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Klipsch Image S4

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Reviews and Problems with Klipsch Image S4

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Overall 2

as durable as a piece of paper

applefan102399, CNET
8 July 2012
  • Summary: So i bought this at Best Buy a month ago........... i made sure i took care of it, i put in my case at night and when i wasn't using it but a month later, the sound would not go throw on them.......... this thing had amazing sound. I could of paid 3x more for the same quality........ but just because of the durability ....... i don't recemend it.
  • Pros: AMAZING MUSIC QUALITY, good base, very comfortable
  • Cons: case, not very durable
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Overall 9

Amazing headphones for the price

spikeydewd, CNET
25 June 2012
  • Summary: After listening to a variety of different IEM's in this price range I came to a conclusion of these beauties. The bass is tight and can pack a thump if it isn't overwhelmed (works better on a receiver or headphone amp). The sub bass (about 40hz-200hz) is powerful supports the midrange and gives it the fullness and richness. The bass extension is great but has a slight rolloff (according to my ear) near the bottom of the frequency spectrum.
  • Pros: Clear, balanced, natural, comfortable, light
  • Cons: not as much high end as I would like, wire is a bit flimsy
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Overall 8

Best buy for under $100, satisfied so far.

jerejimerson, CNET
25 June 2012
  • Summary: Great product so far. I am a bit of an audiophile and found these to have a nice, clear, balanced sound with a good fit, and fairly comfortable. Bought at a discount for $32.01 so well worth what I paid, don't think I would pay full price of $99.00. Controls work fine on my iphone 3gs, occasional glitches but that is an iphone issue NOT the headphones,they work perfectly with my ipod.
  • Pros: Good sound Quality, Comfortable easy fit with oval earbud design, Good ipod/iphone controls and mic
  • Cons: Highs a little harsh at times, A bit pricey for overall quality
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Overall 1

they sound great, but they are not durable at all

therandymannn, CNET
20 June 2012
  • Summary: these fragile earbuds do not last long so do not waste your money on them.
  • Pros: for earbuds, they sound amazing
  • Cons: THEY ARE NOT DURABLE. They lasted me about 11 months before the right and then the left ear stopped working.Keep your receipt because there is a 2-year warranty., After prolonged use they do become uncomfortable.
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Overall 8

Good Earbuds

ROBERT S., Newegg
20 June 2012
  • Summary: I ware these while motorcycle riding, one of my bikes has fairly loud pipes and these do a good job over covering up the noise. If you get them fitted in correctly they will just about block out all the normal outside noise. The shorting out of the cable maybe due to putting and taking off my Helmet.
  • Pros: They fit tight into the ear, The bass is killer on these and I like the overall sound. Good value for the money and I have a lot of Ear Buds, I am always looking for the Grail of Buds at a cheap price
  • Cons: The cables are a bit on the flimsy side, I a noticing some shorting out. See other thoughts
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Overall 10

Great value for great headphones

Zorbo317, CNET
18 June 2012
  • Summary: I use these headphones everyday to, from, and at work, for hours at a time and rarely have any problems. Great sounding headphones, although no substitute for full enclosed headphones in my opinion, but these are easily the best earbuds I have tried for my price range (under 100). I found them for 99 on amazon. As for traveling, I've brought them on planes and commuter trains and they block out a good amount of noise for earbuds.
  • Pros: Excellent quality sound for a wanna-be audiophile like myself. Comes with 4 different earpieces to fit your ear. The mic and buttons on the cord work well with my iPhone 4s. Deep bass for an earbud, but the mids and highs sounds tremendous.
  • Cons: Cord quality is low and tend to tangle easily but after 4 months of everyday use, nothing wrong yet.
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Overall 6


Kenneth G., Newegg
14 June 2012
  • Summary: When i originally bought these, I had a Kyocera ECHO, and the app worked with it. The phone died and I replaced it with a Samsung SGS2. The app DOES NOT WORK. After I contacted KLIPSCH about this, they changed their tune about the app working with all phones and continued to get the run-a-round about thier working on it and were blaming Samsung on the incompatibility. If you have a SAMSUNG phone, DO NOT GET THESE.
  • Pros: Sound good.
  • Cons: KLIPSCH APP DOES NOT WORK WITH ANY SAMSUNG PHONES!!!! Customer service from KLIPSCH has been poor to say the least.
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Overall 10

Simply the best headphones that I've ever owned.

DiableDuSoleil, CNET
7 June 2012
  • Summary: Well worth it!
  • Pros: Excellent range and depth. Incredible bass for such small speakers. The earbuds are very comfortable.
  • Cons: None that I have experienced.
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Overall 3

Should have gotten Bose

david79thomas, CNET
4 June 2012
  • Summary: This is the 2nd set of Klipsch brand earbuds i've tried and the 2nd dissapointment. I'm now starting to not trust Cnet's judgment and may just go with my own from now on. The earbud review I read didn't have Bose on there which is quite surprising being they are a top manufacturer in audio products and tend to please the consumer's ear more often than not.
  • Pros: they look nice and sound ok
  • Cons: I don't hear the bass I see other people raving about. They must not have ever tried the Bose earbuds. I'd like my money back :(
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Overall 9

Excellent sound, lasted 2 years and counting

mo_shun, CNET
23 May 2012
  • Summary: I bought these to replace my in ear bose headphones that died after 13 months (1 month out of warranty!) The sound is comparable to those but these Klipsch have lasted significantly longer (almost 2 years now) with the same amount of use and abuse and I believe they were about $20 cheaper initially.
  • Pros: Great sound, Fit comfortably in my ears (3 earbud sizes), Minimal wear after heavy use for 2 years
  • Cons: The movement of the wire can be noisy when walking, Only 1 set of each ear bud size given, I had to buy replacements
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