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Creative Zen Aurvana

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Reviews and Problems with Creative Zen Aurvana

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Overall 4

Not as good as their entry level earphones

Anonymous, Newegg
19 September 2010
  • Summary: Just purchase the EP 630, no earphones come close to that in regards to sound quality and price. Just simply not happy with this purchase. If I knew sound would degrade over this supposedly "upgrade", I would've never purchased it.
  • Pros: Great noise isolation Comes with a carrying kit 6 pairs of different sized replacement rubber fittings
  • Cons: Sound not as good as their entry level EP 630. Bass is non existent.
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Overall 10

Superb Headphones

Kacey R., Newegg
22 August 2010
  • Summary: The carry case is somewhat cumbersome to constantly wrap them up and take out, I tend to not ever use it except to prop my laptop up with. Headphones are either around my neck, or coiled up in my shirt pocket. There ARE better headphones, IF you want those over-the-head kind with massive cups that go over your ears, but I honestly can't stand those.
  • Pros: Excellent audio quality, you can FEEL the bass from music. Comfortable, you don't even feel them after a while. Sound output is much, much higher than other headphones, my Zen Vision M with other headphones needs to be at 18-20 volume to even hear the music decently, with these it can be on 8 and be heard perfectly, while 15 is almost too loud. I have no used any other "in-ear" headphones of this quality, the rest are garbage compared to these. Creative Labs has been ...
  • Cons: Cord isn't quite long enough for my liking, but it's just about right. Cord again, could be made with thicker rubber or poly coating, as if you don't take care of these they can get pinched. I had one get ruined by my car's seat belt when it locked down. They make mice cables like this, no reason why headphones cant. Price, for MOST people, 99, or even 70 is too much for a pair of headphones. Trust me, it's worth it, IF you want the audio quality.
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Overall 8

Good earphones for work

Teresa E., Newegg
3 August 2010
  • Pros: Use them for work and they work fine, sound good. Not best, but good bang for the buck.
  • Cons: none at this price point, on sale.
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Overall 10


Arthur E., Newegg
29 July 2010
  • Summary: Side Note: NO trouble hearing traffic noises (sirens, horns ect.) when walking or running with them in, unless you crank the volume all the way up.
  • Pros: Excellent ear buds. Fits and seals nicely into my ears. Far better than the buds that came with my IPOD. I can now put them in, turn down the volume and hear just fine.
  • Cons: Seals so well that outside sounds are muffled and hard to make out. This is somewhat of a hindrance at work (where I use them the most) because it is difficult to hear someone when they are talking to me even with the volume turned down.
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Overall 8

Great sound isolation

Ronald F., Newegg
8 July 2010
  • Pros: These ear buds have worked reliably for my wife and I (I bought her a pair, too) for years. I purchased both on Newegg. The sound is great and they come with 3 optional sizes for the ear pieces.
  • Cons: The cord for these ear buds would be better if it was mesh and longer. 4' is very little to work with.
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Overall 2

User Review

Richard A., Newegg
3 July 2010
  • Pros: Great highs
  • Cons: No bass...None..very disappointed...had better for cheaper... now I have to buy again...something else for sure
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Overall 8

Any diamond needs to be cut

Sam H., Newegg
3 July 2009
  • Summary: I think I'm gonna eat pizza tonight....or make spaghetti...Do I still have any hamburger helper left?
  • Pros: The sound quality is exceptional, but requires some tweaking. It is very clear and distortion free, and has excellent precision. The problem is (contrary to what others have said) the highs are noticeably rolled off, leaving you with excellent but lonely mids (no bass either). However, if an equalizer is available, jack up the bass from the bottom to about 150hz, and boost the highs above 7khz, and you have yourself a much more dynamic pair of earphones. I would recom...
  • Cons: As mentioned above, the out-of-the-box response arc heavily favors the mids. This can be corrected, but if your player doesn't have an equalizer, or if you have a poor amp, you won't like them at all. Other than that, all the problems are ones common to canal-phones.
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Overall 4

a bad buy

Qichen Z., Newegg
8 June 2009
  • Summary: I am an audiophile who owned tons of earphones and by far those are the worst sounding earphones above $50. If it is priced at $20-30, it would some what consider an just OK buy.
  • Pros: good isolation and is small. looks great
  • Cons: Where do I begin, Creative is a known for their audio expertise and I love their product: X-fi sound cards, Ep-630, Zen vision: M and even the HN-700. The aurvana just sound bad period. The bass some what accurate, but has very little impact, the mid is very recessive, vocal will be covered up by other sound. The high also sounds thin and tiny. I guess Creative doesn't know much about armature drives. They are much better off making dynamic driver instead. Very big fa...
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Overall 4

For a top of the line model - scores low

Stephen L., Newegg
9 December 2008
  • Summary: Almost any of the other in-ear models that Creative offers will give you a more satisfying listening experience. All the fluff in the package of the Aurvana doesn't make up for it's woeful lack of performance expected at this price level.
  • Pros: On sale these are attractive enough to entice, company has a wonderful reputation for quality products, lots of "stuff" included.
  • Cons: The box is a bear to open and forget about the inner plastic packaging, take some Tylenol first. Now sit back and get ready to go "Why are these so --- duh----sounding? Facts and ears don't lie -- Their model 630 is a GREAT value and overall a MUCH better sounding earphone. Bass? What bass? If you drive them with a dedicated headphone amp they come to life but only slightly under levels too high to tolerate for long listening periods. They need to go back to the drawi...
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Overall 10

Not as I feared

Howard H., Newegg
9 November 2008
  • Summary: I guess, to decide if this is for you, there are 3 questions: (1) Do you love overall sound at near 100% presentation over how good the bass is? (2) Can you tell the difference between lossless and compressed music, and also between CBR 320kbps (or equivalent VBR) and weak CBR 128kbps music? (3) Do you have musics that have enough level of sounds and ambient that can exploit this earphones very, very well? If you answer all 3 questions "yes", this is for you.
  • Pros: Comes with a lot of stuff: extra ear plugs, cleaning brush, and a very, very sturdy carrying case. For acoustic or music with a LOT of different sounds/effects, it sounds ridiculously well.
  • Cons: Its bass is indeed quite weak compares to others, as others mentioned. Heck, My EP 635 (630 with neckstrap) has way better bass than it. The price could be cheaper too. I also wish the wires could be more sturdy; they are a bit too thin for my taste.
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