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Asus EAH6870 DC/2DI2S/1GD5
8.2 out of 10

Asus EAH6870 DC/2DI2S/1GD5

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Reviews and Problems with Asus EAH6870 DC/2DI2S/1GD5

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Overall 8

oldie but a goodie

Juan L. Jackson, Amazon
9 December 2015
  • Summary: it's an outdated card, but it had some good years on it, RIP the good years.
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Overall 10

Card is a beast

Jeremy J., Newegg
14 December 2012
  • Summary: I think this was the last model of DC card ASUS made with that solid aluminum back-plate, which does radiate a little bit of heat, and makes the card feel indestructible and stable. I could've gotten a little more performance for my money, but I'll go for reliability any day of the week.
  • Pros: Card is easily OC-able to over 1Ghz Stays under 73 degrees under extended max load in a case with an air-cooled processor. Nickel-sintered copper piping! Most other cards that show off copper heat-pipes don't sinter them so it sells more, however as the copper is exposed to the moisture in the ai...
  • Cons: Is very heavy, and I worry for my motherboard, though it doesn't seem to sag too badly, and not any worse than when I first installed it. It's so big that if your case only has one intake fan, and is located near the bottom of the tower, not much cool air will get to your processor. This is only ...
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Overall 4

I was very happy

William G., Newegg
14 November 2012
  • Summary: everything else I bought worked great, only lost 200 out of the 1600 invested in it
  • Pros: The graphics were incredible and even has a cool option to view the speeds and lets you know everything is running great.
  • Cons: Well it just stopped working three month into it and i tried everything to get it to work so I dont lose out on the money I put in. Tried calling the number it had there and no answer... I felt robbed. Was thinking about getting two so i can run crssfire but I will not be purchasing from here any...
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Overall 4

User Review

Timothy A., Newegg
6 September 2012
  • Pros: Very nice design. Runs fairly cool and quiet.
  • Cons: I had a budget of no more than $200 when I bought this card and went with this one after seeing benchmarks where others have OC'd it. Well, I recently started trying to overclock the card and found myself very limited due to the voltage tweak option not showing up. After completely reinstalling d...
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Overall 6

Love this style card

David S., Newegg
20 August 2012
  • Summary: The guys 'in the back' for Newegg here and affiliates should REALLY start install testing refurbished items BEFORE putting up for sale. Many if not all of your negative feedbacks would be avoided this way.
  • Pros: Very self supportable card for low tech builders, while having options for overclocking and high end gaming if you get two of these babies.
  • Cons: Got this card for a neighbor build, just finished two weeks ago (month after purchase of course) and the fan was loud, and popped up a message saying fan was faulty. Fan went out completely yesterday, making card almost useless if it can't cool. Once again, a great deal on a refurb ending up wast...
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Overall 4

Worked fine then died after 15 months

Christopher H., Newegg
14 August 2012
  • Summary: Asus was nice enough to issue an RMA and repair, however when it came back it had the same symptoms it left with. I'm not paying another $15 shipping so I'll chose another vendor's card this time.
  • Pros: worked fine for 15 months, got a 7.8 on the Windows Experience Index.
  • Cons: After 15 months it locked up my desktop on my computer. Upon reboot, no signal to monitors, loud beep from Asus Crosshair V and the VGA red LED was stuck on solid.
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Overall 10

If you don't have PCIe 3, this is the card for you

SameOldStory, Amazon
21 July 2012
  • Summary: First - Why, and, who, needs this type of card. The main reason for getting one of these cards is Eyefinity. Eyefinity lets you plug in up to 3 monitors into a single card. Create a single desktop of all 3 if you want. There ARE conditions.
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Overall 8

Just a thought

Carter M., Newegg
5 July 2012
  • Summary: I just have one thing with these very sleek, well designed cards, and that is that in most cases, depending on how the motherboard mounts, the cards have to be installed fan side down. What is the point of having a nicely designed fan unit, if you can't even see it?
  • Pros: Card handles almost anything i throw at it, and doesn't run too hot.
  • Cons: Fans can be a little loud, and customer support with ASUS has never been ideal for me, not looking forward to it if this card ever goes out.
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Overall 2

Died after a year

Ryan S., Newegg
26 June 2012
  • Summary: I find it hard to believe that within a month of the warranty running out the card SUDDENLY craps out, when it has not shown a single issue in its entire life. Never buying anything from ASUS again everything i buy from them ends up dying
  • Pros: Was decent while it worked
  • Cons: A MONTH after the one year replacement warranty ran out this card managed to died and take half my system down with it, only buy this card if you want half of your PC to die when this card inevitably dies
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Overall 10

No Problems

Anonymous, Newegg
7 June 2012
  • Pros: I've read all of the other reviews. All i can say is that I've owned this card for about a year now. This was my first GPU I'd ever bought and I think it was a great buy. It runs Skyrim on High - Ultra settings. It runs Battlefield 3 Custom settings (High - Ultra). Since this card isn't a super h...
  • Cons: Catalyst v12.4 has issues with their dual-card setups and micro-shuttering. Personally, I have not Crossfired these cards, so i couldn't tell you if it was an issue or not.
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