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Sony PSP
6.7 out of 10

Sony PSP

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Reviews and Problems with Sony PSP

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Overall 10

Great Product!!

Anonymous, Newegg
12 October 2007
  • Summary: I would recommend this to anyone who is going to buy a PSP or simply a device that has Music, Videos, Internet, and Pictures this is it!
  • Pros: What can I say it plays all the media just like the first one, but its lighter..has more memory and its WHITE! I've always wanted it in this color and i've been waiting for it since it came out the first time!
  • Cons: Many would think that having Darth Vader in the back is a con..but really its not to shabby..
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Overall 6

Not Happy

Miriam D., Newegg
18 August 2007
  • Summary: I recieved mine with a 1 dead pixel. Not happy at all. Will RMA it. I don't like the idea that I must pay to ship it.
  • Pros: Good faming system. Fun to go online and play socom and use for music and the internet.
  • Cons: Finds itself on the charger alot. Battery life is not great, but is not that bad. Magnet for finger prints and scratches. Take very good care of it. 1 drop and this system is good for the garbage most likely.
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Overall 10

buy it

Anonymous, Newegg
12 August 2007
  • Summary: For all you people complaining about buying UMD videos again to play it on ur psp you can simply buy a converter software that converts ur dvds into mp4 format that fits nicely into ur psp memory stick..
  • Pros: Whats not to love? Mp3, MP4, Game player, pictures, Wifi, and an LCD screen.
  • Cons: Speakers can be a tad bit louder...
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Overall 10

A great unit for those older than ten.

Lynne A., Newegg
10 August 2007
  • Summary: There's going to be a 30% slimmer version with a third more battery life. It'll weigh less too. Five stars for now, five for the future!
  • Pros: Shelf life, battery's life span, visualk quality in games, future upgrades, firmware updates, software features, internet, converted DVD's are supported (free movies), music, cheap memmory sticks (4GB=70 bucks), infrastructure, the list goes on.... and on.... and on....
  • Cons: There are some definate cons here, though they are very few. Movies are no longer an issue (so that can't be a con now) Battery life's getting extended this year, so, that's not a con anymore.... Games continue to come, so I guess there aren't any cons now! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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Overall 10

Great System

Charles A., Newegg
6 August 2007
  • Summary: Way better than a DS. This will hold sony during this console war.
  • Pros: Portable PS2. MP3 Player, easy connectivity, better than an ipod with significantly less memory and battery life than an ipod video.
  • Cons: How hard would it have been to put 2 analog sticks on this system? Ought to make a slim version 2.
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Overall 8

hold off on this

Anonymous, Newegg
16 July 2007
  • Summary: for anyone who wants to get a psp i would suggest waiting until september when they release the revised version of it. i wasn't aware of this at the time i bought my psp and now i wish i would have waited.
  • Pros: nice display
  • Cons: low battery life, analog button is annoying, and slow load time with some games [Read other thoughts]
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Overall 4

Great screen, poor system

Ben M., Newegg
29 June 2007
  • Summary: For a portable gaming device, it sure tends to be tied to its power cable a lot, the battery tends to run out in a little over 2 hours unless you play with low volume and turn the brightness way down. Potentially, I think this could have been a very good portable gaming system.
  • Pros: Bright and colorful screen. Powerful piece of hardware. Reasonably compact.
  • Cons: Poor battery life (3 hours max with decent brightness). Games are weak with very very few exceptions. Needs a second analog stick. Dead pixels. Weak volume even with decent quality headphones.
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Overall 2

Who's responsible for this autrocity?

Anonymous, Newegg
27 June 2007
  • Summary: The price at least dropped some, before I could get a DS and a portable DVD player for less so I could play many good games and watch movies on a much larger screen. I could then go home and watch the movies in my home DVD player with an even larger screen with 5.1 audio w/out buying 2 copys of the...
  • Pros: There are pros? It doesn't even make a good door stop!
  • Cons: PS1 level graphics, no good games, "UMD" only works on PSP (means it's not universal),dead pixels, small screen, tinny speakers, costs too much, and I think it physically looks ugly.
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Overall 10

If it had a touch screen it would beet the !PHON3

Michael A., Newegg
26 June 2007
  • Summary: Needs a touch screen. I've said it since the day i bought it (about a month after release) would totally beet out the !phone years before the thing even came out. PS3 remote play is amazing. Media server running of computer streaming to ps3 to psp all through my wifi.
  • Pros: Its my portable RvB player and TV remote. Biggest screen in portable gaming! 16.7 million colors, it could reach 1080p before it even existed (metaphorically) WIFI! You can play games online, something the D$ wasn't MADE to do. Internet browser is comparable to like IE 5 doesn't to do much, but y...
  • Cons: Can't fit every season of RvB on my 2GB pro duo. The place I bought it at gave me a bad time. Newegg rocks forever. They charged me to much and gave me a refurb when Purchased a used one. Went back gave them my business, they refunded my money let me buy a new one. Worked for like 2 months called...
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Overall 10

Solid Portable Console

Sean F., Newegg
31 May 2007
  • Summary: This is a great portable media device that I can play amazing games on, check my email with, browse the web with (limited, but still useful), and access RSS feeds/podcasts on when I'm near a hotspot. Get the Media Manager for the extra dough though. I resisted at first, but I'm glad I picked it up.
  • Pros: Best screen in portable gaming device or portable media player anywhere. This isn't even the same device that it was at launch, thanks to consistent firmware updates. Many more features now available with latest firmware. Wifi! Supports MS Duo Pro Memory Stick. Plays my converted movies perfectly...
  • Cons: UMD disc load times are abysmal, but I knew that prior to the purchase. Music organization could be vastly improved. Feels heavy after playing a while. Where's the GPS and keyboard attachment over here in the states? UMD movie prices way too high to justify purchasing any of them, especially if y...
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