its great :P). Its like a mini stereo on ur head literally, fills the room with some noise (minimal of course)
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Overall 10

Awesome headphone!

seng l., Newegg
19 October 2009
  • Summary: I broke my precious headphone 2 week ago (they worked perfectly for about 4 months)and then I had some problem with the wired near the connector , I send them back to Sennheizer to get them fix and guess what? I received a brand new sennheizer HD238. Their service is just great!!
  • Pros: -Crystal clear sound quality!!
  • Cons: none?
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Overall 10


Minh T., Newegg
2 October 2009
  • Summary: head phone need at least a 10 hours burn in, it will sound like a 5 dollar piece of junk when you open it but it get better after you burn it in with a song that has heavy bass (I use Lloyd intro song on 70% volume).
  • Pros: Sound crystal clear and crispy, very comfortable to wear. Acoustic instruments sound life like on these headphone.
  • Cons: deep bass response not comparable to close end design
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Overall 10

Outstanding choice

Victoria C., Newegg
10 August 2009
  • Summary: You really do have to hear these headphones to believe the sound... well balanced and with a wide soundstage, very full, rich, and CLEAR. I can try to describe they type of transparency these headphones have but if you've never compared a quality open-back design to a a closed back you can't really appreciate the integrity of the sound. It's a whole different ball park from "lesser", "casual listening" headphones.
  • Pros: - Rich, clear lifelike sound
  • Cons: - Open design means you share you music with others
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