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Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Sigma

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Reviews and Problems with Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Sigma

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Overall 4


Brandon T., Newegg
14 March 2013
  • Summary: Creative needs to make better headsets, sick of them breaking on me when its not even been 6 months.
  • Pros: - comfortable headset -Great Sound overall - microphone isn't the best but does the job
  • Cons: I've had this headset for about 5 months + and the left side of the headset doesn't work- no sound but the right side has sound.....
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Overall 4

not good

Jefferson S., Newegg
22 February 2013
  • Summary: im a person that takes care of stuff and does not abuse them but this item just stopped working a few times and after 5 months it just stopped working for good
  • Pros: great software sound quality is great ,
  • Cons: worst mic ever broke after like 3 months just stopped working i never did anything or dropped it just stopped working
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Overall 4

Good, but there are much better out there.

Brandon C., Newegg
4 December 2012
  • Summary: Even though these headphones weren't bad, they didn't provide any of the things I was looking for in a headset that I didn't have in the poor setup I already have. For this reason and the insane bass I had to return these and go with the Logitech G35s instead. It's worth spending the extra money, and the G35s sound way better even with 40mm speakers.
  • Pros: -Tons of bass in the sound. This is both a good and bad thing, as the bass can actually be overwhelming from the sheer amount of boom the speakers produce. This is mostly due to the nature of being closed-back, and you can easily adjust the software to get it more in balance. -Pretty comfortable. I can imagine people with larger heads may have a problem with being too tight, but it is something that should wear in after a while. -Audio effects are pretty good but ONLY...
  • Cons: -The mic is terrible. It will either sound muffled, too low or any number of other issues a lot of times you use it. This could be a quality control issue since a lot of people have problems with them breaking, but all I know is everyone I game with complained to me about it which is a rare occurrence. -The surround sound converter is incredibly terrible for this thing. If using this headset I suggest setting the game to the headphone settings instead of 7.1/5.1 . It'...
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Overall 4

3 Months Field Test 3D Sigma Headset

Kevin M., Newegg
1 September 2012
  • Summary: Earmuff was tapped to my headset after several attempt to put it back on. Why is it difficult to put back on let alone fall off? The box said that cord don't tangle but that more of a marketing ploy. They should use better chemical mix with rubber to prevent tangleness. I wasn't sure if it cost more because they included a 3D USB audio, but this belong in the trashcan. They don't perform fast enough to process audio and will crash.
  • Pros: Excellent Quality Audio Comfortable Leather Earmuff Very Lightweighted
  • Cons: Ribbon Cord Can Still Tangle Cord Aren't Resistant To Minor Damage Earmuff Fell Off And Difficult To Put Back On Microphone Foam Piece Got Loose And Can't Stay On Sub-Par 3D USB Audio Included Works Terribly
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Overall 4

Mic is very inconsistent

James H., Newegg
1 July 2012
  • Summary: This is a 90$ headset which I purchased on sale for 45$. For this amount of money, flaws such as this are utterly inexcusable. I've purchased 20$ headsets which, while they may be slightly lesser sound quality, last for years and function at their designed parameters for the duration of their life. I've owned this headset less than 2 months and the headset only functioned right for the first couple weeks.
  • Pros: The driver software is very useful, and the headset itself is constructed well. The sound from the headset is great, and for gaming(I play competitive Counter Strike) it works very well.
  • Cons: Very flimsy cord, if you ran over it with a chair I'm sure it wouldn't survive. Most of all, the microphone is completely worthless. There is some design defect with plugging the detachable mic into the headset itself. It doesn't get in tight enough, and results in the mic either not working at all or being static filled. If you take the little mic and plug it into an input on your computer you'll find that it works just fine. So the headset is essentially worthless f...
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Overall 4

Broken mic!

Lacey P., Newegg
15 June 2012
  • Summary: Just do yourself a favor and go with Steel Series. Those are made to last. These were virtually non functioning out of the box. Horrible customer service. I specifically chose the sound blaster brand because my family and I have been Creative customers since the 90's. No longer. When I have the money, I'm buying Steel Series Siberia.
  • Pros: This is probably the most comfortable headset I have ever owned, and the sound quality is superb.
  • Cons: It was almost immediately when I opened these, the mic was subpar. My computer could barely pick it up. I immediately requested a replacement and even showed them my receipt. They responded only with a generic response declining my return... I decided to make the best of it and did what I could. Today, the mic has finally died. After doing a bit of research, it isn't the physical mice, because I can still use my mic attached to the usb adaptor instead of the headset. ...
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Overall 4

Failed after regular use, and no abuse.

Stephen M., Newegg
28 May 2012
  • Summary: -I plugged my Plantronics 367 into the usb, and obviously works fine. -Sticking with what last, Plantronics products are solid, reliable, and more affordable. -I could probably contact creative about the flaw, but i'm hesitant, because what is the point if they are going to fail again. -Save yourself the money and buy a different brand.
  • Pros: -THX USB STILL WORKS. -Didn't pay full price, but still am out $50 -Headphones were comfortable (while they lasted)
  • Cons: Headphones failed in just over a month. Mic went out about a week ago, now the one ear driver won't work unless its twisted a certain direction. I am extremely disappointed with the quality of creatives products as of late. this is my second pair of headphones to fail from them. This is from regular use, not from abuse of the product.
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Overall 4

Great while they worked

Rebecca D., Newegg
19 May 2012
  • Summary: Depending on your luck, it seems the mic is a huge liability, so I do not have high hopes for the longevity after it's out of warranty.. If you can get it at the price other comments have mentioned, I'd say worth a shot if you need something better than apple earbuds for a gaming headset.
  • Pros: Comfortable, good sound (not much of a low end, but decent for the price), and the usb dongle is very handy.
  • Cons: Had pleather ear cover come off left headset when taking it off my head, and have been unable to reattach it despite no tearing.. Surprised they aren't glued. Also was unable to get the mic to work.
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Overall 4


john s., Newegg
11 April 2012
  • Summary: I bought these because I broke my creative fata1ity headset (the greatest I've ever had). I figured a more expensive pair would be the next step up. I was wrong. these should be priced at 20 something dollars as my previous mentioned headset were 10 times better.
  • Pros: These headphones are very comfortable. The ear couplings fit my large ears well and the noise reduction works very well.
  • Cons: The sound is sub par; everything sounds off. It is hard to explain. There is also a very slight crackling sounds as others have said. The mic is extremely low even after two days of re-installing drivers and boosting all mic levels it sound like I am whispering. On top of that the mic is hard to remove from its jack for fear of breaking it.
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Overall 4

Sound quality is poor...

Travis S., Newegg
6 April 2012
  • Summary: I'll give the product two eggs because it will work fine for someone who has not been spoiled with studio quality equipment the way I have, but for true audiophiles, shell out a bit more for something you'll be happy with.
  • Pros: Relatively low price for a circumaural gaming headset....
  • Cons: Horrible sound quality in games. Bass is cranked ridiculously high by default to try to compensate for the lack of any real output hardware for the low end of the spectrum. The result is a hollow playback with no depth or body. If you are an audiophile like myself, AVOID these headphones. Also sounds seem to switch channels (left and right) very abruptly while in the 3D environments which are ubiquitous in contemporary games. This results in a sense of dislocation, ma...
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