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Klipsch Image S4

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Reviews and Problems with Klipsch Image S4

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Overall 8

Do people give negative reviews just to be contrarian?!

Lenny_Ray, CNET
26 January 2012
  • Summary: I really have to thank my kitten for these! I was saving up for the Westone 3s, but Marmalade got hold of my Thinksound Rains and FUBARed them. My spare Sennheisers had conked off too, so I was left earphoneless. And I. Cannot. Be. Earphoneless! I walk home from work everyday - about a 30min walk - and I NEED my music.
  • Pros: Fabulous sound, So comfy, they don't even feel like they're there, Incredible separation for the price.
  • Cons: Highs a bit sharp.
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Overall 2

Not near as good as the reviews made them out to be.

chris_hyatt, CNET
26 January 2012
  • Summary: Maybe I received a bad set of Klipsch S4's (doubt it), but I own several pair of cheapo Sony MDR-E828LP earbuds (go for about $10 or less) and they not only sound much better (much more bass, richer sound overall) but also have an excellent rotary type carrying case that winds up the earbuds for storage. And I prefer the right angle plug of the Sony, instead of the straight plug of the Klipsch.
  • Pros: Stay in ears even while jogging, lightweight. That's about it.
  • Cons: Terrible bass response, not at all rich sounding, weak output. For $70-$80? You can do better for sound for less than $10., The carrying case is a joke - just throw it away.
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Overall 8

Good sound and comfort

walto034, CNET
23 January 2012
  • Summary: I've had these earphones and used them daily for over two years and to date I have been very pleased with them.
  • Pros: -Very good sound quality, -Extremely comfortable
  • Cons: -Fit is difficult, -Wires feel flimsy
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Overall 8


Anonymous, Newegg
23 January 2012
  • Summary: Fantastic headphones, though I prefer a 'warm' sound signature, and these have more of a 'cool' sound signature. They are good headphones that are worth your money, but I think they are over-hyped a little bit. There are some really good competitors. Read the reviews and go with the one that matches your taste best. Headphones are a personal thing. I would've been better off getting something else, but that's my problem.
  • Pros: These are ridiculously durable. Don't let that flimsy-looking cord fool you, these can take abuse. As far as sound, they are great all around and very accurate. Comfy. Klipsch e-mail tech support is really friendly (don't use their chat though). When I lost a large earpiece I e-mailed them and they sent 4 extra in 2 days at no charge!
  • Cons: Volume can get loud, although I wish it could go even louder as my ears aren't too good. The highs can be fatiguing and can be a little overpowering. Bass is very solid, although you're definitely not going to FEEL the beat anytime soon.
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Overall 6

Nice but treat them gently

Dan O., Newegg
19 January 2012
  • Summary: I need to replace mine. I will not buy this model again, had they lasted more than a month, I would have been happy.
  • Pros: I liked them, the fit was good, the sound quality great.
  • Cons: The down side for me is on my set, somewhere between the plug and speakers, the wire(s) are broken. I can get them to work crunching up the cord, let it hang, dead. I work with them on, I probably hooked the cord and broke them. So, take that
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Overall 8

A Good Choice

ropetat, CNET
16 January 2012
  • Summary: If you are looking for a good pair below $100, Klipsch S4 is definitely the best choice for bass-lovers and a normal person listening to music. With its powerful bass and amazing clarity, it makes itself one of the best earphones available at cheaper prices in the market. The product, however, is not recommended due to its vulnerability.
  • Pros: 1. Good sound clarity, 2. Heavy bass, 3. Storage case is one of the best, 4. Fit comfortably, 5. Perfect match for their price
  • Cons: 1. Bass may be too heavy for Jazz lovers and audiophiles, 2. Very vulnerable to damage, 3. Tangle prone wires
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Overall 8

I Love These Buds!

cecejackson, CNET
9 January 2012
  • Pros: Great sound quality and comfortable fit. I bought these from Amazon for $68, so price was VERY reasonable. My husband has the Bose and I don't think they're worth the extra $$$.
  • Cons: Rabbits think they are a tasty treat! The minute I started listening to music, our bunny jumped in my lap and began nibbling. Those teeth can go through the wire covering in a split second! Black electrical tape is a life saver.
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Overall 8

Best sounding earbuds I have tested so far!!!

kailuaruggs, CNET
8 January 2012
  • Summary: I have only owned these for a few days but am very happy since I have several other earbuds to compare these with. These are sound by far the best. Much better sound isolation than either Dre's beats, or Luda's Soul's... If you are looking for great sounding earbuds that are compatible with the Iphone and can afford them buy these you will be happy...
  • Pros: Sound quality is great. Bass is good not huge but good enought. I listen to a mixture of rock and rap and it all sounds better than most I have tested. Great mic for incoming calls on the Iphone. Volume buttons work great.
  • Cons: A little on the expensive side. Very think cord.
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Overall 8

Perfect Sound App Does not work for CM7 Vibrant

Christian G., Newegg
6 January 2012
  • Pros: Gorgeous sound, clear highs, deep lows. Exactly what you would want to hear from 100 dollar headphones. Sound cancellation is pretty good from fitting in your ear well. Earbud design is nice and rests inside my ear like I've never had before.
  • Cons: I love the idea of the app and I really want to encourage the developers to fix it for every phone but the app will not work on my CM7 Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. That is why its only 4 eggs. The sad part is I specifically checked if they discluded it and only discluded the captivate, the AT&T version of my phone.
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Overall 10

Great Headphones

Rachel H., Newegg
17 December 2011
  • Summary: I did an absolute TON of research to find a good pair of Android earbuds that had good quality sound for <$100, this was the highest recommended product I could find. I took the leap and bought them and I'm incredibly glad that I did. If you've been disappointed with the <100 market in earbuds, but don't want to spend >100 for some crazy audiophile earbuds, I can't recommend these enough. The sound is top of the line in this price range.
  • Pros: Great sound, very comfortable, works with Android phones.
  • Cons: They do not feel incredibly sturdy. The wires FEEL flimsy, that's not to say that it IS flimsy, and I'm not willing to throw them around to test how much it would take to break them. I have a cheap pair of another brand that I use for the gym, and I treat these with kid gloves so they'll last.
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