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Battalion Wars

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Reviews and Problems with Battalion Wars

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Expert Review

25 July 2008

Battalion Wars

8 July 2006
Overall 7

Expert Review

9 April 2006
  • Excerpt: We all know that war is hell. It tears families apart, pits brother against brother, and is sometimes a means for power mongering world leaders to fulfill their own agendas. Somehow, Nintendo has found a way to make war…cute? That’s the first impression I got when I sat down and played Battalion Wars which you could consider the love child of Pikmin, Cannon Fodder, and is eerily reminiscent of General Chaos on the Genesis – for those of you who actually remember the...
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Battalion Wars

5 April 2006
Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Sound 8
Control 7
Addiction 6

Battalion Wars

Nintendo World Report
30 September 2005
  • Summary: Kuju and Nintendo have come up with a neat idea by merging the real-time strategy genre with the third-person shooter genre, and the end result is fairly successful.
  • Pros: Fluid frame-rate even when things get insanely chaotic, Huge environments, Pretty animation, Things often get insanely chaotic, Units control very differently, Wide-screen, progressive scan, and Pro Logic II support
  • Cons: A few irritating bugs, Campaign mode is too short, Limited controls, No multiplayer
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Battalion Wars

The Armchair Empire
27 September 2005
  • Conclusion: on-the-fly unit swapping is performed by flicking the C-stick to select a unit (or group) then pressing the Z-button, which is great when you have time to think but during battle it’s almost always a recipe for disaster. There’s no micromanaging a battle – you just hope you’ve picked the right targets for your units and start to run and gun with whatever unit you’re controlling.
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Overall 7

Battalion Wars Review

12 March 2006
Overall 7

Battalion Wars GameCube Review

30 November 2005
  • Conclusion: Overall, we’re dealing with a fair piece of software that should be given a try. While the story is pretty straightforward and gameplay is top-notch, the game’s replay value suffers quite heavily from the lack of a multiplayer mode. While I don’t blame Kuju for not including it as the GameCube’s online/LAN service is laughable, I still think that a multiplayer option would have made an outstanding addition to the game and would shift a lot more units past retail...
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Overall 7
Gameplay 4
Lifespan 4
Playability 8

Review: Battalion Wars

28 November 2005
  • Conclusion: Battalion Wars is a nice cartoony war game with lots of potential. Too bad it's too short, the controls are hard to learn and there's no multiplayer to fulfill it.
  • Pros: Great movies, War parodies, Controlling different units
  • Cons: No inbattle save option, No multiplayer, Map screen, Dumb units
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Expert Review

29 June 2014
  • Summary: Ich hatte wirklich jede Menge Spaß bei Battalion Wars. Besonders der Abwechslungsreichtum innerhalb der Missionen hat es mir angetan. Meistens war auch der Schwierigkeitsgrad kein besonders großes Problem, sofern man ruhig und überlegt an die Sache ranging. Wer einen auf Sturmkommando macht, der kann zwar auch zum Erfolg kommen, wird aber meistens irgendwo scheitern.
  • Pros: + gelunger Mix aus Action und Strategie + sehr viel Abwechslung + witzige Story in ernstem Ambiente + gute Balance + gelungene englische Sprecher
  • Cons: - zu kurz - manchmal etwas hektisch - schwache Texturen - kein Multiplayer-Modus - Schwächen in der K.I.
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