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Lost Kingdoms
5.7 out of 10

Lost Kingdoms

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Lost Kingdoms – Second Opinion

18 February 2013
  • Excerpt: I'm just going to dive right in and say that I wholeheartedly agree with everything Brad's said about Lost Kingdoms . This is a gem of a game that's not gotten nearly the attention it deserves from GameCube owners. It's a shame, but it's par for the course as far as From Software is concerned.
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Overall 8

Lost Kingdoms

27 January 2011
  • Excerpt: Yes the truth of the matter is that the Gamecube is lacking in software titles. […]
  • Pros: No Info Available
  • Cons: No Info Available
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Overall 9

Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage review (GEN)

21 August 2006
  • Excerpt: Once upon a time, there was a man with freckles and red hair. His name was Cletus Kasady. Cletus Kasady was not a sane man. There were a lot of things wrong with his life; didn't do well in school, abusive father, generally unliked by girls.
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Overall 5
Gameplay 5
Graphics 5
Sound 4
Storyline 5
Lifespan 5

Expert Review

Gaming Addicts Network
24 August 2005
  • Excerpt: Lost Kingdoms is definitely one of those unique games that you don’t find everyday. I read about it a few years back thinking, “I’ll never be able to play this” not actually realising that a while after that, I would come to own a Gamecube, find the game and play it.
  • Pros: + Pros-Unique and innovative game play
  • Cons: - Cons-Lacked in pace
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Overall 7

Lost Kingdoms

Gaming Evolution
29 May 2004
  • Conclusion: Overall, From Software’s Lost Kingdoms is a great experience. Though, not up there with the likes of Tales of Symphonia or Baten Kaitos, it is definitely worth you time and the experience.
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Overall 5

Lost Kingdoms

Into Liquid Sky
21 May 2004
  • Excerpt: In the realm of Argwyll, there are five kingdoms, besieged by a dark force, which has taken over all but the Kingdom of Alanjeh. Princess Katia of Alanjeh has found a magical key hidden deep in the castle which allow her to see the monsters of this dark force.
  • Pros: Great card/battle system, Lighting and monster summons look good
  • Cons: Way too short, Graphics and audio aren't too impressive
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Lost Kingdoms – Review

2 May 2004
  • Excerpt: When the GameCube arrived on store shelves, there was never any doubt that it would be home to some great games. With names like Mario, Zelda and long-absent Samus behind the company, Nintendo's first-party software is generally considered to be the cream of the videogame crop.
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Lost Kingdoms (GameCube) Review

20 January 2004
Overall 6

Expert Review

26 July 2002
  • Excerpt: The Gamecube has been devoid of RPGs, and that makes many gamers sad. Fortunately, Activision has stepped in with Lost Kingdoms, a strange little RPG that uses a collectible card game battle system. Sound strange? It is. But it's kind of fun, too. Click here for more.
  • Pros: ups: Card battles require some strategy; first RPG for GC.
  • Cons: downs: Too short; some tedious elements; card battles get kind of old; mediocre graphics.
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Overall 8
Features 9
Gameplay 10
Graphics 8
Sound 8
Lifespan 7

Lost Kingdoms

Gaming Target
15 July 2002
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