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Phiaton MS 400

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Overall 6

Decent headphones but overpriced

Josh B., Newegg
29 November 2011
  • Summary: I really wanted to like these MS400's as they were very very comfortable but compared to the similarly priced V-MODA M80's the bass sucks and the highs are overly harsh. I did enjoy the spacious soundstage that they created and if it weren't for the lack of bass I'd have been tempted to keep them but even an EQ didn't help much. I hate to use EQ's to boost frequencies too much but I tried for giggles, I could EQ the highs down to where they were more tolerable though.
  • Pros: Very comfortable circumaural headphones. Somewhat flashy (could be a con) Carbon fiber earcups Creates a nice soundstage, sounds very "open" Highs are bright, if that's your thing...it's not mine
  • Cons: While comfortable the cloth covered grill that protects the drivers did push against my ears and caused some discomfort after listening for a while (more than 30 minutes). Feel cheaply made, plenty of plastic. Very weak bass response save for upper bass (70-80Hz+).
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Overall 6

User Review

dayh8, head-fi.org
18 August 2010
  • Summary: About me: Newbie audiophile at best, I've been rocking a set of Senn HD280s in silver for probably 7 years. I have never had an issue with build quality or sound quality, and have loved them since I got them. At the time, they were a good bang for the buck, and I still think that they sound great (at least my pair does!). I run sound from a MacBook Pro, and iPod Touch (gen1), and iPad (gen1) or my LG P999 through any number of players.
  • Pros: Look great
  • Cons: small cans, claustrophbic sound, muddy and unclear.
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Overall 5
Value for money 4
Sound quality 6
Comfort 8
Durability 5
Bass quality 5

User Review

dalethorn, Headphone Reviews
8 June 2010
  • Summary: The sound of the MS400 is marginally better than the MS300, with better bass and a less colored midrange, but the highs are still softer than headphones like the v-moda M80 and Senn Momentum, which are already soft by hi-fi standards. Detail is a problem for the M400 as much as the M300, and at the regular price, is not a good value based on the sound.
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