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EVGA GeForce GTX 465 SuperClocked (01G-P3-1467-AR)
8.1 out of 10

EVGA GeForce GTX 465 SuperClocked (01G-P3-1467-AR)

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Reviews and Problems with EVGA GeForce GTX 465 SuperClocked (01G-P3-1467-AR)

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Overall 6

Decent card

Dina T., Newegg
20 November 2013
  • Summary: I bought this to replace a horribly defective GTX275. It served me very well for about two years and is still going strong in a relative's gaming PC. The loudness of the fan is irritating but not a major issue. Looking back, I should have bought a 460 though.
  • Pros: Powerful for when I bought it It's worked well for just under three years now
  • Cons: Runs pretty hot 460 is a better buy
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Overall 10

User Review

Cameron R., Newegg
28 August 2013
  • Summary: Always register your parts!
  • Pros: Got this as a replacement for a 7950gtx over 3 years ago. It performed like a champ, even though I was an idiot and inadvertently blocked off the rear fan from pushing out hot air for those 3 years.
  • Cons: None on the card's part, but I forgot to register the card. Now that it has finally died due to overheating on my part, I have to buy a new one instead of getting an RMA.
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Overall 10


Daniel P., Newegg
13 February 2012
  • Pros: Great card. I haven't been able to push the card because my previous case couldn't keep it cool with games on high settings. With new case and much better cooling I am going to be pushing games to their max settings to see what it can do.
  • Cons: Will wait to see what it can do with my better case and cooling as I have no real cons atm.
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Overall 10

Lot's of Bang for the Buck

Anonymous, Newegg
23 September 2011
  • Summary: I bought this card last December, and wanted to give it some use prior to writing a review. That seemed only fair. Ten months of use so far, and I have no complaints. Fit easily in my mid-tower. Although, not that much excess space.
  • Pros: Runs perfectly. EVGA Features Easy to install. Handles everything I throw at it with ease. Lifetime Limited Warranty. A very good value.
  • Cons: People have written that this card runs hot. Well... maybe a little. However, my case has numerous fans and excellent ventilation so it's a non-issue.
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Overall 10

Good Card

Ann K., Newegg
15 September 2011
  • Summary: Wish it was for sale during the time that I wrote this, SLI would be awesome.
  • Pros: All around good card. BFBC2 with 32x AA, 16x AF, and HBAO gets about 45fps average. More than I expected for sure.
  • Cons: Runs a little hot. Temperatures were bad in my old case, but running cooler now.
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Overall 2

Card started on fire

Beth G., Newegg
16 July 2011
  • Pros: I had it for about 6 months it was a great card. Never once had a problem and never came close to overheating.
  • Cons: I was playing wow and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. When I came back my computer room was full of smoke and my smelled off a really bad electrical fire. I have 7 fans and a great case. There was no warning of overheating from my computer either.
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Overall 10

GTX 465

Augusto C., Newegg
3 July 2011
  • Pros: It doesn't make as much sound as you think, I had a IceQ3 3870 it replaced and it makes as much noise as that. As far as length goes, it's not that long, maybe only 1/4 inch, if even, than my 3870.
  • Cons: I've been having some issues with the HDMI out to the TV, tested fallout 3 at 720p and I would get a blue screen on the TV, as if there was no signal, alt-f4 out and would come back to windows just fine, I wonder if the problem would be fixed after a format. don't know, I'll look into it some mor...
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Overall 10

EVGA Rocks

Gerald S., Newegg
1 July 2011
  • Summary: First card ran so well I decided I needed a second. I was glad I did. In sli these kick. Case heat is actually lower than with my gtx 8800 ultras, so I am happy on that count. Make sure that your power supply can handle these cards. They require two 6-pin connectors each.
  • Pros: Ordered the first one nearly a year ago to replace two aging gtx 8800 ultras. I saw a noticeable difference in graphics. Cards were large, but smaller than the gtx's in my Dell unit. The installation was easy, quick, and painless. No heat issues as this card actually ran much cooler than two gtx'...
  • Cons: None so far. Just a word of caution on size, there are wide and long. Make sure your case and motherboard layout permit usage. If you don't have adequate case fans and run sli you may have some issues with heat.
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Overall 10

Great Card

Anonymous, Newegg
30 June 2011
  • Summary: Large card so make sure you have the room. Lenth is 9.5" and Hieght 4.4" NewEgg shipping and customer service outstanding. NewEgg usually meets or beats everyone else on price, but I would pay a sightly higher price to stay with NewEgg just to keep their logistics and excellant customer service!!
  • Pros: Great performance and features.
  • Cons: None
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Overall 8

not a bad unit

The S., Newegg
27 June 2011
  • Summary: mechanically sound unit and now for the price you can get them for NOW I would possibly buy again
  • Pros: works great I dont have any technical complaints with the unit. I have 2 of these running in SLI and my windows 7 rating for graphics is 7.8 out of 7.9
  • Cons: effin thing got cheaper right after I bought both of them. within 10 days I think. I hate being happy that you finally spend the money to upgrade your computer parts only to find out that if you waited a week it would have saved you some money. And there was nothing I could do about it
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