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NVIDIA Quadro 600

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Reviews and Problems with NVIDIA Quadro 600

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Overall 8

NVIDIA® Quadro® K600

Kyle C., Newegg
5 October 2014
  • Pros: Works as well as expected. Fan is silent and the card is relatively small. Works fine for gaming as well.
  • Cons: Does not have an HDMI port.
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Overall 10

Upgrading an Old Machine

WILLIAM C., Newegg
23 July 2014
  • Summary: Windows XP defaults are for low-res monitors, so, I had to raise the font sizes. In the advanced settings, you can change font size for menu bars, message boxes, etc. There are other font settings in programs like Notepad. Even after that, there is still plenty of thin, faint text, but not as bad. XP is old.
  • Pros: For various reasons, I'm working on an old Windows XP system, but I want to be able use larger monitors. I quickly found that this card works perfectly driving my Samsung 23 inch 2048x1152 through a DVI-D Dual cable. It's sharp, fast and quiet. Plays videos full screen. I'm pleased. Eventually, I want to go to 3840x2160, but that will have to wait for now. Instead, I added a second 1280x1024 monitor. Using the supplied adapters it goes: DVI output through DisplayPort,...
  • Cons: The box says it requires Intel Core i5, i7 or Xeon. AMD Phenom or Opteron. Or later. This may be for 64-bit. I'm running an older processor, an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 and 32-bit XP SP3 and had no trouble installing the 32-bit drivers from the CD. This is great for me, but it does not indicate where the limits are.
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Overall 10


Stefan R., Newegg
30 June 2014
  • Summary: I managed to overclock this cards core to 1161 MHz and 1111 MHz memory. However at full load I have to run the fan at max. Luckily the fan at max isn't terrible loud and some closed cup headphones will cancel out all the sound. I thought the memory would be a problem, however its perfectly fine at playing games from around 2010/2011 at 1080p. Plays Fallout:NV at medium/high at 50/60 FPS, and Assassins Creed 2 at medium/high at 30/40 FPS, with my overclock of course.
  • Pros: - Overclocks pretty good. - Over 72% score in GPU-Z ASIC quality. - No external power cables needed. - Low Profile, fits in slim cases. - Can output 4k resolutions.
  • Cons: - Price. - GDDR3 Memory.
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Overall 6

User Review

Pamela K., Newegg
16 June 2014
  • Summary: some software is optimized for nvidia cuda and enhanced phyix
  • Pros: see other thoughts
  • Cons: This cards memory is 2-times slower than the AMD firepro "price equivalent" of this card, firepro v4900 the memory is GDDR 5 and is 64 GB/s vs GDDR3 of 28.8 GB/s.
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Overall 10

Powerful/Cheap 4K/UHD, only 40 watts.

Jeff R., Newegg
11 March 2014
  • Summary: Moderator, please delete my previous review, since "user error" the only problem, not the video card.
  • Pros: Powerful/Cheap 4K/UHD, only 40 watts.
  • Cons: More speed at less cost would be nice, obviously. I had to switch to the "Zoom Player Free" video player because KMplayer failed to properly utilize this card. It took me awhile to figure that out.
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Overall 2

-most- videos won't play properly

Jeff R., Newegg
10 March 2014
  • Pros: When I use my old HD monitor, the card lets me play all videos, thanks to the hardware decoding ( LAV filter, KMplayer ).
  • Cons: With my new 4K monitor ( UltraSharp UP2414Q ) the hardware decoding can't keep up, i.e. -most- videos won't play properly, the video lags the audio. I installed the latest drivers.
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Overall 6

Not really an upgrade

Andrew T., Newegg
16 January 2014
  • Summary: I did RMA it because it wasn't a step up from a GTX 560 performance wise but the color depth made it really hard. It made watching animated shows a lot better than a Geforce. If you are making a budget machine from scratch for only 3D modeling and no gaming, the K600 is a going entry-level card.
  • Pros: -For having low hardware specs it did give the same performance of a GTX 560 in Maya; about 10 million polygons in viewport 2.0. -The Quadro has more color depth than a Geforce which makes it harder to go back to a Geforce. -The fan is is really quiet, especially compared to a Geforce card.
  • Cons: -The one con is actually for the Quadro drivers. It didn't give a performance increase over a Geforce.
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Overall 10

Good GNU/Linux Support

dylan r., Newegg
19 May 2013
  • Pros: Works great with the Nvidia proprietary driver in: -OpenSUSE 12.3 -Mint 14 -Arch It also mostly works with the Nouveau driver, but doesn't fair well suspend and resume (funky patterns on resume), and is a bit more choppy in 3D applications. Fits great in a 2U case. Works with all of the Electrical Engineering CAD applications I use (which are all 2D), and works great with Blender and Gimp. Can drive 2560x1440 without a hiccup.
  • Cons: None yet.
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Overall 10

Upgrade from Radeon 6950

Matthew J., Newegg
2 May 2013
  • Summary: I sincerely think the K600 can handle most 3D models intended for 3D printing, and is certainly an upgrade from any gaming card. My system specs: - I7 860 (mild over clock) - ASUS P7P55D Pro - 8GB DDR3 1600 - Quadro K600 1GB - Intel 520 Series SSD - Windows 7 x64 - AutoCAD 2010
  • Pros: I do mostly 3D Modeling in AutoCAD 2010 for a Replicator 2 and can say from experience the K600 has greatly improved my productivity! I’ve had zero system hangs, and haven’t seen a single artifact (such as image tearing when two solids intersect). AutoCAD is more stable & seems more responsive. I noticed my 6950 has an unusually high GPU load compared to the K600 when 3d modeling, a testament to its drivers not being optimized for CAD.
  • Cons: I was very skeptical because the Quadro benchmarks at less than half my Radeon.. Don’t expect the moon on this card. I was able to slow it down with some massive/ complex models, but it was still very usable.
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Overall 10

Mi trabajo

tedetienes, Ciao
29 September 2012
  • Summary: Utilizo SolidWorks, así que compré esta tarjeta desde SW recomienda una tarjeta gráfica Quadro. Por el precio, fue una buena elección. Lo que debe saber: Asegúrese de que tiene la ranura correspondiente de la placa base ordenador que acepte esta carta, es una ranura PCI-Express x16. El paquete incluye un cable adaptador por lo que si usted no tiene un monitor DVI y sólo un monitor VGA usted todavía será capaz de conectar a su monitor VGA.
  • Pros: opi
  • Cons: opi
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