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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
5.6 out of 10

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

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Reviews and Problems with Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

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Overall 5

A graphically attractive hack n' slash with little gameplay

NobodysSon, MobyGames
9 March 2006
  • Conclusion: Dark Alliance started out very well and then dropped the ball. There are no surprises in this game after Act I. As an action game it is completely average. It is so standard that it could have been a 2D side scroller without losing anything from the gameplay. As a RPG it fails.
  • Pros: Graphics-wise there is little to complain about in Dark Alliance. The monsters are well modeled and animated, the locations are interesting to look at, and the lighting effects are wonderful. The ripple and counter-ripple as your character wades through water is beautiful. Your character portrait...
  • Cons: Sadly, for me there was more bad than good to this game. The game began very well and I was anticipating and enjoyable adventure. By the end of Act I I was very disappointed.
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Overall 4

A nice effort, but not quite there yet.

10 June 2005
  • Conclusion: Prelude of ports It's a wonder why dungeon crawlers, or hack'n'slash games, aren't more prolific in the Game Boy Advance library. These types of games tend to draw players with elements such as manageable, fast combat; the RPG-like layer present in character customization; and the sense of character...
  • Pros: The graphics are nice overall, and animations are fluid. The character system is easy to learn and combat is generally fast-paced. Different types of equipment allow for different strategies against enemies.
  • Cons: While pretty, scenarios are repetitive. The weak storyline with cardboard characters comes off as a mere afterthought. Combat is too simplistic, and considerably brought down by very poor AI. The game also suffers with some balance and design issues.
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Overall 9

Eldrith the Betrayer? Not ringing any bells.

Terrence Bosky, MobyGames
26 February 2004
  • Conclusion: Having played and been disappointed by the tedious PC incarnation of Baldur’s Gate I had reservations about this game, but I really enjoyed it. Arcade over RPG was a good move, and Snowblind was able to retain the importance of the AD&D rules system. I highly recommend.
  • Pros: Penniless and nursing sore heads, my party began its adventures in Baldur’s Gate in a haunted tavern recovering from a mugging. I, the Arcane Archer, and my wife, the Elven Sorceress (with no one being the Dwarven Fighter), had experienced the might of the new Thieves Guild firsthand and eagerly ...
  • Cons: Baldur’s Gate is so polished and focused, it’s hard to find fault with any part of it.
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Overall 7

A solid action RPG with impressive visuals, and insanely addictive co-op mode - 4 Stars

Ryu, MobyGames
25 November 2003
  • Conclusion: Action fans and RPG fans alike will love this very entertaining title. Based on the Dungeon & Dragons 3rd Edition rules, with authentic monsters, weapons and the like, gives the player the formidable task of purging the land of evil via several challenging quests.
  • Pros: --> Impressive visuals - well developed environments, good character models with realistic facial expressions, nice texture work, great spell effects (though they do sometimes slow the action down when in co-op mode)
  • Cons: --> too short, an experienced gamer can finish the game in 10 hours or less
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Overall 6

This game is not much RPG, Not much Diablo like... what is it trying to be?

VXBlade, MobyGames
7 March 2002
  • Conclusion: Gold covered crud. Pretty, but lacking any definition as to what it is trying to be good at to set it apart.
  • Pros: The graphics and effects in this game are incredible, but that's where my praise for this game ends. Although the story is paced well and moves along, it seems that it is rather simple to say the least. I'm gunna have to move the rest of my views on this game to the BAD
  • Cons: OK, where do I begin. It's short... very short. The RPG elements are limited to skill building and level gaining, but honestly, the way the game works... they should have just simplified the engine to a Gauntlet style. All this game really is was designed by the Gauntlet creators long ago. The cr...
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