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Bose QuietComfort 15
7.8 out of 10

Bose QuietComfort 15

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Overall 10

The Best Sound Canceling Headphones On the Market!!!

sjcruiser36, CNET
3 September 2012
  • Summary: All the audio products in my house, and car is from Bose, and the headphones allow me to take that same quality on the road, and especially long international flights whether I'm listening to my own music on my iPhone, or the in-cabin or in-seat entertainment systems on the plane.
  • Pros: Great sound clarity and quality, lightweight, great battery life, and the carry case is a plus!!!
  • Cons: I have found no issues to complain or write about with any of the Bose products I own.
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Overall 10

Excellent sound, excellent noise cancellation.

Tansens, CNET
13 July 2012
  • Summary: For the price these headphones are very good.
  • Pros: Noise cancellation is very effective for libraries, airplane rides, even coffee shops., Sound quality is very good., Around the ear fit is the most comfortable I've tried, with no pressure put on your ear. You can wear glasses under them.
  • Cons: The price can be a bit steep, but they will last you for years if you take care of them., They do not work unless powered on, and while battery life lasts 35 hours or so, this can be a minor inconvenience. Just carry an extra AAA battery.
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Overall 9

Bought this product and having an amazing time with it

tekeestu, CNET
6 July 2012
  • Summary: I would say for what you pay is what you get. If you are looking for a comfortable headphone with "note" an awesome noise cancelling capability without letting it pain your ears while the music is playing.. This is literally the best of both worlds.
  • Pros: For (i=0;i<3;i++) {, printf(", a. Noise cancelling, b. Sound quality, c. Comfort -- no allergy type (I am a very skin sensitive person), ");, }, d. Includes an airline attachable socket with adjustable one click lo-hi volume correcter.
  • Cons: A major con though is the mic-speaker combo secondary cable that is given only works with a crappy iphone., Hope CNET can tell me how to make it work with Android devices--at-least the high end ones.
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Overall 10

Prfect high end headphones

shezishah, CNET
27 June 2012
  • Summary: I had to choose between dr dre beats studio and this headphone. My primary concern was sound cancelling which bose through this headphone has gotten close to perfection. Sound on this is definitely outstanding but if I was a solely deep base beat thumping music listener and no other form I would...
  • Pros: Sound quality, Design, comfort
  • Cons: concerns for a new model coming out soon
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Overall 10

Surprisingly excellent sound.

catfan2, CNET
20 June 2012
  • Summary: I used to read a lot of headphone forums. Based on advice I got there, I own both a very good pair of closed studio headphones (Sennheiser HD380 Pro) and a very good pair of audiophile open headphones (Audio Technica ATH-AD900.)
  • Pros: Sound quality, noise canceling, comfort.
  • Cons: None that I can think of.
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Overall 8

Great for what they're supposed to do

washingtonwalker, CNET
23 May 2012
  • Summary: These headphones are amazing if you value sound canceling above all else. These are so unbelievably comfortable, and the quiet that you can achieve when flying justifies the price tag right there. My only real gripe is that the sound is not necessarily the best out there.
  • Pros: Sound canceling is unrivaled, Extremely comfortable, Decent sound
  • Cons: Better sound can be found for less money, Relies on a battery to function
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Overall 8

They work like a charm.

ameyer533, CNET
1 May 2012
  • Summary: I think the headphones work great when traveling. They are comfortable and do a great job cancelling the noise of the engines of a plane or the crying baby sitting next to you. However, if you were to fall asleep and push the headphones against the head rest, there seems to be a low pressure created...
  • Pros: The headphones are quite comfortable and offer a low and high setting depending on what setting you are in. Also, they cup the ears very well which helps with the noise cancelling abilities.
  • Cons: Some cons with the headphones are that if you lean to a side and compress the headphone over your ear, it sort of hurts and creates a really loud weird noise. Also the cord is pretty frail and rips near both of the ends. I am already on my second.
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Overall 8

Good enough for me!

cdebel2005, CNET
5 April 2012
  • Summary: First thing i want to mention is that i'm not an "audiophile" or heavy music user. I'm just the average person who listen music occasionnaly (maybe 1h-2h per day).
  • Pros: Noise cancellation is doing a good job by cancelling a lot of ambiant noise. The sound is good enough for me. Comfort is good. I like the iPhone chord.
  • Cons: The price is high. The noise cancellation is doing a good job, but not perfect.
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Overall 6

best noise cancelation but overpriced for average sound

jamesnay, CNET
12 January 2012
  • Summary: Bose does make the best noise canceling technology but don't equate that to the best sound quality. No noise canceling headphone will sound better than a good non-noise canceling headphone.
  • Pros: best noise cancelation technology
  • Cons: build quality feels cheap, overpriced for their sound quality
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Overall 10

Worth the Price

W2UIS, eHam.net
10 December 2011
  • Summary: Although the price is high, if you suffer from a hearing loss (as I do) these headphones are a good choice. I connected my headphones to my Yaesu 857D (with a mono adapter in the speaker jack.) I was impressed on how well I was able to hear the audio of the rig.
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