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MEElectronics CC51

Great Deal: $66.36

Reviews and Problems with MEElectronics CC51

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Overall 4

Very disappointed

Wayne P., Newegg
10 January 2013
  • Summary: My advice to you the customer is that until this company starts using quality material to make their products last since the things were is so exspensive don't buy. look at some other brands.
  • Pros: they sounded ok. but only ok. highs and mids are ok.
  • Cons: The headsets at the time i baught them normally retailed for about $89 but I saw the heasdsets on sale for $24.99 and thought that this is a great deal so I bought them. After about two weeks of owning them (since I was giving it a long enough burn in period) I concluded that the sound was only average at best as bass was not that strong and the music had a sort of hollow sound to them. Thankfully my pair of altec bliss platinum that was lost in the mail was reimburse...
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Overall 6

Made in China?

Danny C., Newegg
6 April 2012
  • Summary: I've reached out to Meelectronics directly to see if they're willing to replace the unit, or at least take a look at it. I was really hoping that these were "the one." Sad that my old Zune premium earphones outlasted these by a long shot.
  • Pros: The sound quality is pretty nice. The burn in period recommended by Meelectronics does matter. The package of eartips offer a degree of customization I was very happy with.
  • Cons: The craftmanship was very poor. I had read reviews thoroughly across the internet and so far, it seems like I'm not the only one that felt that it needed work. The wires themselves are really thin and feels like they can easily rip. They're already beginning to disconnect from the actual ear pieces themselves, and I have to occasionally attempt to twist them back into the earpiece. Be REALLY careful when changing the eartips, as even a slight tug can pull the metal pi...
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Overall 6

User Review

KYVIN T., Newegg
7 March 2012
  • Summary: They make some of the best headphones, easily beating the more expensive branded ones. It blocks out unwanted sounds. The high low and bass sounds really good. Too bad all this is ruin by the ear bud that doesn't stay in the ear. The longest I can enjoy my music is around 2 minutes before I have adjust the headphone again. I hardly use it after I bought it(though I would have love to use it more often, but I got tired of adjusting the headphone after couple of songs).
  • Pros: This is not the exact model i bought, I had the lower model, the M2. Even the lower model sounds absolutely fantastic, I can only imagine what this model will sounds like.
  • Cons: The ear bud!!! All this great sound will not be appreciated if the thing!!! Too bad this model looks like it came with the exact ear bud that came with my M2.
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Overall 9

User Review

cleg, head-fi.org
14 December 2011
  • Summary: If Apple once decided to replace their earbuds, the'll surely need to chose Mee CC51. In white ceramic case - their look are really outstanding, especially with iPhone. As for sound - I like, how they plays. Very musical coloring, making listening a real pleasure.
  • Pros: design, interesting sound
  • Cons: deep fit
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Overall 8

User Review

keanex, head-fi.org
20 August 2011
  • Summary: Packaging     Typical Meelectronic packaging. Black thin cardboard box with a window exposing the CC51 and some of the accessories. On the front the model number is given as well as a logo and a logo showing they are powered fine by iPods. On either side there's either an Meelectronic or CC51 logo. The back has features/specs and a picture of the accessories. No frills, it's not minimalistic, but it's not in your face.
  • Pros: Clarity, Warm full sound, rather detailed
  • Cons: Potential comfort issues with small ears, revealing of bad recordings.
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Overall 10

Built like a tank, clear precise sound

dziendobry, MacMall
3 May 2011
  • Conclusion: Right out of the box, these are very detailed, with a great balance of highs, lows, and sweet mids, vocals really shine. I am having a hard time thinking that these are Dynamic drivers because they are so detailed, especially with good jazz recordings. When I was listening to jack johnson strum on his guitar the sound is very engaging, up front and warm.
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