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Super Mario Strikers

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Reviews and Problems with Super Mario Strikers

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Super Mario Strikers

23 March 2006

Review – Super Mario Strikers

20 February 2006
  • Conclusion: The game definitely has its problems. There are a couple of items that felt almost broken. For example, when the chain dog drops onto the field he will not leave until he puts all the players on one team into a daze, giving the opponents a huge advantage. As mentioned, there is not enough differentiating one character or one field from another. And there reallyis not a compelling case to be made for the single player game.
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Super Mario Strikers

The Armchair Empire
11 December 2005
  • Conclusion: brutally annoying Chain Chomp, to interrupt your attempt at a Super Strike. One cannot rely purely on Super Strikes so it’s a good thing that the more “traditional” elements of soccer are present, like lob passes and one-timers. Even with the traditional elements, Super Mario Strikers adds its own wrinkles.
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Overall 8
Gameplay 9
Graphics 9
Sound 8
Control 10
Addiction 8

Super Mario Strikers

Nintendo World Report
9 December 2005
  • Pros: Amazing art style, Chaotic weapons, Fast, intense multiplayer
  • Cons: Minor framerate issues, Single player is boring
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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Sound 10
Control 9
Replay value 6

Super Mario Strikers

Project COE
5 December 2005
  • Conclusion: Replay value is a double-edged sword. On one hand, the multiplayer is so addictive you'll never want it to end. Yet, single player is a total let down. Thus, I conclude this review by recommending Super Mario Strikers to multiplayer addicts in particular. However, hardcore single-player Mario fans looking for a breath of fresh air into their favorite mascots are also welcome to give Strikers a rental. Hopefully, Next Level Games are taking notes of the flaws I mentioned.
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Super Mario Strikers Review

2 December 2005
  • Excerpt: Most everything you can do in Super Mario Strikers would earn you a red card or worse in a real soccer match--and that's just the point. Nintendo's arcade football game is big on manic pace and cutesy graphics, and it finds just the right amount of pick-up-and-play addictiveness. Unfortunately, its sometimes troubling frame rate and a lack of variety hold the game back from greatness. Mario and the gang hit the pitch with their Nintendo-themed take on the beautiful game.
  • Pros: Fast-paced arcade soccer, Lots of challenge on upper difficulty levels, Custom tournament mode is fun, Charming character models (even when electrocuted)
  • Cons: Sometimes serious frame rate issues, Lack of variety to the animations and sound, Doesn't feel "Mario" enough
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Overall 8

Super Mario Strikers

2 March 2014
  • Summary: Super Mario Strikers est somme toute un jeu dont vous aurez du plaisir à expérimenter pour le chaos général qui règne sur le terrain et pour sa vision intéressante de ce sport. Les quelques problèmes au niveau du gameplay causeront certes quelques froncements de sourcils, mais ne changeront pas beaucoup de choses au fait que SMS est un titre amusant.
  • Pros: Un super concept Un multijoueurs enlevant A l’âme d’un jeu de Mario
  • Cons: La jouabilité qui aurait besoin d’ajustements Incomplet On fait vite le tour Un peu trop contrôlé par le hasard
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