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Denon AH-D600

Great Deal: $245.00

Reviews and Problems with Denon AH-D600

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A comparison to the AH-D2000 headphones

Totally Dubbed, Overclock
19 February 2014
  • Excerpt: I received the Denon AH-D600 headphones from Little Red Rooster PR. I should note that the pair I received had an acknowledged defect in the headband. I mentioned this to the PR agency via a private YouTube video and they did state: "It isn't supposed to be like that" - I waited over 6 months to receive a replacement pair, and after persistent asking I never received another D600 pair.
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Overall 8

Luxury Full-Sized Sealed Headphones with Great Bass, Poorly Designed Cord

imagic, avsforum.com
20 December 2013
  • Summary: A few months ago, I bought a pair of Monster Inspire headphones—which I found to be tremendous. I let my wife Danya try them on and I could sense a tinge of envy—she appreciates good sound. To alleviate any potential domestic strife, I needed to have two pairs of premium cans in the house. My solution? I picked up a pair of Denon AH-D600 "Music Maniac" headphones. At first, I was glad I took the plunge, because I found the AH-D600 is quite similar to the Monster Inspire.
  • Pros: Full range, detailed, great sense of space. Very deep bass, but always tight. Massive, comfortable earpads. Comes with two cords.
  • Cons: Headphone cord rubs against my shoulders if I tilt my head too much.
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Overall 2

Not good!!

Yasser Saeed, B&H Photo
13 August 2013
  • Excerpt: I still own the old Denon AH-D2000 and I love it so much .. it offers great warm sound, great tight bass, smooth mids and highs, great overall separation and soundstage. I use it as a reference monitor for professional music mixing and mastering as well as for general listening.I purchased the AH-D600 after reading many positive reviews about it, so I was expecting great audio quality, if not better than my older AH-D2000.
  • Pros: Built Quality, Stylish, The Box, The Smartphone Cabel
  • Cons: Expensive, Falls Off/Out Of Ear, Fit Comfort, Harsh Highs, Heavy, Isolation, Lose Fit, Only I-phone Support, Poor Sound, Poor Value, Too Bright Overall, Too Much Ambient Noise, Weak Lows
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Overall 4

Good for music lovers not for audiophile

Pete, B&H Photo
22 April 2013
  • Excerpt: I bought the denon AH-D600's because of all the good reviews about the 2000 that isn't made anymore. When i received them I couldn't believe how big and heavy these are. They fit well and feel comfortable if you keep your head looking straight ahead and don't move around much. My initial response to the way they sound was good. However after listening to music on these versus other sources i started to realize that the high frequencies are very artificial and not smooth.
  • Pros: Durable, Good Bass, Nice cord
  • Cons: Falls Off/Out Of Ear, Poor Value, Unattractive Design, Uncomfortable
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Overall 9

User Review

Soundsgoodtome, head-fi.org
17 April 2013
  • Summary: The Denon AH-D600: First thing you notice when getting the headphone is it's fantastic packaging. From the outer sleeve sleeve to the actual fold box, everything speaks quality from a reputable company. In a world of packaging having as much importance as the actual product, Denon does not disappoint. Opening the package displays the beautifully crafted headphone on a silk bed, something you'd expect Sony to do and something of a throwback to the yesteryears.
  • Pros: Bass extends very low and has great clarity, sounstage is wide, comfy phones, quality build, packaging and accessories are excellent.
  • Cons: Mids are slightly recessed, not very portable but has cable for it, it LOOKS like beats, somewhat heavy, full MSRP
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Overall 9

User Review

derbigpr, head-fi.org
21 March 2013
  • Summary: When I bought these headphones about 2 months ago, I didn't expect much and I bought them without trying them out. It was an impulse buy to be honest, they were on a considerable discount and I just could not resist it.   Having no previous experience with Denon headphones (what I know about them came from reading the reviews of the old Dx000 series), and looking at the box design, I expected a bass heavy, V-shaped, "modern sounding" headphones designed for modern music,...
  • Pros: Clarity, resolution, detail, smoothness, deep bass that is in general tight and well controlled, very easy to power, great quality cable, value.
  • Cons: Slight bass resonance, slighlty "off" tonality in the mids, highs can be sibilant sometimes, too big and bulky, resulting in loose fit.
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Overall 10

Great headphones

Bart, B&H Photo
13 March 2013
  • Excerpt: I purchased these after retiring my AHD2000s. They're a great replacement! They are a bit on the heavier side. Their comfort and sound is superb though. I didn't think I would take advantage of the interchangeable cables but I've actually found it very useful. The shorter cable is very convenient for music listening and subway riding. I end up using the longer cable for professional studio work.
  • Pros: Comfortable, Durable, Good Bass, Good Value, Great Sound
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Overall 8

User Review

kenji458, head-fi.org
4 March 2013
  • Summary: Here's my D600 out-of-box impressions.   Received only yesterday and paired with the ODAC/O2 as my laptop rig, the bass is the first thing that captures your attention. In some songs, like David Guetta's, the D600 would deliver great and deep bass, slightly more than HFi2400 even, IMO. However, the bass is always nicely controlled and tight, not intruding into the mids.
  • Pros: Fun, Musical to listen. Smooth and detailed. Very comfy and non-fatigue headphones.
  • Cons: Bass maybe boosted a tad too much. Ears get hot in hot weather (~33°C)
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Overall 8

User Review

johangrb, head-fi.org
4 March 2013
  • Summary: I agree w most reviews that these does not warrant the $499 MSRP. (Then rather opt for D5k, D7k).   BUT - at the +-$230 range I got them at (Amazon warehouse) - these are VERY good value for the money.
  • Pros: Comfort, bass, 2 chords (1 x portable, 1 x desk), balanced (with a good amp)
  • Cons: Pads does tend to get hot.
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Overall 7

User Review

Lan647, head-fi.org
4 March 2013
  • Summary: EDITED! Picked these up for a special price after listening in store and liking what I heard very much. A clear, clean sound with a really fun bass response. A very different sound compared to my HD 800 and I liked the idea of a headphone that made you tap your feet. First of all the Denon D600 is an extremely comfortable headphone. The pressure on the head is spot-on for a closed can and the well shaped, memory-foam earpads feel wonderful.
  • Pros: Extremely comfortable. Clear, engaging presentation. Easy to drive.
  • Cons: Lack of coherency. Midbass resonance. Not the best choice for the MSRP. Design is maybe a bit dull?
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