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Breath Of Fire

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Breath of Fire (GBA)

24 January 2003
  • Excerpt: Breath of Fire was Capcom\'s first RPG for the SNES(which was published by Squaresoft at the time), and quickly started a popular series of console RPGs. At the time of this writing, there have been at least four sequels. This game has been re-released for the GameBoy Advance. You play the hero, whose name is by default Ryu, and you guide him and up to seven other party members to save the world from the Dark Dragons.
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Breath of Fire Review

26 October 2002
  • Excerpt: Since its June launch, the Game Boy Advance has slowly been developing its identity as a gaming platform. While the system is capable of truly impressive 3D visuals for a handheld, the 2D games that have come out for it make a strong case for the GBA becoming the spiritual progeny of the legendary SNES. Capcom's recent conversion of the classic SNES RPG Breath of Fire lends credence to that label.
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Overall 5

Expert Review

23 October 2002
  • Excerpt: SquareSoft was the first to release Breath of Fire on the Super Nintendo in 1993. Under the circumstances, BoF was a welcome addition to the system's library. Remember, at the time, North America was lucky to get a couple RPGs a year. The isometric battle system and action-oriented exploration were unique enough for people to forget about BoF's shortcomings; namely, a generic plot, bland characters, and a wretched translation.
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Overall 9

Breath of Fire

Game Over Online
20 March 2002
  • Excerpt: Breath of Fire is a port of an SNES RPG of the same name. As I've never played Breath of Fire or much of any RPGs on the SNES, I will have to draw on my old experiences with the Japanese NES systems because in truth, Breath of Fire is none too different from a classic Japanese-style RPG. Breath of Fire begins with the story of Ryu, who is part of the Light Dragon Clan.
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Overall 5
Features 6
Gameplay 7
Graphics 4
Sound 9
Lifespan 3

Breath of Fire

Gaming Target
6 February 2002
  • Summary: ?The saga of the fate of the Dragon Tribe is about to begin??
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Overall 8

Breath Of Fire

8 September 2004