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Klipsch Image S4

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Overall 10

Best I've Had...!

Chris S., Newegg
12 August 2011
  • Summary: Its an investment so take care of them. No more whadding them up and stuffing them into your pocket with your keys!
  • Pros: Thumbs Up! I read a C-Net review for the top 5 earbuds. In a range of $80 - $300 plus, these were on the low end. I personally feel paying even $80 for earbuds is a lot of money, especially considering the hell they get put through. However, these are by far the best earbuds I've ever purchase: very comfortable, excellent range of sound, and no popping after hours of use.
  • Cons: None. I might have said they were too pricey until I realized how expensive these things can get. Also, the C-Net review mentioned these are strong competition for the more expensive counterparts.
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Overall 10

Good headphones, excellent customer service

Kyle H., Newegg
8 August 2011
  • Summary: I run with these all the time, 30-50 min runs. I'm drenched and these buds hardly fall out, nor have the speakers shorted. If you're fine with the over ear style, these are an excellent choice.
  • Pros: They do have excellent noise cancellation, are extremely comfortable, and rarely fall out of my ears IF you wear them over-ear style. Lost a medium sized earbud and they replaced it no charge. It's actually what inspired me to write a review.
  • Cons: Because they work so well at blocking sound, sound carries very well on the wire itself. So if you don't run the cord over your ear, the cord will constantly hit other objects and you'll hear it all. It limits me to only wearing them this way. The plastic protection at the top of the wire has split. Hasn't impacted functionality, but could be bad farther down the road. I attribute it to constantly being in my pocket or on my ears. Any headphones that can take the kind...
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Overall 10


Nicholas S., Newegg
3 August 2011
  • Summary: They're shaped specifically for the left or right ear which is why hey aren't marked left and right. I've never even accidentally put them in backwards. I had no problem with them falling out unless my ears were wet. Even then I would just dry them and be on my way. They're very effective cue tips...good thing it came with a cleaner. It's been nearly 2 years and they're still going strong.
  • Pros: The have the best all around sound of any headset or earbud I've ever used. They're even awesome for BC2! The hybrid semi-active/semi-passive noise cancelling is top notch. Perfect for planes because it blocks out (to be fair) about 50% of the noise....without playing any music. You're in your own little world.
  • Cons: I bought the 2 year protection plan because of bad experience with other earbuds *cough*ipod*cough*. Turns out I'm not gonna need it!
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Overall 6

Decent, but flawed

Jason N., Newegg
31 July 2011
  • Summary: Contrary to previous poster's remarks, they are marked L and R on the under side. If your ears wax up easily, the buds get messy, and are difficult to clean (grab a paper clip). I wish I could have tried them before buying, I probably would have passed.
  • Pros: Amazing range, great bass when you get them situated just right. Light weight, good at high volumes.
  • Cons: These are awesome if you can get them lined up, and one of the three sizes of the buds fits you just right. The problem I have is I can't get them lined up just right, or if I do, they fall out of place with the slightest of movement. This is with all 3 sizes. Also, the smallest buds produce horrible bass even when lined up correctly. Only the medium and large produce good bass. As mentioned early, only for stationary listening. They tend to wiggle out of my ears with...
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Overall 10

Great for dubstep/techno/etc

William B., Newegg
31 July 2011
  • Summary: Get this for your electro-heavy music, but don't rely on these for vocals. This pair of headphone will last you a very long time, unless you're bad at taking care of fragile things. DO NOT get these if you're clumsy as they will fall apart very easily from mis-use.
  • Pros: The sound reproduction is riveting once it's past the burn-in period; I think these are best suited for electro-heavy tracks, as vocals still don't have a punchy feel to it (even after a year+ of use.
  • Cons: The drivers started separating from the housing a few months in from light wear (no problem, I super-glued them back together). DO NOT get these if you're clumsy as they will fall apart very easily from mis-use. They don't come pre-burned, which could've saved the consumer from false accusations about the product, as well as time. Cords are indeed flimsy. The retail box did not come with a cleaning tool.
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Overall 6

Miss Leading

R R., Newegg
11 July 2011
  • Summary: A combination of the reviews, the Klipsch reputation, and the noise isolation feature convinced me to try the S4. I just expected more so I was disappointed when I first tried the S4. I recommend you wait for a 75% off sale or save your money.
  • Pros: Light weight, comfortable and reasonable sound. (Buying toys from Newegg is always a pleasure.)
  • Cons: Noise isolation is partial and is NOT active. There is slight noise reduction because you put them in your ear canal. The other ear buds I own that highlight noise reduction are active or noise cancelling for about the same price as the S4s. The S4s are not marked for left and right. Klipsch went with a 'Y' cable design which can be cumbersome. The manual will not overwhelm you with information. I expected more from Klipsch and typically get it.
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Overall 7

User Review

Nada190, head-fi.org
8 July 2011
  • Summary: Brought these way back in 2011 for what seems like a total rip off today of $80 or so.    Good: Bass, I think the bass is too dominant with these, it makes the mids sound bad and the highs are just absolute crap. Build quality is good, my right one's cable was not very securely attached to the stress relief but still held up no problem over the years. Stock tips didn't work the best for me, my ears and IEM's hate each other.
  • Pros: Bass, high quality, carry case, (comfort, isolation)
  • Cons: Mids, highs, comfort, isolation
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Overall 8

great bang for buck

Bertram U., Newegg
12 June 2011
  • Pros: -sound great -very comfortable -in ear canal adjustable cushions -block external noise well These are 10x better than any 'stock' ear buds or off the shelf models as I own several.
  • Cons: -none really, maybe a bit pricey
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Klipsch Image S4 Earphones

Fresian2009, ReviewStream
2 June 2011
  • Excerpt: I love listening to music while I am doing work around the house so the Klipsch Image S4 Earphone was the perfect companion for me. I purchased three sets of the earphones.
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Overall 10

Favorite IEM

dawn r., Newegg
25 May 2011
  • Summary: did not buy at newegg because i had a best buy giftcard but other wise i would have because newegg is the best. people are saying these are not durable but mine have been through the wash twice.
  • Pros: awesome sound quality when burned in especially compared to beats or bose great punchy base most comfortable iems ever made lightweight durable(cord is questionable) mine have been through the wash twice
  • Cons: cord is somewhat flimsy attract a lot of wax can fatigue ears after long periods
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