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SonicWALL TZ 205
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SonicWALL TZ 205

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Overall 2

Not again

Lennart L., Newegg
29 June 2015
  • Pros: I guess it worked as a firewall for the year and a half until the unit started failing. (Lost packets, inability to handle data, SUPER slow throughput when one outside VPN active.)
  • Cons: We installed a TZ 205 to act as a firewall over two small LANs and to allow one VPN user to each network. (Two small businesses sharing building space, separate networks behind a shared firewall.) Because my VPN expertise is limited, we hired a SONICWall certified tech to complete the install. Th...
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Overall 8

great but tedious

douglas a., Newegg
11 March 2015
  • Pros: great security and reliability
  • Cons: very tedious to customize and complicated. comes preloaded to block most websites.
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Overall 6

Nice Features - Expected Better Performance

Anthony W., Newegg
14 November 2014
  • Summary: I work from home have approximately 60+ devices hitting the network. Been struggling with the top of the line home routers like the Link sys EA6900. Thought this dual CPU router would perform better. I have a 40UL/5DL internet circuit.
  • Pros: Handles complexity of Internet access and much of the management needed by a SOHO - may be over-priced. Of course you need to be an experienced Network Engineer to setup or purchase the setup assistance support. Picked up a great sales price.
  • Cons: Performance is limited, I expected better from a dual CPU router. I have one machine downloading windows updates and it has the CPU pegged at 98.67% utilization. And yes you do need competent networking skills to set this up.
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Overall 8


David M., Newegg
12 November 2014
  • Summary: Dell customer service sucks. When trying to contact them to point out the error in the specification, the only reply was that your support agreement is expired. This is on the 6th day of owning the device.
  • Pros: Small, Compact, seems to work well. Install wizard works good. I have owned previous sonic walls, so the configuration was not a mystery.
  • Cons: Claims to be 12000 connections, Only 10000. Subtract 1 egg for misrepresentation.
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Overall 4

Great reputation but poor quality

Kevin T., Newegg
24 September 2014
  • Summary: I had great success with other SonicWall routers and security appliances, but this one has found a home on the DNU (do not use) lit. It's a great router, it just doesn't do the job it was intended to.
  • Pros: Good color - very clean looking and the unit is shipped in a gorgeous cardboard box. The plastic wrap surrounding the unit seemed to be high quality and very transparent. The adhesive tape securing the package appeared to be applied straight and with nary a wrinkle.
  • Cons: This unit was selected as a more high-throughput option to the 7 year-old Linksys RV082 router. Sadly, this router is a far cry slower that the old Linksys. In actual speed tests the SonicWall is faster than the Linksys, but the time required to load web pages, S/R email, or download a file is mu...
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Overall 10

One of the easiest firewall i ever configured

Bogdan P., Newegg
22 May 2014
  • Summary: Its great for small business applications.
  • Pros: Wizard is awesome, simple and right to the point . For those who plan to use it an don't know how buy support 8x5 for around $100 a year. I am sure after a year you going to feel comfortable with it.
  • Cons: For some reason sonicwall in general is not friendly with VoIP and needs tailoring.
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Overall 10

Not for wannabe-IT people

Richard C., Newegg
13 May 2014
  • Summary: IF you find this device difficult to use and you are calling yourself a network administrator (like Joey G.) you need to change careers. This is about as easy as it gets in the real world.
  • Pros: Excellent firewall providing unified threat management. Highly reliable and easy to set up and maintain. Fantastic price-point and good routing features built-in.
  • Cons: None. Works as advertised and then some.
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Overall 10

Great Firewall

Mark T., Newegg
29 April 2014
  • Summary: Please ignore the 1 star review. If you can't figure out how to sign into it then it will be over your head on how to configure it. :)
  • Pros: These are great units. I have installed many of them and have 20+ years as a tech. They can be a bit complicated to figure out but that is because it is very configurable and has a lot of options.
  • Cons: None.
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Overall 10

Best in class

Anonymous, Newegg
10 April 2014
  • Summary: If you're considering making the switch to SW and the learning curve has you scared, you might consider buying a TZ100 to learn with. They're a lot cheaper and you won't feel so bad if you decide it's above your skill level.
  • Pros: This appliance is incredibly powerful and customizable. I have five of these installed with a vpn in a star configuration. The vpn has never failed and I'm approaching one year of up-time across all devices. One is installed in a very large house with multiple external wifi antennas. It works ext...
  • Cons: The learning curve is very high, even if you have a good networking background. The good news is that there are no command lines to fiddle with. The gui is well organized. There is however a hidden, advanced control panel that controls some very obscure options. I've only had to use it once.
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Overall 6

So-so SonicWall

Mike H., Newegg
24 November 2013
  • Summary: We have home-grown Linux firewalls (with OpenSWAN) that we had been using for VPN connection and decided to go with a more turnkey approach. The SonicWALLs seem to be pretty cost effective and have features that we were looking for (including WAN failover) and 3G modem capability (in addition to...
  • Pros: WAN failover, 3G modem
  • Cons: Support
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