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Asus EAH5850

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ASUS EAH5850 TOP Video Card Review

Hardware Secrets
22 September 2010
  • Summary: In most games and simulations we’ve ran, the ASUS EAH5850 TOP achieved performance similar to the standard Radeon HD 5850. The times it was faster, the advantage wasn’t of statistical relevance. The reviewed model from ASUS was up to 7% faster than the standard HD 5850, but it cost way more than the standard model (USD 310 vs. USD 255). Pay 20% more to get up to 7% more performance? No, thanks.
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ASUS EAH5850 CrossfireX

31 July 2010
  • Conclusion: The main conclusion of teaming up the two different ASUS cards is that it worked without conditions. Both cards, even though they follow different designs and run at different default frequencies, were in perfect harmony when it came down to CrossfireX. Not overly surprising but still somewhat unexpected was the finding that the two RADEON 5850 managed to outperform the 5870 tandem in several benchmarks, primarily the 3DMark Vantage Feature Tests 4 and 5 and also in...
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ASUS Radeon HD EAH5850 DirectCU TOP Video Card Review

Legit Reviews
26 April 2010
  • Excerpt: At the end of September ATI Launched the Radeon HD 5850 video card, and by all accounts it has been a hit. It was launched at the right time and at the right price, making it a runaway success. Of course, the downside of buying just below the highest end card available means that you don’t get the fastest performing card around. Naturally, many enthusiasts turn to overclocking their shiny new card to reach the same performance levels of the bigger Radeon HD 5870.
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15 April 2010
  • Conclusion: The heat is on, everybody in the AMD camp is allowed to recklessly squeeze out the maximum performance out of their offerings with the aid of custom designs that are part performance-enhancing, part cost-saving. Either way, high end graphics performance was never as affordable as it is today, it is just absolutely amazing how far we have come in the last few years.
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12 April 2010
  • Conclusion: In conclusion this card performed well above our expectations. Asus has implemented lots of really great and extremely useful features into this card. Starting with the aftermarket cooler, this card runs extremely cool for a high end GPU but also at the same time it is super quiet. With the addition of the great cooler, it allows the user to pull the most performance possible out of his card with such low temps; maximum overclocking is possible without heat worries.
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Asus EAH5850

PC Magazine
31 March 2010
Overall 10

ASUS EAH 5850 TOP DirectCU

9 March 2010
  • Summary: I can only applaud ASUS for their implementation of their EAH5850 TOP DirectCU. The card performed flawlessly in almost all our tests. The included overclock out of the box can give the card a performance boost of about 3% which is justified considering the price increase of $10. This is actually the first overclocked card that reaches a better price/performance score than the non-overclocked product. However, a difference of 3% will be barely noticable in gaming.
  • Pros: Overclocked out of the box, Justified price, Very quiet in idle and load, Software voltage control, Native HDMI output, GDDR5 memory, DirectX 11 support, Increased Overdrive limits, Black PCB and cooler look good, Support for AMD EyeFinity Technology, Native HDMI & DisplayPort, Improvements to integrated HDMI audio device
  • Cons: Higher power draw than HD 5850 reference, Only one DVI output (HDMI to DVI adapter included though), Cooler not as visually pleasing as reference design cooler, DirectX 11 won't be relevant for quite a while, No support for CUDA / PhysX
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ASUS EAH5850/G/2DIS/1GD5 Radeon HD 5850 Video Card Review

23 November 2009
  • Excerpt: It's that time again! A new video card chipset has been released, and like before we get to take a look at what this latest chip holds in store for our gaming and graphics pleasure. This time the chipset is being released from the labs at AMD.
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Overall 10

Asus EAH5850

maximum pc
16 November 2009
  • Excerpt: All of the Radeon cards tested here are based on AMD’s reference design, including this Asus card. However, Asus includes Smart Doctor software, which allows you to easily overclock its card. You can use the app to auto-tune the clock speeds, though this typically gives you a conservative up-clock that results in a relatively modest performance gain.
  • Pros: Asus-supplied voltage tweaking and overclocking utiltities; slightly cheaper than competitors; 3 year warranty
  • Cons: Tweaking voltages is a bit dangerous; more power consumption if you overclock
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ASUS EAH5850 Overclocking

26 October 2009
  • Conclusion: The screenshot above gives some information regarding the actual test performed in each of the sub-tests. Feature Tests 2, 4 and 5 (Color Fill, GPU Flag and GPU Particles ) are the still show the 4890 Crossfire combo ahead in the game but no matter what, the overclocked EAH 5850 is smoking fast. Using the voltage tweak utility, we were able to increase the performance of the ASUS EAH 5850 by more than 40% in some of the sub divisions of 3DMark Vantage.
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