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Astro Gaming A30 Audio System
7.4 out of 10

Astro Gaming A30 Audio System

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Overall 6

eh, buyer beware

robert b., Newegg
22 April 2015
  • Pros: Very customizable, stylish, and detachable mic
  • Cons: the ears are small and tend to hurt after a while because they are so small
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Overall 2

Don't buy it! It's a trap!

Pro F., Newegg
17 December 2014
  • Summary: Feels like a huge waste of money. It's depressing to know they're trying to sell this thing for over $100. it's more like a kids toy than it is an actual sound device. Never again Astro. Never again.
  • Pros: The Headset +Headset is comfortable on my ears +Sound quality is acceptable... when not plugged into the mixamp The Mixamp +It has a knobs, they feel nice to turn. +Wires Wires Wires for everything. The Packaging +Made me feel special as I unboxed it
  • Cons: The Mixamp -Frustrating to set up. If you're a PC gamer like I am, then you need to make sure your optical out on your computer cooperates with you. I had to fight to make the stupid Mixamp works with my PC, all because it only supports ONE and only ONE type of signal: Dolby Digital. Now ok, that...
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Overall 8

Nice Features

Nathaniel S., Newegg
19 October 2014
  • Summary: I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my headset or it's a common thing, but it seems when I mute the headset with the slider and other people are talking they are able to hear themselves from me, Not even sure how that is happening.
  • Pros: Headset is able to be unplugged at every point you would want which is nice if something breaks would be easy to be able to just replace a certain part. The speakers are able to be rotated 90 degrees so it will stay close to your head/ears at all times. The materials seem to be good quality, all ...
  • Cons: The only problem I have is when I hit the mute button and then let go it does not pick up my voice for about 10 sec after I release the button.
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Overall 4

These worked great for the first few months

Katie, Amazon
14 October 2014
  • Summary: These worked great for the first few months, the sound and mic quality were great and I loved all the extra cords, the mix amp let's you turn volumes up and down in the game or in the mic etc. and the cord lengths allowed me to sit pretty much anywhere. Then the left side stopped working properly.
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Overall 4

Great Headset

Jeffrey B., Newegg
23 August 2014
  • Summary: Looks great on paper. I returned these for the Razor Tiamat. Never been happier.
  • Pros: meh, good sound
  • Cons: Not comfortable at all for an average size head.
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Overall 10

Worth every penny.

Ethan Bagnell, Amazon
21 August 2014
  • Summary: Audio quality is great! Lightweight and comfortable also. It beats the crap out of my turtle beaches. And also I have the a50s. And I can't tell the difference in audio quality.
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Overall 4

They changed them, and not in a good way

Claentor S., Newegg
12 August 2014
  • Summary: If Astro wants to reference my case number for my frustration with their customer service, I still have that on record in my email.
  • Pros: They fit my custom tags that I purchased years ago for the first iteration of this headset, and the sound output quality is solid. The detachable cord has a pro and some cons over the first generation, the pro being that it has much more versatility than before for quick muting, and a better qual...
  • Cons: The level of customer service has truly tanked since I last was in communication with Astro. I originally had a very high opinion of Astro's customer service back in 2011, as they were extremely helpful in regards to my old set that my puppy had found an unfortunate liking to. However, my most re...
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Overall 10

Sweet Headphones, Bro

Alexander B., Newegg
11 April 2014
  • Summary: Sweet pair of headphones. Have been running great the past 6 months. I like how I can use these for other than gaming and it doesn't look stupid.
  • Pros: Relatively compact and sleek looking pair of cans. Sound is pretty good to me (I'm no audiophile). Cool how it came with the extension cable that also plugs in to both headphone and microphone input jacks. I like how you can remove the microphone when you just need to listen and not talk. Also a ...
  • Cons: Extension cord is something too long and without it, the cable is too short ; for example, when I plug this in to my desktop's front-panel, the cable without the extension is too short (even 6" would make a big difference) and adding the extension, the cable is on the floor. I'm afraid of running...
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Overall 4

Not worth the price

David W., Newegg
16 March 2014
  • Summary: 175$-200$ is no where near what these should be priced
  • Pros: - Very light on the head - Comfortable to wear for long periods of time - Changeable earpiece covers
  • Cons: - I found the cord would always get twisted no matter what I tried to do. - After about 2 months the earpiece screws broke on the right ear so i had to tap it back on for temporary use (Screws are too small) - mic picks up sound through earpiece constantly throughout skype/mumble/vent etc.
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Overall 10

Great versatile gaming/media headset

Julian L., Newegg
9 March 2014
  • Summary: Versatility: I bought this set because I wanted a high quality 7.1 headset to use with my PC, consoles, AND my MP3 player / phone. Let's face it, most gaming headsets are not meant to be worn in public, many times they need to be connected via USB to work, and most of the time they are just too...
  • Pros: Comfortable, lightweight, VERSATILE, sturdy build quality, and most importantly amazing sound quality for the size/price of the set. Also, you can use them as normal headphones without looking like you came from another planet. I notice some reviewers say the on-ear design of the A30s is uncomfor...
  • Cons: Does not include cable with secondary microphone and smart phone/mp3 player control. However, you can buy this cable at MSRP for only $9.99 so I'm sure you can find it elsewhere for an even cheaper price.
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