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Klipsch Image S4

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Reviews and Problems with Klipsch Image S4

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Overall 2

love sound, all 4 pairs bad connects

gary s., Newegg
15 December 2013
  • Summary: the kilpsch sound is superior for the frequent $30 sale price but after 4 different pairs of s4 and the same flimsey connections failing, its time to go elsewhere btw, have used klipsch seakers on my pc which r alive after 9 years but others have frequent overheat problems
  • Pros: great sound- bass and treble not distorted
  • Cons: over last 8 years, used 3 other brand for comparison-- klipsch s4 have best overall sound but had 4 pairs- all broke with bad connections within 3 mths use-am not particularly hard on ear phones- klipsch just refuses to improve the wire connections at all
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Overall 10

Pretty dang nice

Michael T., Newegg
28 September 2013
  • Summary: The quality of the sound really shines when you jack the volume up (discretion is advised, don't blow your eardrums out). I could have easily been out a few hundred dollars for comparable quality, but I'm glad I gave these a chance.
  • Pros: Very clear sound, deep bass, and quality you'd expect from a celebrity endorsed product that would cost $200 or more from your local Best Buy.
  • Cons: As with all in-ear buds, you'll get some noise from the wire rubbing against clothes or other surfaces.
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Overall 6


Arman G., Newegg
25 September 2013
  • Pros: Good quality Perfect fit Absolutely no noise leakage
  • Cons: No base Fragile (cable became loose after casual use)
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Overall 2

Poor Build Quality

Anish K., Newegg
28 August 2013
  • Summary: These look good and sound good. They won't compare with higher end IEMs, but for ~$35, you could do a lot worse. The problem with mine is that they died after 3 paltry months. When I wasn't using them, they sat on the passenger seat of my car. They were never shoved into a pocket or abused. Pathetic. I'm going to take advantage of the 2 year warranty that Klipsch offers. I'll update my review with my experience...
  • Pros: Base Audio Clarity Looks Comfort
  • Cons: Build quality
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Overall 2

Never again

Bryant P., Newegg
30 July 2013
  • Summary: I am surprised to get such a bad product from a company like this
  • Pros: Sounded great for 1st month....
  • Cons: I bought 2 pair. Having problems with both pairs. I have had to have them replace twice and are broke again. Sound starts coming out only one ear bud. I think its the connecter. Klipsch wont say....just wanst to keep sending me new ones. Bad product!!!
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Overall 2

won't stay in

Andrew B., Newegg
16 June 2013
  • Summary: I did manage to shove these in so far that they both sealed, stayed and HURT like crazy. But when I did that, they did sound really good. Probably as good as anything else I have heard for $100 or even more. But I can't cram them in that far safely, so I am warning people with large ear canals to stay away.
  • Pros: Great sound IF they fit your ear.
  • Cons: These will not stay in my ears. I have tried the largest eartip that comes with these, but they are simply too small to hold the phones in my ears. This is the first in a half-dozen different in-ear models that I have tried that do not fit properly. Without the good fit, they sound terrible, and worse, they just fall out. They make a larger eartip for these, but they do not include them with the headphones! So I am crying foul. These are basically worthless to me and ...
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Overall 10

Nice headphones! Nice price!

Steve F., Newegg
14 June 2013
  • Pros: Great sound. Nice looking. Multiple ear buds for sizing. Comfortable. Really good value at $34.99.
  • Cons: Wish they were black.
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Overall 10

Suprising performance

Tyler Z., Newegg
24 May 2013
  • Summary: At first I was quite disappointed with these. I felt that they were properly isolating the noise and thought I had the right size isolators on but decided to try the large size and wow, what a difference. The bass finally showed up and I was quite impressed. At lower volumes these earbuds are very nice and clear and I love my highs so they sound fantastic. However, at high volumes they get incredibly bright almost to the point of being painful.
  • Pros: Great response, incredible volume, crystal clear highs, strong lows
  • Cons: Rubber isolators feel kind of cheap and thin compared to many of my other earbuds and after wearing them for long periods of time at work get uncomfortable. Very bright and almost need an EQ to pull them into a more comfortable frequency response.
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Overall 4


Darren C., Newegg
23 May 2013
  • Summary: I will likely have to find a different pair of headphones. The only way I can stand to use these anymore is to sit motionless. Sorry. I have always loved Klipsch. But, I hate my headphones. I'm giving them 2 stars because they sound okay.
  • Pros: Okay sound.
  • Cons: The cords create sound when rubbed or bumped against any object such as clothing and chairs. This sound transfers along the cords to your ears. Even subtle movements such as the expansion of my chest from breathing creates noise that is much louder than the audio from my phone. The problem is the material that the cords are made from. It is so noisy that I'm finding the longer I use these ear buds, the less I can stand to use them. I hope this review makes sense. It's...
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Overall 4

Great while they worked

Adrian F., Newegg
12 May 2013
  • Summary: I wouldn't mind at all buying a pair every 6 months if they were $10. Like other reviewers, I found them too flimsy and prone to wiring issues.
  • Pros: Comfortable, good sound.
  • Cons: Failed within 10 months. Sound is highly distorted in one channel (e.g., I can hear music track fine but audio track is distorted/indecipherable). Expect better from earphones this expensive.
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