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LG HBM-585

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Overall 6

Good Electronics but Mediocre Construction

Patrick D., Newegg
16 December 2012
  • Summary: If you have one of these that breaks the same way, you can replace LG's ear loop with a few inches of vinyl-coated steel wire, and it's good as new.
  • Pros: This headset has been in use for 6 months now and the electronics still work exactly as they should. The unit pairs easily. The battery still holds a charge. I especially liked that LG included both indoor and automotive charging adapters. Having two separate adapters makes it convenient to bring the headset inside, which in turn allows the battery to last longer because it is less likely to be left behind in the car where it would get the Maine winter deep-freeze tre...
  • Cons: The headset earbud alone isn't really enough to keep the device firmly attached to your ear--especially if you have wide ear holes. For this reason, it has a loop that wraps over the ear, but that plastic loop completely broke off from being flexed over the ear too many times.
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Overall 8

Reasonable bluetooth for the price

Anonymous, Newegg
9 July 2012
  • Summary: Reasonably priced...
  • Pros: Light weight, Reasonable price, Fast connection with my android phone.
  • Cons: Signal is weak... I use it on my left ear, and works fine in my left jean pocket. But once I put the phone onto my right jean pocket, it start to lose signal.
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Overall 10

Great headset.

Louis S., Newegg
23 June 2012
  • Summary: Great headset overall. Love the little British lady who tells me my batter is high.
  • Pros: -Pairs easily -Seats in ear firmly -Good quality audio -Reports of good voice quality from other end -Price is great -Better than anything you'll find in a store for same or higher price -Long range before disconnection -Long battery life ( about 8+ hours of talking for me, might be longer but never been on the phone that long) -Car charger also has a USB 2.0 plug on it that allows me to charge my phone at the same time as my bluetooth. It's from Newegg so you know th...
  • Cons: After long periods (hours) it may become uncomfortable in your ear. Was expected, as it is true of most headsets, but should be listed. Static at medium/long range or if there is dense material between headset and phone. Also to be expected of most headsets. Plastic piece that goes behind your ear "feels" easily breakable. However it seems to bend quite a lot (good thing) so that may not be the case.
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Overall 10

Great value headset

Rob H., Newegg
7 June 2012
  • Summary: The sound coming in and my voice going out have both been good, so far. I think the thing I like the most is the 5exy female voice that tells me the battery level and whether the device is connected. Good one, LG!
  • Pros: The price was right, LG is a trusted name for me, good options, thin, light and good battery life
  • Cons: Minor con: You must use their charger (i.e. no usb direct connection to the headset), but 2 are included.
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Overall 6

Fair for the price, key word price

Ahmed R., Newegg
25 May 2012
  • Summary: Its real cheap & I paid much more for headsets that were far worse ($165 for a jabra)!! I got this headset on sale for $15, so Im not going to be too picky just honest. If you want a cheap but functional headset, this one does the job. You might need to replace it in a year, but lets be honest, your going to do the same with your phone too, & for $15 I can accept a year of use as fair.
  • Pros: Its light weight design makes it very comfortable for all day use. Its buttons are fairly easy to access while wearing it. The silicon ear buds are comfortable for a couple of hours of use. It seems to have a fairly sturdy design as far as if dropped.
  • Cons: I have had a host of headsets that cost a lot more than this & some I loved & some were awful!! My favorite headset was a plantronics that has since been discontinued, but was incredible! This unit had a few cons. First of all it only allows you to have one paired connection at a time. This is a real con to me because I have a business cell & a personal one. The ring in your ear is very soft & not compatible with the personalized ringtone on your phone, as some headse...
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Overall 10

love it

christopher k., Newegg
25 May 2012
  • Pros: The best bluetooth for the price. & love the changer with usb
  • Cons: love it
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Overall 6

Lots of accesories

STEPHEN K., Newegg
21 May 2012
  • Pros: Nice for price (-20). Multiple size earpieces and a replacement clip included. Battery life is ok.
  • Cons: Charging SUCKS. I hate having a charge station. Even though it uses a micro USB cable, the docking is a pain. One, it should have been keyed to auto-fit in, or have contact points on the reverse side. Second, to set it in the charger and actually charge is a gamble. I can't fully put it in and expect it to charge. I have to pull it out a little to charge.
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Overall 10

User Review

juan p., Newegg
1 May 2012
  • Pros: The best bluetooth for the price. Lots of peple have been asking me where can the get one.
  • Cons: none.
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Overall 2

Dead ON arrival.

Victoria P., Newegg
30 April 2012
Overall 6

Sounds OK but falls off ear

Julie W., Newegg
29 April 2012
  • Summary: LG does not have any other ear clip available.
  • Pros: lightweight, seems to have decent sound earpiece enters ear a bit
  • Cons: - fragile plastic clip hold ear clip to headset - if you have a big ear should be fine, if not expect it to fall off, top of ear clip can be higher than top of your ear, so it can easily slide over top of ear - seems to beep often when on a call, phone right next to it, not sure why
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