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Matrox Millennium G450

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Reviews and Problems with Matrox Millennium G450

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Matrox Millennium G450 16MB SDR and DDR Review

X-bit labs
11 February 2001
  • Summary: Speaking about the latest achievements in the graphics market we seem to have left out Matrox with its G450 graphics product,launched not so long ago. Being nothing special in 3D graphics, Matrox G450 still offers brilliant 2D quality and cool DualHeadtechnology, which makes this card attractive for some users.
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Matrox Millennium G450 Under Linux

19 September 2000
  • Conclusion: What can we say? The cheaper NVIDIA GeForce2 MX beat the Matrox G450 in every category tested. The only redeeming value of the G450 is Dual Head. For some, that will be the killer feature that may cause you to pick the slower card for your own machine, however this probably doesn't apply to most users out there. We were extremely surprised to see the G450 lose to the GeForce2 MX in 2D performance.
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Overall 8

Matrox Millennium G450 Review

15 September 2000
  • Conclusion: This card is a potentially great buy for somebody - but I wouldn't say as a primary card if you're interested in gaming. The 3D performance hurts it too much there. However, for a home office system, or a "regular" computer that does real work, there's good value in the great image quality and the DualHead ability. Considering that Matrox is targeting this as an integration component for corporate customers, the G450 will probably see success in that area.
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Matrox Millennium G450

5 September 2000
  • Conclusion: Final Words The G450 is by no means a savior for Matrox, instead it's simply protecting a territory that they have worked so very hard to acquire. It is very simple to compare the G450 to NVIDIA's GeForce2 MX and say that the latter is the clear winner, however the two chips are most definitely geared towards different audiences. For 3D performance, that includes gaming performance as well as high end 3D rendering, CAD, etc...
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Matrox Millennium G450

16 May 2002
  • Conclusion: Bei der 3D Performance hält sich Matrox etwas bedeckt. Es ist also zu erwarten, das die Millennium G450 den aktuellen Top Performern in Sachen 3D nicht das Wasser reichen kann. Die aktuellen Karten von NVIDIA, ATI, 3dfx sind in der Entwicklung in Sachen 3D um einiges weiter vorangegangen als Matrox mit dem G450 Chip, der Prinzipiell nur eine um nicht 3D-Features erweiterte Version des G400.
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Matrox Millennium G450

19 July 2001
  • Summary: Die Matrox Millennium G450 ist eindeutig nichts für den spielenden Privatanwender! Man muss sogar von einem Kauf abraten! Wer auf das durchaus sinnvolle Feature DualHead nicht verzichten will, der behält lieber seine G400 (MAX). Und wer jetzt erst in den verlockenden Zwei-Monitor-Betrieb einsteigen will, der greift lieber zu einer G400 MAX. Die ist in Spielen deutlich schneller, wie sich gezeigt hat.
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Обзор видеокарты Matrox Millennium G450 32 МБ DualHead

10 March 2001
  • Summary: Итак, на массовом рынке видеокарт появился продукт с весьма противоречивыми параметрами. С одной стороны, карты на базе G450 могут стать кладом для профессионалов, занимающихся версткой, работающими с мощными с 2D-пакетами. С другой стороны, давно существующие платы на базе Matrox G400 DualHead могут обеспечить пользователя практически всем тем же самым. Если же пользователь захочет иногда поиграть, то в 3D карты на базе G400 проявляют себя даже лучше карт на базе G450.
  • Pros: высочайшее качество в 2D-графике, соответствующее картам на базе G400 и G400 MAX;, отличное исполнение и изготовление карты;, технология DualHead, привлекательная для пользователей с двумя мониторами;, TV-out, позволяющий выводить на телевизор изображение параллельно с монитором;
  • Cons: Завышенная цена;, Крайне низкая производительность в 3D;, Запоздалое появление на рынке.
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