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Jawbone Era
7.9 out of 10

Jawbone Era

Great Deal: $89.99

Reviews and Problems with Jawbone Era

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Overall 3

Device worked well until update

musicnmore64, CNET
31 July 2014
  • Summary: I purchased the Jawbone Era about a year and a half ago. The device worked fine until I started experiencing people saying they could not hear me well during phone conversations.
  • Pros: Good audio
  • Cons: Customer service is horrible
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Overall 2

Non-existent After-sales service in Australia

Guilou33, CNET
4 December 2013
  • Pros: accelerometer along with a motion technology, Great noise reduction
  • Cons: Headset dead after 6 months, No after sales service Australia, Jawbone CANNOT ship replacement headsets outside the USA or Canada, Replacement parts can be mailed but not headsets., Accessories like the carry pouch & ear-spouts defective after 4 weeks
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Overall 3

V quality fine, will the earbuds ever be comfortable?

digitaldawg1, CNET
1 August 2013
  • Summary: Some years ago I owned a jawbone, but tired of it falling out of my ear and never being comfortable. In the interim, I've had a Plantronics Voyager Pro, which I've liked, but as it had reached the end of its life, thought I'd try the new Jawbone based on reviews I read.
  • Pros: Good voice quality, noise cancellation, appearance.
  • Cons: Lack of comfort and stability in the ear
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Overall 5

Great sound in, lousy sound out

npossas, CNET
11 June 2013
  • Summary: So I've stuck with this earpiece for over a year but I'm finally going to jump ship. I've complained about the audio-out quality to Jawbone, they've replaced the earpiece three times and the problem is the same so I guess it's the unit.
  • Pros: Great sound on my end. I can hear the caller clearly and although others have complained, I find it very comfortable. I
  • Cons: Almost all of my callers complain that I sound like I'm under water.
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Overall 5

Not good as the editor review

specimen400, CNET
30 May 2013
  • Summary: I buy this product because of the very good review from the editor and the editor choice. I feel very disappoint when I use this product. My last 4 bluetooth headset Jabra extreme 2, Plantronics extreme 2, Plantronics Marque 2, Plantronics M1100 (the best one)
  • Pros: Double tap, good look
  • Cons: Battery life is not follow up the spec, Sometime the people from another end complain to noisy, Sometime volume too low in noisy place, None of 8 piece of ear plug fit to the ear, Some bristly noise in ear most of the time, Sometimes not send to bluetooth
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Overall 1

Absolutely useless sound quality.

devteambravo, CNET
5 March 2013
  • Summary: Definitely don't recommend getting one of these. Try BlueAnt or Plantronics.
  • Pros: Not really any I can think of as the device is basically a paperweight.
  • Cons: -Bad design - the ear hook is uncomfortable, the earbuds aren't anywhere as good as the plantronics offering., -Sound quality is terrible to the point the device is unusable., -Bad support.
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Overall 4

Too expensive for the uncomfortable earpieces!

greeneyedcrystal, CNET
4 December 2012
  • Summary: I own the Icon and the Era and I agree with many other people, the ear pieces are horrible! I have very small ear canals and even their smallest ear piece leaves my ear sore after less than 10 minutes! That's because the speaker on the headset is too big.
  • Pros: Looks pretty. Did sound good, at least in the beginning.
  • Cons: The Era speaker started sounding like a cracked speaker 6 months after I bought it. On both my Icon and Era, people, complained they couldn't understand me sometimes. Very uncomfortable earpieces that twisted around causing the headset to fall out!
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Overall 10

it does have a warranty

Donna D., Newegg
24 November 2012
  • Summary: I just had to write that the product does in fact have a 1 year warranty. it's a shame that people don't bother looking up information before posting.
  • Pros: looks like a great product
  • Cons: is it worth the money?
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Overall 1

Wind and noise magnet.

aOk2me, CNET
3 November 2012
  • Summary: I bought this thing about a year ago based on the Cnet review and Nicole's comment about better wind and noise cancellation. I guess I was fooled by "better". Inside it works fine. But outside, it's a wind and noise magnet, essentially unusable. It's as if the headset design is scooping the wind.
  • Pros: Works fine indoors.
  • Cons: Wind and noise magnet outside., Accelerometer is a gimick and useless.
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Overall 7

People can gen. hear me & don't know I'm on a Bluetooth

Turf1856, CNET
16 September 2012
  • Summary: Overall I'm happy with it. I think the comments by people who say it's highly uncomfortable must not be putting it in their ear correctly because it's VERY comfortable and soft... maybe they are using the over-ear hook, I'm not.
  • Pros: Good audio quality for the people I'm calling., Easy pairing., Easy answering and hanging up., Nice on off switch., Very comfortable and the ear pieces are very soft., Nice being able to hear the audio from games.
  • Cons: Audio quality in my ear is not as good as my cell phone (sounds electronic) but can still hear fine. Not as good as other Bluetooths I've tried but the audio for people listening to me is so much better it's worth the slight trade off.
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