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Sony PSP
6.5 out of 10

Sony PSP

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Reviews and Problems with Sony PSP

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Overall 10

PSP if know software

Joseph N., Newegg
13 October 2006
  • Summary: Thumb stick could of been placed better, kinda need to buy a hand grip if you have big hands
  • Pros: For games - awesome, for movies - Amazing you can put them on the memory card if you have a brain and the internet don't go buy UMD movies, photos - great, For internet - its ok, and for music its great.
  • Cons: uhmmm... photos take a whole 2 secs to load sometimes ???? other then that none unless your not so smart and pay for stuff you can just do on your own
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Overall 8

Very good

Bret H., Newegg
2 October 2006
  • Summary: I bought this to use on my internetional flights, and was appaled at battery life. Had to buy external battery pack. The WiFi was a nice feature, but is really useless untill a USB keyboard is released. Onscreen typing interface really slow and hard to use
  • Pros: Large, bright easy to read screen. Good game selection. Controls all in easy reach. Holds well in hand. Good Multimedia capabilities.
  • Cons: Battery life is abyssmal at best. 2 hours of game runtime, 4-5 hours of movie. Screen scratches VERY easily, BUY STICK ON SCREEN COVERS, NOT THE PLASTIC ARMOR. Plastic armor makes controls hard to push, a five cent plastic screen cover works much better.
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Overall 10

psp rocks

aileen j., Newegg
30 September 2006
  • Summary: I've had my psp for 1 year, and have battlefront II, harry potter 4, need for speed most wanted, and nba live 06. I also have a 2gb memory stick. uploading files is easy but make sure you format memory stick first.
  • Pros: Large, crystal clear screen. Long battery life. Watching movies from memory stick has no load time. Movies fit screen good. supports multiple file types. can run awsome homebrew. Lots of games. Great internet capabilities. can play music. can watch live tv with location free player. takes rss fee...
  • Cons: wifi eats up batterey. pics. load time kind of stinky. umd movies overpriced.
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Overall 4

Amazing system, poor software to back it.

Anonymous, Newegg
20 September 2006
  • Summary: if you're looking for a software experience go with a DS lite, if you are looking for a mulitmedia experience go with the psp however do no expect there to be a ton of stellar titles.
  • Pros: awesome media capabilities, handful of good games, beautiful design
  • Cons: price, not really ps2 quality graphics more of a ps1.5, $xx games, no competitive online mode mostly only local "ad hoc", proprietary storage devices(cards and UMDs, umd movies are too expensive, feels as though if i drop it once i could break it into 10000000 pieces
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Overall 10


Cody S., Newegg
31 August 2006
  • Summary: Sweet little machine
  • Pros: You cant really ask for more from this small xxx dollar unit. Well let me begin if you can downgrade to 1.5 do so and buy a 2 gig card. The homebrew opens this machine up completely. Its my Ipod, portable dvd player, game machine, internet viewer, Tv tuner*, Internet radio*, Tv Remote* (universal...
  • Cons: None with my 1.5 white psp
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Overall 6

It tries too hard

Anonymous, Newegg
28 August 2006
  • Summary: After owning it for over a year, I've decided to go get a Portable Media Center and a DS. The PSP was an awesome idea with visionary scope, but poorly executed and ahead of it's time, it tried to be too many things at once. Technology just isn't ready for an "All in one Games/Media/PDA system".
  • Pros: Great media support! At the time I purchased (about a year ago) most portable media players cost twice as much. Served me well over the past year, never broke, took more abuse than most people give them credit for. Beautiful display, great wifi support, awesome features + more to come from Sony.
  • Cons: LOADING TIMES were terrible. None of the games are designed with "play on the go" in mind. Definitely not a "gamers console". It was able to do a lot of cool things, but it wasn't particularly good at any of them. Internet browser was useless.
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Overall 10

Excellent, but lacks games

Mr. E., Newegg
22 August 2006
  • Summary: It really is a great system in terms of hardware, graphics quality, and versatility, but like I said, it needs games. Since it lacks games, it's kind of over-priced. The cheaper Nintendo DS may not have the graphics or as many functions, but it has a lot more games.
  • Pros: *The BEST screen and graphics on any hand-held ever! *Versatile; I've used it for movies, music, the internet, and photos.
  • Cons: *lacks games. The PSP needs games badly. The coming new MGS and the PS1 emulator can't get here fast enough.
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Overall 10

Great portable game system

Timothy W., Newegg
19 August 2006
  • Summary: It doesn't sound like the last reviewer ever owned a psp or even bothered to buy games if they did. Theres so many great games out for this now. The only problem is that they're mostly imports so they get pricey.
  • Pros: Great display. Good battery life unless playing graphics intense games. Great game library. Basically a ps2 in the palm of your hand. Memory stick pro duo is fairly cheap now. The games are regionless.
  • Cons: Plays back mp4 movies files only (but files are easily converted). Finger print magnet. The good games are pricey.
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Overall 4

Get a DS

Joseph C., Newegg
13 August 2006
  • Summary: if your just looking for a portable media player this thing has some bang for the buck, but if your looking for a fun gaming device just buy a DS lite.
  • Pros: Nice screen size, excellent graphics, extra media functions are nice.
  • Cons: screen has noticeable ghosting, scratches easier than you'd expect. Square button eventually wears out and stops working. useless analog nub. extremely low battery life. UMD video is a joke. the game library is abysmal.
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Overall 10


Timothy S., Newegg
25 July 2006
  • Summary: Newegg said 3 day shipping, Came within 2 days. 1 day for processing and 1 day for delivery, gotta love newegg. A+++
  • Pros: Perfect condition, everything works, all i wanted + more.
  • Cons: no 32 mb duo T.T, but 32mb is bad, just upgrade to a 1gb stick.
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