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Cisco ASA 5505

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Reviews and Problems with Cisco ASA 5505

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Overall 2

Do NOT Purchase

Gregory H., Newegg
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: Newegg also has Netgear units that compete head to head with CISCO. Installed their product today; had a configuration issue; contacted support; got help within 15-minutes "NO HASSLES"
  • Pros: None
  • Cons: The worse IT purchase I have made in 30-years. Could not access the console with Putty or any other terminal software. Took days to get into the "archaic" ASDM. Finally achieved success by installing an outdated JAVA Development Package. It would not accept anything else. Contacted CISCO support during this process and they wanted to charge me $$ just to talk to tech support even though it was under warranty. That was the last straw -- it's boxed up and ready to ship ...
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Overall 10

response to bad reviews

James H., Newegg
13 September 2014
  • Summary: For bad reviewers. If it is a DoA device, that's understandable, but to anyone complaining about functionality, especially to those who are rating themselves a 5 in Tech Knowledge understadning, sorry, but when it comes to Cisco, you may want to knock yourself down a few levels of knowledge. Cisco uses (for good reason) a proprietary CLI owing its' origins to UNIX.
  • Pros: Extremely reliable, provides Cisco CSACLI and ASDM configuration, Cisco gives "the sky is the limit" configuration power to their users.
  • Cons: None
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Overall 2

If you are not a pro you will need a service agreement

Paul K., Newegg
10 August 2014
  • Summary: I like most Cisco products and will even probably like this one once I get it's issues hammered out. But it arrived with a configuration/firmware combination that did not allow its management software (ASDM) to work and now they are holding me up for a service contract to fix something that was broken out of the box. I am sure I will get this working and once I do, I'll be happy with it (I have one already working at one of our colo sites and it has been solid).
  • Pros: Good quality hardware Expandable Knowledgeable user community - trust me, you are going to need them.
  • Cons: -Complicated setup for anything but basic edge routing - you can get that for a lot cheaper -ASDM (remote management tool) will likely not work out of the box due to a known but unacknowledged configuration/licensing issue. No support, at all, without an additional service agreement - can't even download the latest firmware without one - that's right, you will get two year old firmware unless you pay them more!
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Overall 10

No Problems, Good ASA

Michael P., Newegg
24 July 2014
  • Pros: Working with ASA 5505 for the past few years they are straightforward and effective firewalls and this was no different. The unit comes with the standard settings and IOS ver 8.2 with 512 MB of RAM which is good as when upgrading to IOS 9.1 512 MB of ram is required.
  • Cons: USB Flash ports are still listed as for "FUTURE USE" and cannot be used for IOS upgrading. Must setup FTP server to upload IOS. Also, unit was listed as Gigbyte connections but all ASA 5505's are only 100 MB ports.
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Overall 2

ASA 5505

Michael G., Newegg
18 July 2014
  • Summary: Returns should be simple and having faster results. I still don't have my return information. I gave it one star due to the lack of service for a defective power supply. I just want a working product.
  • Pros: Generally a very good product.
  • Cons: I'm very disappointed in my service for my return of this product. I have a defected power supply with a high pitch humming letting me know the switching power has an issue. I tried returning my product being told they will take care of my refund Ant never emailed my return information as promised and several days ago I asked for a refund again with no response. I simply want a working product to use at my house.
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Overall 10

Perfect for the small office

Douglas H., Newegg
27 March 2014
  • Summary: This device will do most of the things that it's bigger brothers will do, only on a smaller scale. If you want a nice little office firewall with site to site and remote access capabilities you can't go wrong.
  • Pros: For a small office you can't go wrong. The GUI can be hard to understand for the beginner, but command line is also available. With a little knowledge of IOS you can have it running in no time. You can get it working out the box by reading the instructions.
  • Cons: Licenses can be hard to understand for the novice. There are different licenses so that you don't buy more than you need. Load balancing, 3DES, AES, AnyConnect Essentials, AnyConnect Premium. Who would know how to sort it out without some pretty good research. The warranty is short, but a service contract is available for a small amount. This gives you software updates, support and device replacement. Only supports 10/100 and not gig. Cisco needs to update this.
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Overall 8

Hate When Ignorant Buyers Give Good Products Bad Reviews

Christopher M., Newegg
6 February 2014
  • Summary: *** Please do not listen to Prem S. review. He does not know what he's talking about. Typical office owner that doesn't want to spend the money for professional IT and wants to DIY. In an office of 30 employees there is really no excuse for this. This will allow than more than 10 users on your LAN. What it won't allow is more than 10 users connected directly to this device. Placing a small router capable of DHCP and NAT address translation avoids the issues Prem S.
  • Pros: Cisco.
  • Cons: Device is starting to show age as it only supports 100 Mb/s. It might not be a problem if you are able to route all you traffic through 1G switches and routers at a level below this unit. If a lot of LAN traffic needs to pass through this device; for instance if you were using this device to separate servers and workstations into two different subnets, flow between the DMZ and the LAN could be bottle necked.
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Overall 6

User Review

Joshua H., Newegg
11 December 2013
  • Summary: I went to school for Cisco training, i've gone through CCIE R/S and CCIE Security training.
  • Pros: it has all the cool features of a commercial grade firewall for $350-$400. ACL, HTTP/protocol inspections, regular expression filters, I mean i can sit here all day explaining this thing, its like a rocket ship. I had a lot of excitement picking this ASA5505 up, and all the features were really cool, I had the high security template applied to it once, and it wouldn't let me go to any website that was like a huge corporation, it was pretty scary actually, it didn't ev...
  • Cons: it comes with a very small return window. I have had issues with this thing since day one, on top of that, i kept it because i was just misconfiguration it or something, but no, it had and has many faulty moments i, its run time. it refused now to even apply access controls that are predefined. I just reset this thing multiple times, I'm about to drive over it with my car. You also don't have access to Ciscos "operating systems" or "firmware" without purchasing more s...
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Overall 8

Tough one to configure but it works

Charles W., Newegg
4 December 2013
  • Summary: Bought this ASA to replace our old PIX and so that it will be compatible with our upgraded Cable download speeds (50mbps VS 7mbps). Had a number of issues trying to upgrade the user license from 10 to unlimited but all was fine after that was settled. Not for the faint of heart to configure but good education for any IT admin.
  • Pros: Good management console Reliable Easy VPN configuration
  • Cons: Takes a learning curve to configure it properly Only 10 users
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Overall 10


Anonymous, Newegg
29 November 2013
  • Pros: Excellent Security Easy to configure
  • Cons: Can't think of any so far except of how many users have spent the money upgrading the Base License to 50 or Unlimited when you can get unlimited users WITH the 10 User Base License without having to dish out anymore $$ ;)
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