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6.3 out of 10

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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Reviews and Problems with Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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Overall 9
Gameplay 8
Graphics 7
Sound 5
Lastability 9


eyneychuck , GameStop
28 July 2011
  • Summary: I got this game for my birthday and played it right away. the game realy dipicts the book more than a movie, but thats a good thing.
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Overall 8

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

"g_robinson", amazon.co.uk
9 October 2004
  • Summary: 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring' RPG video game for the Nintendo GBA is somewhat fun and addictive. The graphics are very detailed, the music (score) is pretty good, and there is twenty plus hours of gameplay which makes the game all the more worth buying and playing. The combat system in this RPG game is turn-based which is fun, but a bit slow. The plot in the game follows author J.R.R. Tolkien's brilliant story very well!
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Overall 6

Sooo Precious?

"g_robinson", amazon.co.uk
14 March 2003
  • Summary: Well when i recived this game as a christmas gift i was thrilled, i love a good RPG and tolkein is the king. Well it took a while to get into and after a bit of pointless plot setting in the shire involving picking up random articles (e.g - which type of shire weed do you want?!) the adventure (finally) begins.
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Overall 2


"alaingray", amazon.co.uk
7 March 2003
  • Summary: What the hell is the fuss about this game? I'm a mad LOTR fan but this game is rubbish. The game starts out nicely, controlling Frodo and wondering about Hobbiton. The graphics seem alright and the sound is nice but as soon as you reach the Old Forest, it gets tedious and boring. The game lacks action, all you do is walk around and do nothing. This game has four major problems: Firstly, this game makes you fall asleep with excitement. It's BORING.
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Overall 4


"clancypc", amazon.co.uk
3 March 2003
  • Summary: I would have to say that I was very let down by this game. The graphics are good, but the gameplay has some very serious bugs (some of which are well known and publicised). Character development only comes about by completing certain quests or actions and then only for a specific character. It does not matter how much action the characters see they do not progress. Fights are best avoided unless the enemy is protecting something.
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Overall 10


"bagpudd", amazon.co.uk
7 November 2002
  • Summary: This game is really cool. You get to play all the characters from the books. The graphics are very good for the gameboy. The gameplay is a bit slow at first but gets faster once you progress through the later levels. You should really buy this if you like the book & film. It's the best game for LOTR fans and offers 20+ hours of game. One game to rule them all.
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Overall 10

Lord Of The Games

"bagpudd", amazon.co.uk
31 October 2002
  • Summary: The Lord Of The Rings: Felloeship Of The Ring, game is an accurate portrayal of middle-earth as visioned by J.R.R Tolkien it plays well and allows exploration so even if you have read the books and seen the film, it won't be an easy task. The graphics are good considering it is on the GBA, and the fighting system is inventive and easy to use, i would recomend this game for Lord Of The rings fans and any RPG fans.
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