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ROCCAT Kave Solid 5.1

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Overall 10

Really good headset for the price

Patricio R., Newegg
19 February 2014
  • Summary: is a bit heavy but still comfortable :)
  • Pros: Packaging, good sound, 5.1 feels real, the remote control is a nice, long wires, easy to connect, comfortable, good quality.
  • Cons: none.
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Overall 4

Too heavy

William F., Newegg
10 February 2014
  • Summary: Returning these and getting something much lighter and with a more comfortable headband.
  • Pros: Ear cups are amazingly comfortable, padded generously, and my ears fit inside like a glove. The microphone has a great goose neck, and voice quality (from peers) is very good when working. Control unit is a very nice feature as well. Sound quality overall is very good and surround made a big positive difference.
  • Cons: TOO HEAVY! I really truly wanted to like this headset. But the honest truth is after about 20 minutes of game play the middle square pad is creating a lot of pressure on my head from the sheer weight. The microphone becomes loose after rotation and must always be checked before putting on. I've had some sound issues with heavy static/poor sound quality.
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Overall 8

Follow up: REAL Surround Sound is REAL

Michael W., Newegg
1 January 2014
  • Summary: Tips and tricks for optimizing your audio 101:
  • Pros: After more time to configure the audio output, I've determined that the highest quality audio attainable is achieved by making sure Windows sees all the speakers as full-range speakers. This will drastically reduce the responsiveness of the Bass-Reflex vibration drivers, however they will still respond to dedicated bass signals. You can play around with which speakers are set to full-range and which are set to small in order to get more reactive vibration instead, and...
  • Cons: As a counter-point to the change in audio quality, the discomfort factor has finally taken it's toll. I've used a flat-head screw driver to pop off the three headband pads, and inspite of the screw stumps that stick out about 2mm from the band I have glued a 1/2" thick strip of standard grey insulation foam left over from my window AC unit. So much better than what was used, and likely cheaper to implement than that ridiculous concept of a headband. Please ROCCAT, if ...
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Overall 8

REAL Surround Sound is REAL

Michael W., Newegg
2 December 2013
  • Summary: You can throw all the audio warping bells and whistles of Dolby Headphones and Virtual 7.1 surround you want at Stereo, the sound will still come from a stereo source but warped to emulate the audio effect of a surround sound system. Only true sources of audio can recreate true-to-life surround sound experiences. I just wish they were higher quality.
  • Pros: Let me start this off with the simple fact I have a rather large head. Not the biggest ever, but at 6'4" tall, my head is slightly larger than normal for my height. At full extension, it fits perfectly. +1
  • Cons: Heavy, but to be expected due to multi-speaker configuration. This wouldn't be a problem though if the headband and it's padding had been better designed. It's unique, and I can see why it would work in theory, however there is no flexibility in the design. Again, I have a large head, so this tends to flatten headbands and thus the apex of my scalp is all that the headset rests on. This creates a pressure point that just gets annoying after a while. I'll have to shape...
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Overall 10

Best headset I've ever owned

KEITH K., Newegg
27 July 2013
  • Summary: I had previously ran through 1 to 2 different brands of cheaper headsets a year, none were satisfactory. Then I purchased this headset in 2009, before they were available in the US based on recommendations and referral from several European friends who had been using them. I was so impressed I bugged Roccat for a couple years to make them available in the US, and finally they showed up on my favorite website (Newegg).
  • Pros: 4+ years of trouble free use and counting. These are extremely comfortable, no squeeze, no aches/pain on the head, crystal clear audio, accurate surround sound for gaming and excellent for Skyping. I've never had one person complain about the quality of my voice, and I don't recall anyone sneaking up behind me without me hearing them in Battlefield play.
  • Cons: None after 4+ years of use.
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Overall 10

I don't always pay $130 for a headset...

Anonymous, Newegg
19 July 2013
  • Summary: If you're on the fence, or even slightly disheartened by the price, DON'T BE! This is an item that will outlast your current gaming rig. Long after you've moved on to faster gigahertz, bigger terabytes and more shiny shader pipelines, this headset will still be by your side, still sounding amazing.
  • Pros: ...But when I do, Roccat delivers one of the best computer peripherals I've ever purchased. Seriously, this headset is amazing. I've compared this to $100+ studio headphones and these were better on every occasion.
  • Cons: The only con I could possibly imagine was something that turned out to be my fault. This headset is molded in such a way that it rests extremely comfortably on your head... if you wear them the correct way. There is a L and R on the inside of the phones that I neglected to see for the first 6 months of owning these, and they were slightly uncomfortable in that manner.
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Overall 6

Has many problems

Zach T., Newegg
27 June 2013
  • Summary: Don't get me wrong, they had a great idea behind this headset, but it came out wrong.
  • Pros: -Great surround sound.
  • Cons: -Heavy on the top of your head, creates sore spots after 2-3 hours of wearing.
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Overall 2


Richard S., Newegg
16 June 2013
  • Summary: Owned since august of 2012. Previous headsets have been two sets of Sennheiser HD555s, a Turtle Beach Earforce XPA (can't remember the exact model name now; but full 5.1 analogues), and a SteelSeries Siberia. Out of all of them the Sennheiser's have had the best overall quality. Again, stay the hell away from this headset as you will be rather disappointed.
  • Pros: Unit sounds okayish. The microphone quality is solid. Actual 5.1 is muddled on an Asus Xonar Phoebus, but it is discernible. Bass rumbled for a while.
  • Cons: Not sure where to start. Uncomfortable pressure points from the headband leading to headaches out of the box (Solved after a long long time of having it; it took close to 6 months of using to finally break in so it doesn't cause headaches). However, in that time, multiple other things have failed on this. First, the volume control on the little "breakout" box itself has shorted out so that it cannot be used to do anything other than volume reduction. (Rather poor resi...
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Overall 4

Look for other headsets

Gregg B., Newegg
29 March 2013
  • Summary: The sound aspect alone is what is saving this from being a one egg review. But I can not recommend this product to anyone in good faith. It seems like Roccat put all of their effort into making a good sounding product, without look at if their product is comfortable to wear. If Roccat was to go and redesign the head supports into something more comfortable, I would have no problem recommending this product.
  • Pros: The sound is superb. This headset has had the best sound of any headset I have used to date.
  • Cons: It is heavy, no doubt about that. There are also 3 pressure points that it uses to rest on your head, instead of a normal cushioned band like other headsets use. Now these two aspects together and a recipe for disaster. For prolonged periods of gaming I get headaches a lot. And as all gamers know, comfort is a huge factor.
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Overall 10

Best 5.1 Headset EVER

Keith C., Newegg
4 October 2011
  • Summary: Didn't buy the Kave off of newegg. Had to import this from the UK from a diff site. Took about newegg close to 2 years to finally notice Roccat products.
  • Pros: "WARNING" these 5.1 headsets are so good you'll make people rage and get you banned from severs thinking your wallhacking. I play lots of FPS games also RTS, driving, RPG, but mainly FPS. The Kave sounds amazing if you have a dedicated 5.1 or 7.1 sound card. Sound from this headset are crisp and clear for hearing your enemy foot steps from any direction. Left, right, front/center and rear are clearly directional. Never got confused where and when objects were coming f...
  • Cons: Had a slight presser pointed head pain right in the top middle pad area of the headset. I have read some feedback where people also had the same situation as me. Over time pain went away. I guess my head made a callus from wearing these too much. Movies and music they sound nice. It gets the job done but if you an hard core audio file for movies and music i would look elsewhere.
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