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Reviews and Problems with Pikmin

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Pikmin – Second Opinion

18 February 2013
  • Excerpt: I spent the last holiday season as a salesclerk in the electronics department of the toy store I currently work at. Early on, during that time, we received the much-anticipated GameCube demo station, allowing customers to experience some of the games soon to be made available.
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Pikmin (GC)

22 December 2004
  • Excerpt: Pikmin was one of the first 10 games released on the Game Cube, and Nintendo did a great job with this one. You play the role of Captain Olimar, whose ship (called the Dolphin) collided with an asteroid and scattered 30 parts to his ship on a planet.
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Overall 9


Into Liquid Sky
30 November 2004
  • Excerpt: Pikmin is an unusual blend that works magnificently: the characters and even the enemies have a certain "cuteness" to them, but the fatalistic struggle is placed in a realistical environment and pulled of with a deepening strategy that will make any gamer glad they played it.
  • Pros: Excellently realized world, Easy to pick up real-time strategy, Great learning curve
  • Cons: Short length, In-game camera is challenging to use
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Overall 2

Expert Review

21 November 2004
  • Excerpt: Lots of fun stuff begins with P - pizza, pop, pasta and too! Here's all you need to know about the Pikmin are up to on the Gamecube.
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Pikmin – Review

8 August 2004
  • Excerpt: The rise of Nintendo can be directly tied to games that commanded the imagination of the player. Those games can also be directly tied to the man who designed most of them, Shigeru Miyamoto.
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Pikmin 2 (GameCube) Review

21 May 2004
Overall 9

Expert Review

13 May 2004
  • Summary: Shigeru Miyamoto, the world-famous creator of Mario and Zelda, has been waiting for years to develop a game like this. When a space traveler crashes in a strange world, the Pikmin - a curious race of plantlike creatures - help him explore, fight off savage predators and assemble the scattered pieces...
  • Pros: Artistic, Visually Enjoyable Levels; Revolutionary Adventure/Puzzle Gameplay; Intuitive Controls; Miyamoto's Perfection; Relaxing Gameplay
  • Cons: No Multiplayer Options; Could have been Longer; Dull Sound Department
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Overall 7
Graphics 10
Replay value 6
Extras 4


30 March 2004
  • Excerpt: Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your garden came to life? The carrots fighting with a head of lettuce, some celery snoozing in the sun, a couple of Lima beans playing with the tomatoes?
  • Pros: The ability to control an entire army of pikmin makes this game incredible. It's like having control over a school of fish!
  • Cons: This game has a 30-day time limit, so there's no time for dilly-dally.
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Overall 9

Expert Review

5 March 2004
  • Excerpt: Strangely enough, it's this quaintness that may have inspired the general apathy that greeted Pikmin soon before and during its release. Certainly, a large amount of people were unhappy to learn that Shigeru Miyamoto's first project on the GameCube wouldn't be a new game in the Mario series, but one...
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Game Ratio
31 October 2003
  • Excerpt: Pikmin is a wildly original real time strategy game that is quite a bit of fun. You play as Olimar, a stranded astronaut that crashed on an alien planet. Your goal is to use (enslave) native animals called Pikmin to recover all of your spaceship parts so that you can repair your ship and fly home.
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