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Matrox G550
5.9 out of 10

Matrox G550

The Matrox G550 is a dual monitor AGP graphics card with 32MB of Read more

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PNY Verto 6800 Ultra

PC Magazine
19 October 2004
  • Conclusion: Another competent GeForce 6800 Ultra offering that will rock your games. But other equally-performing cards arrive with a game or two in the box.
  • Pros: Solid performance; dual DVI with two dongles included; lifetime warranty
  • Cons: No bundled games; nothing else to really distinguish it.
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Matrox G550

3 February 2002
  • Conclusion: Introduction Anyone monitoring the current consumer graphics market, especially in relation to gaming and 3D performance will notice that Matrox haven't been a large player in that particular market for a while.
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Matrox's G550 graphics card

26 November 2001
  • Summary: Making an overall evaluation of the G550 poses an interesting question: should a product be evaluated in arenas for which it is not intended? Honestly, I'm not sure, and that's why you're not going to see the G550 rated on our world-famous 11-point scale.
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Matrox G550

8 November 2001
  • Conclusion: Matrox's G550 brings their (IMHO) excellent DualHead down to a much more reasonable price, given it's limited 3D performance. Since the G550 is the only consumer-level single-card multi-display product that gets the multi-display part right under Windows 2000, it is in a rather unique position.
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A look ahead at Matrox's G550: Heady stuff

25 June 2001
  • Excerpt: THERE'S BEEN a lot of buzz in the graphics world of late. You have NVIDIA's...
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Matrox Millennium G550: Matrox's Next-Generation chip arrives

19 June 2001
  • Conclusion: Matrox is looking to send us a G550 evaluation card in the coming weeks, however as you can probably tell we have not been overly impressed with the technology. The redeeming qualities of the G550 are its excellent 2D (supposedly improved slightly over the G450) and its DualHead multi-monitor...
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Matrox Millennium G550 Dual-DVI

Hardware Upgrade
23 May 2004
  • Excerpt: La diffusione di monitor TFT con connessione DVI richiede l'impiego di schede video dalla comprovata qualità d'immagine, soprattutto con risoluzioni elevate. Matrox presenta la Millennium G550 Dual-DVI, soluzione con supporto Dual Head per utilizzare contemporaneamente, in DVI, due display TFT
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Matrox Millennium G550 на базе Matrox G550

29 April 2002
  • Summary: Мы рассмотрели очень неоднозначный продукт. Matrox Millennium G550 имеет много плюсов, но минусов куда больше. Подчеркнем еще раз: эта карта не предназначена для рынка 3D-ускорителей, и поэтому любителям трехмерных игр она малопригодна (если только вы не дизайнер, который изредка любит поиграть в...
  • Pros: Прекрасное качество 2D-графики относительно подавляющего большинства современных видеокарт;, Очень хорошее качество исполнения карты;, Наличие DualHead с полным комплектом сервиса, в т.ч. и TV-out;, Наличие DVI.
  • Cons: Ухудшилось качество 2D (относительно ранее выпущенных Matrox G400/G450);, Поддежка технологии Digimask — лишь маркетинговый ход;, Обещанные аппаратные возможности (T&L) пока не поддерживаются драйверами.
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Matrox G550

3 August 2001
  • Excerpt: var addthis_config = { data_track_clickback: true, data_ga_property: 'UA-15545862-1', ui_open_windows: true, ui_use_addressbook: true, services_exclude: "print,email,favorites", services_custom: [ { name: "Я.Закладки", url: "http://my.ya.ru/posts_add_link.xml?
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Matrox G550 ankommer i juni

11 May 2001
  • Conclusion: (28) (2004-11-25 22:22:53) Test af ydelse i Half-life 2: High-end grafikkort og cpu'er (79) (2004-11-25 22:21:44) Matrox G550 ankommer i juni af Webmaster Friday den 11 May 2001 kl.
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