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Reviews and Problems with Jabra CLIPPER

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Overall 10

User Review

user-Ehab-Khorshed, Souq
1 week ago
Overall 1

2 units broke in less than a year

rabidsquirrel41, CNET
8 January 2014
  • Summary: I bought this thinking the flexibility of using my own headphones would be great (the included earbuds are worthless). Only problem with that was, after about a month or so, only one channel (left ear) would play. I sent in for a replacement unit, and shortly thereafter, it had the same exact problem. I am applying for a refund as we speak from Jabra. Terribly made product. I suggest as others have that you avoid it.
  • Pros: Ability to use your own headphones
  • Cons: short range, low volume max, terrible battery life, poorly built
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Overall 8

it is a very good quality product

alonm27783, Ebay
3 December 2013
Overall 3

Great idea for a device, but with very poor performance

sergioosh, CNET
20 October 2013
  • Summary: I regret buying it and would not recommend it. I really liked the idea, but the real life performance is very poor.
  • Pros: - Sometimes works and the sound quality is OK, - You can attach any headphones with 3,5mm jack, - because it works while plugged to ac adapter you can use it as wireless streaming device to your amp, - you get free headphones lol
  • Cons: - Range is just abysmal... It breaks up with the phone in pocket and BT on t-shirt, - Ridiculous battery life. Lasts 2-3h max. My previous headsets outlived my phones battery, - don't know why but sound quality with my android phone is rather bad
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Overall 10

Very Impressed

edgar18, Ebay
23 April 2013
  • Summary: I wanted a bluetooth headset to wear under my helmet while riding my motorcycle. As you riders know, helmets are snug and it hard enough to get the ear plugs in and the helmet on. Constantly the speaker wire would snag on my jacket zipper or something else just enough to pull the ear plug free. The answer...bluetooth. Tried others but the sound just wasn't loud enough. With this you can use your own headphones.
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Overall 5

Good product. Lousy quality.

n2evm, CNET
10 April 2013
  • Summary: Looks like they have a serious QA problem with this product.
  • Pros: Versatile, pairs easily, good sound.
  • Cons: Poor quality. Mine wore out after 10 months of use., The warranty replacement they sent was defective. Wouldn't charge.
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Overall 8

Good bluetooth receiver but annoying way to skip tracks

paulohj, Ebay
9 April 2013
  • Summary: I've been using my Jabra Clipper for 2 weeks now, and I get a little more than 5 hours use time with with charge. There is the occasional pop from bluetooth disconnects, but not too bad. Sound is from acceptable to good. One thing is very annoying, though: it doesn't have dedicated buttons for volume and for skipping tracks, you have to press the same button briefly for volume and press it for more than a second to change tracks.
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Overall 4

earphone quality is good..

vikas kurup, amazon.in
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: earphone quality is good....mic takes ambient noise more than the speakers...people on the other side of the call get very irritated
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Overall 2

One Star

pankaj chawla, amazon.in
2 weeks ago
Overall 6

Just does the job. Need to charge every other ...

Dharni D. Dwivedi, amazon.in
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: Just does the job. Need to charge every other day, with a few hours of use to listen to music/talk.
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