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8.3 out of 10

Martin Logan Mikros 90

Great Deal: $80.99

Reviews and Problems with Martin Logan Mikros 90

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Overall 2

No wonder it has to sell at deep discount

Bing G., Newegg
26 September 2014
  • Summary: I can't believe the designer could have made this product go into market I can't believe any people at Martin Logan can allow this out as reference headphone. ML guys, please grab some decent headphone in the market in the $50-100 range and listen all of them and recall this one from the market. Redesign from scratch and test if you really want to make one headphone. I never owned any Martin Logan.
  • Pros: Looks like well made headphone
  • Cons: awkward headband both band and ear cover tend to move, extremely uncomfortable upon putting it on head let along for long time, impossible to make it feel better, very weak bass, best sound of it is treble but may sound harsh, I listened pop songs and classic music, never did I feel any rendered remotely near full sound
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Overall 8

Nice for the price

Charles B., Newegg
24 September 2014
  • Summary: You just can't beat the price for a Martin Logan product.
  • Pros: They are nice looking and appear to be well constructed. Sounds Great for $59
  • Cons: If you have a large head they will fit tight, and may be uncomfortable if worn for a long period.
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Overall 10

A pair of headphones brimming with character and potential.

Kwangsun Y., Newegg
23 September 2014
  • Summary: I just un-boxed them and am listening to them as I write this first impression. This isn't an in-depth review since they've been pumping sound for the last 15 minutes or so. From what I've heard however, they are incredible headphones for the price with lots of potential after burn-in. I own similar headphones such as the venerable Audio-Technica ATHESW9A as well as lesser models like the Sennheiser HD239 and Bose AE2.
  • Pros: Build quality, SQ, particularly in sound separation, Mid-range and highs. Lightweight with good noise isolation.
  • Cons: Aesthetics isn't that great. Sure it isn't a bad looking pair, but if anyone unfamiliar with the brand were to see them, they won't make any particular impression. Fit can be a bit finicky, and can take some time to settle onto your ears. Does clamp on tight.
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Overall 10

User Review

Trunks159, head-fi.org
10 May 2014
  • Summary: Everything But the Sound   The observations were made over about 3 months and hundreds of hours of listening.  Amping helps, the QC3 pleather over Mikros foam mod explained later I feel is almost essential.   Presentation Presentation definitely holds some importance.  Just like with food that's presented well, or a cool outfit for a character in any series, style has its importance.  Looks wise, they look a bit old.  Not classy old, just kind of studio monitor old.
  • Pros: Great detail, scales well, built well, extremely portable
  • Cons: Look... OK, fit is finicky, need a ton of burn in, needs different pads imo, kind of uncomfortable
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Overall 6

Nearly Good...

Michael L., Newegg
9 May 2014
  • Summary: I DID figure out that the person who designed these must have REAR-FACING ears. If the headphones are REVERSED, L/R, then they actually fit very nicely, if a bit snugly. Of course, with L/R sound channels also reversed, that's a separate disaster. But, I've located a 3.5mm M/F L/R Channel Reversing Adapter which promises to cure the problem. We'll see. If not, I'm savvy enough to rewire the headset itself, though I'm hoping to avoid a such tedious endeavour.
  • Pros: Great Sound Great Price Pause/Resume works with Android, which is about the best one can hope for in a "Not Designed for Android" world.
  • Cons: Fit is TERRIBLE. The pads literally role forward off one's ears, no matter how carefully positioned. They simply won't maintain a proper position/seal if worn as intended. However, there's a potential work-around...
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Overall 4

User Review

Victor M., Newegg
27 April 2014
  • Pros: Nice Design, high quality made, sound medium-well to good
  • Cons: Yes they are not comfortable, this is the only flaw, really bad flaw, cushion is comfortable but they push too hard your head
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Overall 8

Best Value in High End Audiophile Headphones

Manikandan K., Newegg
24 April 2014
  • Pros: Highs are outstanding...They are really sweet and extended. Midrange and Lows are good. Decent soundstage. For $57 these are the best headphones out there. I have used with Audioquest Dragonfly and CA DacMagic and LittleDot III headphone amp.
  • Cons: Comfort sucks big time. I couldn't wear more than 1 hour. They clamp my head and it really hurts.
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Overall 10


Jay M., Newegg
11 April 2014
  • Pros: Sounds Awesome, even before break-in period. Good sound for the price. Comfortable.
  • Cons: None so far other than a shorter cable than I would like. No big deal.
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Overall 10

Mikros 90: One of THE Best Out There

Mr. B., Newegg
30 March 2014
  • Summary: Those who give these headphones a bad review have probably not broken them in [they need close to 200 hours to really open up/settle down IMHO]. Or they did not position them correctly, or they listened with lousy sources. These are some of the very best headphones I have ever heard. Period.
  • Pros: Detail, clarity, spatial realism, extension, balance and an INSANELY affordable discounted price. These scale up extremely well. Pair them with your best gear and they will summarily bury ALL the competition in their class. A truly REFERENCE quality set of cans.
  • Cons: Martin Logan will probably not design/release another set of headphones.
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Overall 10


Kai H., Newegg
28 February 2014
  • Pros: Very impressive high and mid range, punchy low end on certain music. Excellent build quality.
  • Cons: High clamping force.
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