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Advance Wars

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Overall 8

Great war on little screen

666gonzo666, MobyGames
19 May 2013
  • Conclusion: Handhelds usually do not have a lot of strategy. Yes, RTS and TBS sometimes occur, but these are usually only a small addition to other games. However, it is worth sometimes to throw a look at them - Advance Wars is one of the best turn-based strategy for the Game Boy Advance is a very good title, worthy of 8/10. It is worth to play. The first game of the series AW is a great, joyful entertainment, and it started a long series of great games.
  • Pros: Advance Wars is turn-based strategy, quite similar to Battle Isle series, where we are fighting with the enemy, and gaining buildings providing war funds.
  • Cons: The game has no disadvantages, unless you compare it with games from big platforms. Very small minuses are squares - I prefer hexes strategies from PC - and repeated battles animation. Sounds are average - but that's the charm of the GBA games.
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Overall 8

May look bad But its not

gross99, epinions.com
29 June 2005
  • Summary: This is the best of all games on gameboy advance it has multi player single player both are great, its a best buy.
  • Pros: Well its fun, great single and multiplayer, and good graphics
  • Cons: Needs lots of batteries
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Overall 8

"Advance Wars", command your soldiers well, and be victorious.

rpgaddict, epinions.com
10 November 2003
  • Summary: If turn based combat is for you.(the player)Why not play Advance Wars? I've recommended this game, and so will many other people.
  • Pros: Both a fun and challenging game.
  • Cons: Enemy officer's begin with more funding, and their power gauge can fill much quicker.
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Overall 8

Damn, this things tough! Yet...so fun...

steven9988, epinions.com
31 July 2003
  • Summary: Must get GBA game.
  • Pros: Fun, challenging, strategic
  • Cons: Too challenging for some
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Overall 8

Sequel or expansion?

RockguyKev, epinions.com
26 June 2003
  • Summary: Played out the first? Don't need this one. Haven't played the first? You need this one.
  • Pros: Same solid gameplay, tons more levels
  • Cons: Same solid gameplay means there isn't much new here
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Overall 8

The Game George Bush Plays In His Spare Time!

JiggyJay, epinions.com
20 May 2003
  • Summary: I know, I know, I wasn't due until May 22, but hey, I am trigger happy. Read my profile.
  • Pros: Great game play, awesome soundtrack, very fun, lasts a long time
  • Cons: The Artificial Intelligence sucks, may be hard for some people
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Overall 8

Don't judge a game by its cover

pzx2001, epinions.com
18 September 2002
  • Summary: Deep, entertaining game. Get this, you won't regret it.
  • Pros: Really deep game that will have you playing for hours
  • Cons: Gets kind of repetitive
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Overall 8

Advance Wars-When will you beat it?

mikekk67, epinions.com
21 July 2002
  • Summary: Well, personally I wouldn't be all too upset if I didn't get this game but it does promise a lot of gameplay.
  • Pros: A game for older and more stradegy based people...not common for GBA games.
  • Cons: Some levels feel impossible at times.
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Overall 8

Advance Wars storms onto GBA

trevlyn13, epinions.com
26 May 2002
  • Summary: Good strategy game, I recommend it to everyone, especially fans of the genre. Definitely worth the money.
  • Pros: Lots of maps, varied units, balanced gameplay, good replayability
  • Cons: Can be boring or tedious
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Overall 8

A must own for any Game Boy Advance fan

Travis Russell, MobyGames
1 January 2002
  • Conclusion: This game is an easy to play strategy/war game that should be loads of fun for anyone. Without a doubt one of the best titles released so far for the Game Boy Advance.
  • Pros: Advance Wars is easily one of my more favorite Game Boy Advance games. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, albeit a bit simple, and can be picked up in a matter of minutes. This is one of the games that you start playing and don't stop playing it for hours on end; it's extremely addictive. Multiplayer battles are an absolute HOARD of fun. Although multiplayer battles are preferable, playing against the AI is also great fun. You can hone your skills here, but perfe...
  • Cons: As I said, the overhead graphics aren't all too great, but the developers appeared to do all they could. The nature of the game itself is simplistic, but you could see that as an advantage or disadvantage, it all depends on your point of view.
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