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Reviews and Problems with NVIDIA Shield

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Nvidia Shield Portable Games Console Review

5 May 2014
  • Conclusion: Nvidia has made something truly unique with the Nvidia Shield, it’s an ambitious device and one that I feel has a place in the market, although I’m not sure there are many consumers out there who think they need it. The range of features on this device is nothing short of staggering, compared to your average tablet or competing Android gaming devices from the likes of GameStick, Mad Catz and a few others, the Shield is in a completely different league.
  • Pros: Class leading performance, Extensive feature set, High-quality touch screen, Powerful speakers, Extensive connectivity options (although many require 3rd party adaptors), Console mode, Impressive battery life, Customisable covers, Google Play offers hundreds of thousands of apps from day one
  • Cons: Its unique approach may put off many consumers who want something more “simple”.
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Overall 8
Performance 7
Sound 6
Battery performance 10
Display 8
Weight 9
Noise 10
Gaming performance 8
Connectivity 6
Keyboard 8
Temperature 9

Review NVIDIA Shield Handheld

26 April 2014
  • Summary: A Shield to marvel at. This isn't Captain America's shield and unfortunately not made of Vibranium either, but we'd be damned if it isn't the best Android-based gaming platform currently in the market.
  • Pros: Solid build quality, Fast 1.8 GHz Tegra 4 APU and system performance, Responsive controls and comfortable grip, Android KitKat and consistent software updates from Nvidia, Nvidia GameStream, Grid and Gamepad mapper, High capacity battery for longer battery life, Bright display for outdoor use and high contrast, Native support for Bluetooth and USB mice and keyboards for games, Low surface temperatures under heavy load, Dedicated HDMI-out and MicroSD for better multime...
  • Cons: Landscape mode is largely impractical, Web browsing, emailing and other related tasks are easier on a tablet or smartphone, Analog sticks and directional pad can feel small compared to console counterparts, Display bezel could be narrower without decreasing screen size, Glossy surfaces scratch easily, Lack of exclusive Android titles, Inaccurate color reproduction, Minor bugs in GameStream and GRID, No dedicated volume or brightness toggle buttons, Very poor bass repr...
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Nvidia Project Shield portable console: Hands on

12 February 2014
  • Excerpt: In our Best of CES 2013 roundup , we'd probably pick the Oculus Rift as best of the show, but this comes at a close second. Teaser video below...
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NVidia Shield Review

20 January 2014
  • Summary: The NVidia Shield is a dedicated Android device for gaming, and can be polarizing — either you will love it a lot or find it excessive for your needs. It’s great for voracious and a great alternative for people who’ve been so used to the likes of the PSP or a Nintendo DS.
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Overall 8
Design 6
Performance 10
Control 9
Battery performance 9
Display 9
Software 8
Speakers 8

Nvidia Shield review

7 January 2014
  • Summary: Last summer, I bought an iPad 3. I convinced myself I’d use it for everything: showing off wedding photos, reading all those neglected articles I save to Pocket, and as a second monitor for my laptop. The only time I actually pick up the iPad, sadly, is to play video games. Perhaps the saddest part is that my iPad isn’t a very good game system. It’s bulky, the touchscreen controls are pretty crappy for navigating 3D worlds, and the graphics are merely okay.
  • Pros: Excellent screen, Killer controls, Solid battery life, PC gaming anywhere in the house
  • Cons: Android isn't a great gaming platform, PC streaming requires expensive hardware, How do you hold it for anything else?
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NVIDIA Shield Review

22 November 2013
Overall 9

Nvidia Shield review

PCGamer Online
26 October 2013
  • Conclusion: Built on superb hardware and backed up by tons of games, but compatibility and PC streaming have a ways to go.
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Overall 8

Expert Review

20 August 2013
  • Conclusion: The Nvidia Shield isn't going to be for everyone - the price tag alone will be enough to put off many potential buyers, and the lack of truly killer games on the Google Play market rather limits its appeal with hardcore players. However, if you value raw power, brilliant controls and like the sound of being able to mirror cutting-edge PC games to a handheld system, then the Shield could be your dream portable.
  • Pros: First thing first - the Nvidia Shield is insanely powerful. Nvidia's Tegra 4 chipset is the absolute cutting edge in terms of mobile tech; it blows away pretty much every other Android hardware on the market when it comes to pure, unadulterated processing clout. From a gaming perspective this means that the Shield runs every Android game with ease; even taxing 3D titles like Real Racing 3 don't cause the hardware any issues. Polygon-pushing prowess is just one element...
  • Cons: Although the Nvidia Shield is comfortable to hold and a pleasure to use, it's massive and very, very heavy. Fitting all those gaming controls into the casing has resulted in a console which makes the PS Vita look positively tiny in comparison - this isn't a handheld that you'll effortlessly be slipping into your pocket before leaving the house. Another issue relates to the console's reliance on Android. Although the Google Play store has made significant gains in past...
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Overall 6

Nvidia Shield Review: Gaming, Not Quite Perfected

19 August 2013
  • Summary: While the Nvidia Shield may have a tough time finding its audience, it is an excellent portable gaming device. Yes, you can play games on your iPad, but not with this level of sound quality, and certainly not with the precise control offered by dual joysticks and plenty of face buttons, triggers, and bumpers. The Shield would be perfect for someone who is a hardcore gamer first, second, and third, and only peripherally interested in general tablet functions.
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The Nvidia Shield Seemed Like A Fringe Device, But It’s Actually A Mobile Gaming Must-Have

19 August 2013
  • Conclusion: This generation of portable consoles has been a disappointment so far, which is why Nvidia’s surprise decision to enter the fray with an Android-powered alternative is so refreshing. And the Shield is excellent on its own merits, from the quality of the screen, to the battery life that managed around seven hours on average during my use, to the quality and ergonomics of the controller itself.
  • Pros: Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II pre-installed, A portable console lots of people will actually develop new games for, Familiar, comfortable control layout
  • Cons: Expensive at $299, Requires a GeForce GTX-based PC to do Steam game streaming (no Macs allowed), Controller support required for game to work
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