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Koss KEB40

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Overall 2


Sheldon O., Newegg
1 May 2014
  • Summary: Never experienced pain from ear buds. If you're looking for a shock and only one channel, these are the headphones for you. Not even worth $5. Move along.
  • Pros: - Got them on sale for $5
  • Cons: - not very loud
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Overall 10

Great sound compared to laptop built in speakers

robert b., Newegg
4 March 2014
  • Pros: These are really good compared to what my laptop has built in. The sound is much clearer, more detailed. More comfortable than my old ear buds. I'm a fan! They sound much louder than when using the built in pc speakers so I suggest lowering the volume before insertion.
  • Cons: Wish they had a built in mic and volume controls.
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Overall 6

Decent, but unstable design

Ray B., Newegg
26 February 2014
  • Summary: Worth a shot if the price is right, but you might want to pick up two or three pairs on discount if they're going to fail after 3 months.
  • Pros: Sound is pretty good, the rubber cushions fit my ears pretty tightly, offering a good sound. Great bass, with pretty good mids and highs.
  • Cons: As you can see, the wire is run right into the bud through a wee rubber collar. This results in either digging the bud out of your ear, or just pulling on the wire to get it to fall out.
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Overall 10

User Review

Clint W., Newegg
25 February 2014
  • Pros: First of all the price at $4.00 with free shipping.They sound great and come with extra,different size ear cone's.What's not to like.
  • Cons: None that I have.
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Overall 8

Sound good but only when properly in your ear

John H., Newegg
21 February 2014
  • Summary: Not the worst headphones I have ever owned either and, to be honest, considering they retail for less than $30 and I got them for less than some I have seen next to gum in a checkout line I think they are a fairly good bargain.
  • Pros: Inexpensive, durable and comes with 3 sizes of earpads so you get a better than average chance of having them fit well. I purchased these as a low cost headphone to use at the gym because I keep tearing up every set I take there and figured I better just get something inexpensive yet acceptable. They were that and so I consider these a success, but if you are looking for high fidelity sound to enjoy in a non-gym setting then you may want to get something better.
  • Cons: Must be in your ear "just perfect" to get the optimal sound. If they are in too far, not far enough or they are loose and shake into a non-optimal position the sound degrades from above average to poor. That's all more of a factor of the type of headphone it is though as opposed to a quality issue with the hardware itself though so consider that before buying.
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Overall 10

Buy these!

christine c., Newegg
9 February 2014
  • Summary: I spent 24 hours breaking these in with heavy bass songs at 50% volume to really flex the speakers inside and after i did that they sounded incredible!!
  • Pros: Cant say enough good things about these, they really insanely good!
  • Cons: The highs sound a little "tingy"
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Overall 10

ear speakers. fit well

michael c., Newegg
5 January 2014
  • Summary: Since I live upstairs and the walls floors are thin, by using these plugs, I dont bother the people below, AND I hear the shows in my sleep, and i have wonderful dreams as a result. Cords are very strong and will hold up well.
  • Pros: I use this to extend to my bed room 26 inch hdtv to watch netflix. sound great and I have no trouble wearing these in my ears after I fall asleep, they actually help block out side noises getting into my room, and I sleep much better.
  • Cons: none
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Overall 10

Disregard previous review

Raymond T., Newegg
5 December 2013
  • Summary: How do I delete earlier review I made?
  • Pros: Sounds great. The problem I had with no bass was that the output failed on my playback device.
  • Cons: Puts pressure on ear drums when putting in ear due to good seal.
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Overall 6

Big bass, muffled sound

Ben B., Newegg
3 December 2013
  • Summary: Can't say I can complain about getting earphones for $5 for the set, but glad I didn't pay more.
  • Pros: Got a tremendous deal on these, needed some in-ear headphones. For the price they have clear sound with lots of bass
  • Cons: Definitely not a hi-fi set. The extra bass makes everything sound muddy. Highs sound nice, but vocals and instrumentation tends to get lost in the mid.
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Overall 10

Good w/iPod 4th Gen

Manuel R., Newegg
24 November 2013
  • Pros: Frequency Response: 15-20,000 Hz
  • Cons: None so far. Only available color is Black.
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