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Rosewill RHTS-8206

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Overall 8

Great Sound, Poor CD design

Sterling T., Newegg
2 days ago
  • Summary: Overall for the price I really like these and it'll be interesting testing them on other games. For the initial test I threw down Saints Row 4 for a few hours and between the music, dub step sections, vehicle mayhem and explosions it handled all nicely. The spatial surround was set to simulated 7.1 and the position of people and sound was mostly right on (it was an online game so some audio was slightly delayed for some reason).
  • Pros: Awesome bass and sound overall. This is my first foray into Surround Headphones, normally I use stereo headphones or surround speakers of different styles. Still, I like how well it simulated it and the clarity and richness of the audio. Extra padding on cups and headband are great. Sound cancelling for ambient noise is solid. Can barely hear my own voice, let alone anything else. Easy to move and point stick mic works well and didn't produce echo buzz or anything wro...
  • Cons: Cord is ok but could be a lot longer. In-line controls on the cord are closer to the headphones and lacks a clip or method to attach it to something easily. This means you have this WEIGHT on the wire hanging off your head. Not terrible, but because the control is large it is noticeable and can be annoying depending on how you sit. Software on the disk stinks. Autoplay doesn't work, browsing into the cd and loading the "Setup" file gives you a Flash menu to read the m...
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Overall 10

I am VERY Impressed

Ralph l., Newegg
5 days ago
  • Pros: Ok, so I got these based on 2 things...1) they were fairly cheep for what they seemed too be, and 2) they looked cool. They Arrived and I have NOT been disappointed, they Are VERY nice and comfortable having about 3/4" soft padding around the full ear AND on the head Band, the ear fits inside comfortably, the Mic is nice and easy to move around and manipulate, the Sound coming from them is AWESOME...I can hear every note from the heavy metal music I chose to test them...
  • Cons: Not a single thing.
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Overall 10

Value for Money Cannot be Beat

Andrew O., Newegg
1 week ago
  • Summary: Vibration setting was very bizarre at first, a little annoying and ticklish, however after a week, it's not a problem whatsoever. In general. for around 40-50 bucks on sale, it can't be beat. There's a reason why it's the most reviewed (gaming) headset on Newegg. Rosewill (Newegg's In-House brand) really knocked it out of the park with this one.
  • Pros: -Incredible Sound. The Vibration is almost unnecessary but it adds a LOT to the immersion of not only music, but also gaming. Never have I had a buzzing issue in the mic with the vibration setting on/off at any setting. -Comfortable, however they do become uncomfortable after long sessions (2 hours+) -Controls are easy, Cord is a manageable size. -Noise Reduction, I'm used to a pretty flimsy headset with a decent mic, and not being able to hear the ambient noises arou...
  • Cons: -Driver Software My only gripe whatsoever is that, upon inserting the disc, I was not prompted into the autorun directly into a flash media file which was intended. Instead, I had to view the files and launch the application myself. It's completely okay, I was never lost in the process, however it is unclean in design. (Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit) After entering the application for the driver installation and user manual, I clicked on the option to install driv...
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Overall 10

Just Awesome

Donald J., Newegg
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: Love this headset. Sounds awesome mic works Awesome to. Loved it so much that I told my friends and now they all have one as well. I don't really use the vibration part to much. But its there when I need it. Will be buying another set soon.
  • Pros: Great Sound, Great Price for Quality.
  • Cons: Cord tangles Very Easy.
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Overall 6

Updated Review

David J., Newegg
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: I got this on sale for $35. At that price I would easily recommend it to anyone looking for a gaming headset on a budget. At its current price of $50 I would not.
  • Pros: Good overall sound quality, great bass and an above average mid range and treble. Fits comfortably with good padding. Good price point*.
  • Cons: The vibration function takes some getting used to, but is potentially very cool. Sadly mine developed a static sound when the vibration function was active about a year into ownership. For some reason when I plug mine into a USB 3.0 slot it doesn't sound quite the same. Kind of like the speakers were blown. However when I plug it back into a 2.0 slot all is well again. I have no idea why this is, and it may be something else with my rig, so take it for what you will. ...
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Overall 2

Mic dead barely after a month

Steve P., Newegg
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: Wish this died a few days ago so I could return it!
  • Pros: Comfy.
  • Cons: Mic dead BARELY after a month, hardly used as I was traveling for three weeks of the duration of the ownership of the headset. Not appeased.
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Overall 8

I like them.

Matthew G., Newegg
21 August 2014
  • Summary: Better for gaming and watching livestreams. Mic can be wonky without Voice Cancellation. When listening to music, Vibe function will take the Bass to the foreground and make some songs sound awkward. The control pad can become heated at times.
  • Pros: Good Value paired with excellent sound quality. Surprisingly durable. Vibe function works well when playing with explosives. Lengthy cord. The lights on the control pad come in handy.
  • Cons: Mic could transmit a bit clearer. Vocal cancellation function affects sound quality. I had to remove and reattach the mic due to transmission issues. Software required for all features to work.
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Overall 10

Explosive sound Great price

Kyle G., Newegg
15 August 2014
  • Summary: Didnt try the mic yet
  • Pros: The sound quality is amazing. Went to retail store and some turtle beach headsets were on display. Even the $149 pair was junk compaired to these. These Rosewell pair has crisp hd sound and extremely hi quality base. These are like 3D sound because of the awesome vibration.
  • Cons: There are 3 base/vibration settings. Off/medium/high. The explosiveness on high setting is sometimes to much. Im good with medium setting.
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Overall 8

User Review

David L., Newegg
9 August 2014
  • Summary: I give this product 4 eggs only because of the extremely impressive sound, I'm a self proclaimed BassHead. If the sound was average I would give it 2, maybe 3 eggs due to the microphone failing in most situations.
  • Pros: Great sound from this headset, you can boot the bass considerably high without any distortion of the higher frequencies. This can be credited to the vibration, which is basically the same feeling as force-feedback in a controller. With default configuration this is a mediocre headset, but with some tweaking it becomes incredible, I don't think I could own a headset that did not have this vibrating feature after experiencing it. Build wise the quality seems quite high,...
  • Cons: The microphone isn't very good, Teamspeak is generally "good enough" but with most in-game voice chats it is useless, CounterStrike especially. Changing the physical microphone offered no improvement. Because the microphone can unplug from the headset, gravity can cause it to rotate downward, tape may be required to keep it in position.
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Overall 4


Jonathan M., Newegg
7 August 2014
  • Summary: The mic on my first one broke shortly before the 1 year warranty expired and rosewill customer service was excellent and replaced it for me at no cost. The mic on my replacement set is not completely broken but has developed very loud feedback after about 6 months. This seems to be a common problem for this headset. It's slightly too large even on the smallest headband setting.
  • Pros: Nice sound, almost comfortable, not bad value...but expect a little more quality out of a $50 headset.
  • Cons: 2 serious issues: Mic goes bad, Headset can't be made small enough
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