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Army Men

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Reviews and Problems with Army Men

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Overall 4
Gameplay 6
Lastability 2

I Love The Smell Of Burning Plastic In The Morning

wampyrii, Ciao
16 September 2001
  • Excerpt: Ahhh a game where you get to control those green plastic soldiers of your childhood against the tan plastic soldiers who were always their sworn enemy. Well ok, in my childhood the enemy was always grey, but then I suppose it depends who your countriy's enemy was - obvious the American's were against tan soldiers, we were up against grey...ermmm... Well, colourisms aside, Army Men is a pretty decent game, not without its problems of course, but still pretty decent.
  • Pros: see review
  • Cons: see review
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Overall 4
Gameplay 6
Lastability 8

War Huh

sarah1, Ciao
3 August 2001
  • Excerpt: Those little green plastic soldiers get EVERYWHERE! You've got Army Men games on the PC, Nintendo 64, PlayStation…soon to be Army Men games on the Dreamcast – and now, Army Men on the Game Boy. So, what's it like? It's a bit like Ikari Warriors on the Spectrum, or maybe Cannon Fodder for the Amiga. If you haven't played them, then I'll elaborate! You wander around a map with a sort of pseudo isometric viewpoint, trying to wipe out the enemy soldiers (the Tan lot).
  • Pros: Great sound, nice missions
  • Cons: Poor controls
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Overall 4
Gameplay 10


Jamie.Ben..., Ciao
17 December 2000
  • Excerpt: I realy enjoyed playing this game as it is just a brillent game, most games which are released on one console then another mostly suck but uhh uhh... not this one. i say this is better that the pc version or the new playstation version, it is just fantastic and very original ideas, good sound and graphics .
  • Pros: Quite cccooolllllllll
  • Cons: N/A
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Overall 4

not the best of games!

smossy, Ciao
18 September 2000
  • Excerpt: BEWARE ARMY MEN FANS! Don't bother getting this game. I just doesn’t live up to the standards of the Army Men line. Here is my break down of graphics, sound, game play, and fun factor Graphics: Well its not 3D cause that would be impossible for the game boy. Overall its very hard to distinguish Sarge from the background. Tan men blend into the background at times causing headaches when playing.
  • Pros: i suppose it isnt that bad for a game boy game
  • Cons: everything is very poor
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Overall 8

User Review

Kleiner_Drache, WiiG
17 February 2001