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XFX Radeon HD7950 (FX-795A-TNFC)
8.3 out of 10

XFX Radeon HD7950 (FX-795A-TNFC)

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Reviews and Problems with XFX Radeon HD7950 (FX-795A-TNFC)

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Overall 6

Don't count on that warranty

Anonymous, Newegg
16 November 2015
  • Summary: Only reason i paid more and purchased a xfx card was because of the "lifetime warranty". What a disappointment, xfx support has been useless to me. -2 eggs just for xfx support. "If a card is 2 years old we require original receipt"..
  • Pros: I've owned this card for almost 4 years now. It has ram almost flawless.
  • Cons: Fans will start to whine, it took me 6 months to get xfx support to replace them. Now my card is finally failing, red lines/blocks across screen. Xfx support wants me to send them the original receipt before they will RMA the card.. Of course i don't have the original receipt, so that "Lifetime w...
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Overall 4


Timothy A., Newegg
19 July 2015
  • Summary: i do not plan on ever buying from XFX any time soon, when they improve their warranty to at least 7 yrs, have better fans that are quiet, include better accessories, and if they start including more things with the gpu (like a backplate, i didnt see one on their new card, MSI had one and i am a fan...
  • Pros: -Good quality -Got it cheap off (a website highly known to every old person who wants used, cheap stuff ) used in 2014 -nice IO (mine only has 1 dvi-i, no other dvi, just hdmi and 2 mDP) -good overclocker (my max was 1100/1375 (couldve gotten 1500) at 1200 voltage, but temps were at 81 at 70 fan ...
  • Cons: -the left fan started rattling and making a bad sound under 40 fan speed which sucks, i have owned this thing for about a year now -its white... should have gone with the sapphire one to match my build q.q -the fans are loud as heck over 50 fan speed -short as heck warranty, i could not send it i...
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Overall 10

Lasts years, runs great

Alicia O., Newegg
7 July 2015
  • Pros: Performance per dollar was great imo and while ive had this card for almost 3 years it still works amazing. Has provided awesome output and while it is irrelevant (since the card doesn't appear to be sold) its is definitely an excellent card for a beginner looking to go the extra mile with their ...
  • Cons: No real cons over the last 3 years, i will say that this card runs a bit hot when idle but that's just my opinion and the fan speeds seem to be quiet loud but hey lets face it, its 3 years old and still works (better than you can say about other cards)
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Overall 2


Benjamin Y., Newegg
4 July 2015
  • Pros: None
  • Cons: card would get power but would not send signal to monitor
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Overall 10

Love it

Tristen L., Newegg
28 September 2014
  • Pros: Fantastic graphics card, was able to run all games so far on ultra. I liked it so much I bought a second for crossfire.
  • Cons: None and ive used it for over a year.
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Overall 10

Served me well

Claudia C., Newegg
24 September 2014
  • Pros: Served me well for the time I used it. Was nice looking at the time, was running cool but my case had a really nice airflow so that might also help the overall performance.
  • Cons: Can't complain.
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Overall 10


SAM W., Newegg
22 April 2014
  • Pros: Best card I have ever owned. It is quiet. It is powerful, it runs cool, has lifetime warranty. There have been zero hiccups . It also over locks great without even changing voltages. I have had evga, gigabyte, msi, bfg, and asus cards. All had hiccups. Either too loud, running hot, or fans dying ...
  • Cons: It is still too expensive
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Overall 4


Sean P., Newegg
7 March 2014
  • Summary: Myself and others I know have been very happy with their offerings, just hope it doesn't break! You'll be without for who knows how long....
  • Pros: Great card while it lasted! Fast RMA process.
  • Cons: They lost my registration, luckily (or not) it died just under a year old. So RMA'd it that was not a problem fast and efficient. Shipped it to them over a month ago, I kept checking the status of my card, always showed 'with technician'. Then I wrote them after 3 weeks to clarify it's status. Th...
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Overall 10

First time AMD / ATI video

James T., Newegg
2 February 2014
  • Summary: LOVE THIS CARD <3
  • Pros: i switched from a GTX 285 to this when i build my new right and let me tell you what it is leaps and bounds beyond that of my old GTX. I love this card, i love the flexibility it offers, and i love the 32c idle it provides. Maximum load temp while gaming is 72c. I have been able to max out all cu...
  • Cons: this isnt really a con with the card it's a con with a game, but dark souls will not bring this card out of idle speed which is 300mhz thus resulting in choppy fps... but like i said that is not a fault of this card, it's a fault of a bad console to pc port.
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Overall 8

Just under 1 year

Sean P., Newegg
1 February 2014
  • Summary: The dead thing can happen to anything, I've been a computer support engineer for over 20 years. This was the first time for me with an XFX product ever. Hopefully their warranty service is up to par with their products.
  • Pros: Build from a premier manufacturer. Very fast and handles anything I've thrown at it with relative ease. Overclocking is not needed for me nor is crossfire... yet! Industrial look rather than a bunch of flashy led's.
  • Cons: Died just short of 1 year old. Swore I registered it... But it doesn't show up in there records. How then was I able to download the free games I received with it? One being bioshock which wasn't even out yet! Could be me though I have so many accounts but wouldn't the serial number tell all? Wel...
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