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ATI Radeon  9600 XT
6.1 out of 10

ATI Radeon 9600 XT

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Reviews and Problems with ATI Radeon 9600 XT

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ATI Radeon 9600XT Review

4 October 2011
  • Excerpt: Introduction Not everyone has the cash to shell out $400 on a videocard every six months. Fortunately, spending that kind of money isn't necessary to get decent 3D performance these days.
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Expert Review

5 March 2009
  • Conclusion: You know with such low memory clock speeds, this card is just to be overclocked. We were able to get it up to 570 MHz core, and 650 MHz memory. The stock timings are 500/600 respectively, so I can say I am quite impressed with the overclocking results of this card.
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Fall 2003 Video Card Roundup - Part 3: ATI's Radeon 9600 XT

23 August 2006
  • Conclusion: The Radeon 9600 XT ended up not being nearly as interesting as ATI would've liked it to be, but it does continue ATI's success in the midrange segment. We crowned the original Radeon 9600 Pro the winner of this segment back in April, and with the Radeon 9600 XT ATI extends the lead (although the...
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Expert Review

Tweak News
5 November 2004
  • Excerpt: You can't ignore the fact that this card brings an unbelievable amount of potential to an everyday computer. Instead of just using your computer to surf the web, game and catch up on your work, you can transform that ordinary work box into a complete multimedia center complete with countless...
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Overall 9

Expert Review

25 April 2004
  • Summary: The Radeon 9600XT All In Wonder is the missing piece of the pie when it comes to ATI's 9XXX series of cards. This brings multimedia/gaming performance to the masses with full Direct X 9 compatibility. This means that you can play the latest games.
  • Pros: Full Direct X 9 Performance for your PC, TV and FM radio, TIVO style guide plus software included, Plays all the latest games, Great price ($250), VIVO capability easy to capture those home videos to your PC
  • Cons: Fan is a little louder than usual, No Half Life 2 Coupon
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Expert Review

Tweak News
25 February 2004
  • Excerpt: The 9600XT certainly is the mainstream card to buy. I tested it in many games while I was working on this review, from Vietcong to Morrowind to Need For Speed: Underground and then some.
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Overall 8

ATI Radeon 9600XT 128MB

21 January 2004
  • Conclusion: It seems like forever since the last time I recommended an NVIDIA based video card over ATI in any market segment. NVIDIA usually did okay in the middle range, but this time there is absolutely no comparison.
  • Pros: Superior filtering quality and speed, Includes Half Life 2, Always room for improvement, as ATI works on drivers all the time, Low heat, no external power required, Good overclocking potential
  • Cons: Performance isn't up to the new par set by NVIDIA, Besides HL2, not much else bundled, Needs to go down 1 market segment to be viable
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ATI Radeon 9600XT Video Card Review

3D Xtreme
30 December 2003
  • Summary: Clearly the 9600XT dominates the 5600 in 3D performance which is pretty much what we expected. ATI has built upon the success of their 9600 Pro with the XT. The addition of dynamic overclocking with the Overdrive option in the drivers is a clear winner.
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ATI's Radeon 9600 XT graphics card

15 October 2003
  • Summary: The Radeon 9600 XT's basic rendering capabilities are unchanged from its predecessor, so we haven't included an image quality analysis in this review. However, things do change with driver releases, so we will be looking at the comparative 3D image quality of the latest ATI and NVIDIA products with...
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ATI Radeon 9600XT Review

15 October 2003
  • Summary: We have ATI’s new mainstream video card in the house, the 9600XT. We run it through performance tests and look at the gaming experience delivered with this brand new video card and compare it with the competition.
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