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Corsair Raptor Hs40

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Overall 10

Great; 7.1 really makes a difference

Ceci V., Newegg
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: The leather is pretty nice for a 49.99/59.99 headphones.
  • Pros: These headphones is a great improvement then my other Artic Cooling headphones that broke in less then a month.
  • Cons: A little heavy at first, but it will fit in after a couple days of use.
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Overall 10

I have big ears, and they fit.

Natalie W., Newegg
28 May 2014
  • Summary: If you're like me and haven't owned a quality headset, this is a great place to start. Just wish the 10% code was active when I bought it a few weeks ago. Thanks Corsair for quality stuff!
  • Pros: Well I've had these for about two weeks now after my last headset was literally hanging from a wire. This is the first time I've spent more than $30 on a headset, and I must say I'm impressed. I wanted to go for one of the more expensive headsets, but I'm ballin' on a budget right now. My ears are a little bigger than the norm I think, and I was a little skeptical that the headphones wouldn't fit over my ears. But they do! I wear them for a few hours, but I've never o...
  • Cons: None that I can think of. I'm a casual gamer, who does want a quality headset. This hits the nail on the head, I couldn't ask for more.
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Overall 8

Sounds nice, great price, but not recommended for... smaller people.

Emma A., Newegg
27 May 2014
  • Summary: Let me start off the review by saying I'm VERY unlikely to be happy with a headset. I used a dinky Logitech G330 for years, but it finally broke. I liked that headset mostly because it was lightweight and accommodating to a variety of head and ear sizes. It appears that this headset is discontinued and is being sold at ridiculously inflated prices as a refurb.
  • Pros: Sound quality, value, noise cancelling, mic quality
  • Cons: Very large, bulky
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Overall 10

Just what I was looking for

Gabe C., Newegg
26 April 2014
  • Summary: Great headset, at a great price-point. I would definitely recommend them.
  • Pros: Sounds fantastic. I wasn't looking for an epic $400 pair of audiophile approved headphones. I was looking for a decent headset to replace my Sennheiser PC 161's that crapped out on me after many years of gaming. Unfortunately, Sennheiser doesn't have an affordable headset now, that matches the quality of the PC 161's. And I wasn't going to spend over $100. This headset delivered. The simulated 7.1 surround is very cool. I play FPS and MMO games, and I could tell the d...
  • Cons: Slightly tight on the head when fresh out of the package. However they loosened up nicely after a few days.
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Overall 8

Great product but could use a little umph

Sandra B., Newegg
21 March 2014
  • Summary: These great for the money, I bought these at $40 and I think thats what they should cost instead of the regular $60. The only bad part would be the hurting the ear part which all you need to do is shift it a little forward or backwards and its fine for the next 2 hours.
  • Pros: -Great sound! I saw a review that said its too loud and he/she has to put it at 25% volume and put that as a con. I don't see that at all as a con.
  • Cons: - I think they could of done better with the bass, with a little swithing some options around its somewhat good but still could be a lot better.
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Overall 8

Pretty great.

Michael S., Newegg
9 February 2014
  • Summary: All in all, a really good headset for gaming
  • Pros: 1) 7.1 Surround
  • Cons: 1) It is really loud. I had to turn my volume to %25~
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Overall 10

Great for gaming

Michael J., Newegg
15 December 2013
  • Summary: These headphones are amazing in-game. They really wow! Get them if you’re looking for an easy way to have a quality surrounded sound experience without disturbing others – and possibly have an advantage over other players!
  • Pros: These headphones are a simple setup on Windows 7, 8, and my *buntu computers. High and mid-range sounds are fantastic. They are extremely comfortable, even during periods of extended use. They fit my large melon very well, with plenty of room to spare. The headset excels at blocking out noise. The microphone boom swings up and out of the way when not in use. There are inline controls for adjusting the volume and muting the microphone. The microphone status is indicate...
  • Cons: Bass reproduction is somewhat lacking. It sounds well enough for game sounds, but for music it leaves the audiophile desiring deeper, fuller bass. Not a big fan of the red.
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Overall 4

Almost, but not quite

Chris M., Newegg
12 December 2013
  • Summary: -Games I tested with the Corsair Raptor HS40’s: Currently I am playing; Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012, Need For Speed Rivals, 007 Legends, Ghost Recon Online (to test out the mic), Grand Theft Auto IV, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines, Warframe, Dead Space 3, Dark Sector, Grid 2, Dark, Medal of Honor Warfighter, and the Penumbra series, (and for the record… yes I DO wear my Newegg T-shirt when gaming at local...
  • Pros: -Hello. I am technically inclined, but I like to take the approach of a person reading reviews that doesn’t understand all the “geek speak” and make it understandable for the person who doesn’t have the time or patience to study up on stuff. If that’s you, then this one is for you.
  • Cons: -I am familiar with Corsair as a memory module manufacturer originally, followed by MANY other famous items for the computer such as power supplies and computer cases. But when it comes to sound quality at this price-point, I think Corsair needs to hang up the headphones. They are alllllmost theater quality, but with the muddy sound being sub-par for this price-point without the option to adjust the quality with any kind of a built-in 3 slider EQ on the unit, I would ...
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Overall 8

This Is a Pretty Beast Headset!

Anonymous, Newegg
3 December 2013
  • Pros: This headset is really great.. For the price i got it, compared to headsets like those of razer, i am really satisfied. Great noice-cancelling, high quality sound and microphone, comfortable ear-cups and a great aesthetic
  • Cons: Head feels a bit fatigued after extensive use (6 hours) but no other complaints
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Overall 8

Solid USB Headset

Colton W., Newegg
1 December 2013
  • Pros: Good pair of phones! This is a nice medium weight headset that has a usb connector. This means you don't need a sound card as the phones handle that for you. Well built but don't go playing hockey with them. Doesn't hurt my ears as they don't touch my ears!
  • Cons: The headset software is still sometimes kind of strange but overall straight forward and relatively easy to use.
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